By Sidney Secular

July 16, 2022

World food production is projected to decline precipitously in 2022. The wheat harvest alone is expected to drop by 10 million metric tons from last year while other grains and food staples are in similar dire straits. A record 45 million people are on the brink of starvation and a further 800 million lack a reliable source of daily food. Farmers in the world’s leading farm belts outside of Russia and the Ukraine as well as the US, Canada, Europe and India are being forced to protest simply for the right to produce this much needed food. Earlier in 2022 there were reports that American farmers would be offered subsidies if they destroyed their crops and farmers in the Netherlands are now blocking streets in protest over the situation as have farmers in Germany for the past 3 years.

The food crisis is the direct result of the “Green agenda” in which productive investment in water, power, and other infrastructures essential to agriculture are blocked by governments acting on the part of the mega food cartels, Goldman Sachs, hedge fund managers, and the billionaire royal-elitist class. The plutocrats are fronted by the World Wildlife Fund and other major environmental groups to which money is funneled by deep pocket leftists and foundations. “Carbon-concerned” cultivation and climate change clamor are causing money to flow into Green finance swindles while farmers and ranchers are ruined! Of course, the result is that people are now or will be starving by the millions in a government policy akin to Stalin’s genocide in the Ukraine in which statistics say over nine million starved in what the Ukrainians called the Holodomore (the Hunger). As happened then, this matter is being blacked out by the blackguards of the mainstream media in the US and around the world, the same liars who messed up the minds of the masses with the concocted COVID coverage.

The control over food production and the attempted control of humanity in toto began with the 1992 Rio Earth Summit which introduced the institutional version of the ongoing green fraud. This was followed by the reinforcement and implementation of resolutions coming under the aegis of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 and the World Trade Organization in 1995 and was further facilitated by the 2008 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The latter event was a major factor in the meltdown of the housing market that year as the result of unscrupulous lending practices. People were being quietly induced to return to urban areas as they sought to escape from the foreclosures forced upon them. The said 1992 Rio Earth Summit unleashed the global warming/climate change bugaboo and its accompanying campaign for the maintenance of biological diversity and population limitation.

From that time, the New World Eco-order has dominated the international dialog calling for the restriction of human activity ostensibly to prevent the emission of too much greenhouse gases supposedly in the fear that the Earth’s climate will skyrocket!  These “environmental” folks have also called for severely restricting the areas of the planet occupied by humans lest the “wilderness” and its animal and plant species go extinct. The “stack and pack” campaign that sought to further concentrate people within cities resulted in ever increasing urban sprawl without concern or restriction even of the ecological kind. Of course, the sprawl itself was the result of increases in population almost entirely due to the unrestricted inflow of refugees and immigrants from the third world who were needed, we were assured, to increase our “diversity.” Parenthetically, the increase certainly didn’t arise from native citizen birth rates as every Western country including the US did not present with even a replacement population birthrate much less an increase.

Unfortunately for the nations of the West, far from these Third World “blessings” being appreciative of their welcome, they were demanding of the rights of citizens including welfare and other government goodies. On the other hand, these “imports” could do no wrong according to our government and were to be coddled and appeased lest they have reason to complain about anything. In this as in all other stupid leftist policies, liberals have been permitted to “have it both ways” while American citizens are permitted to notice or say nothing about the destruction of our culture and the nullification of our laws. The simple fact is that as long as a policy “feels good” to our leftist leaders and their minions, the rest of us are “left” to accept whatever consequences ensue.

International conferences to promote the aforesaid goals have been held regularly over the years. These include the noteworthy “COP26” “climate summit” conference in Scotland in November 2021, the 15th biodiversity summit in China held in October 2015 (COP15), and the COP21 conference held in Paris also in 2015 in which dozens of nations agreed to provide “Nationally Determined Contributions” or plans to reduce those nations’ output of “greenhouse” gases. The predictable results of these confabs are now seen in worsening electricity and fuel crises resulting from the takedown of coal and nuclear power generating stations as well as the buildup of unreliable wind and solar power and the deregulation of energy prices. More Texas-type freezes such as occurred in January 2021 can be expected to topple power grids dependent upon unreliable solar and wind sources.

Of course, these policies affect more than the electrical power used in homes and businesses. Two of our leading grain states – Iowa for corn and Kansas for wheat – depend heavily upon unreliable solar and wind for half of their electricity. European agriculture has also been hit hard. Farmers can’t afford or obtain reliable fuel for their machinery or for drying crops and other necessary agricultural functions. Also, with the rising price of fuel, large numbers of high-yield Dutch greenhouses can’t afford electricity. In what is rapidly becoming a world-wide disaster, rising fuel prices have crippled nitrogen fertilizer production. It’s feedstock is natural gas whose price has soared and whose supply is uncertain. Farmers can neither afford nor obtain if they were able to afford, the fertilizer essential for good yields of corn and wheat. The EU is actually decreasing their food output on purpose! In May 2020, the EU enacted the “Farm to Fork” Green Deal calling for the reduction of land use for agriculture by 10%; fertilizer use by 20%; and the use of pesticides by 50% even though these measures would eliminate the food needed by an estimated 185 million people. One has to wonder if the “kill rate” of COVID “vaccines” is not what is driving the use of such policies! After all, if enough people die by “healthcare” the food output reduction becomes far less a threat! In another idiocy, the British government has declared that the main function of farmers will now be enhancing the environment [!] while the production of food will become a secondary “benefit.” Of course, rewards and punishments will be utilized to force the implementation of these new policies. It is at times like this that the old Greek saying demands a restatement: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad!”

Illegitimate “President” Biden, immediately upon taking office issued Executive Order 14008, in which Section 216 requires that by 2030, 30% of US lands and waters must be removed from any human use! At present, some 13% of US lands and waters are under some form of government limitation. Agriculture is directly threatened as can be seen by the state of New Mexico setting aside 30% of its land for removal from human use. In Montana, a billionaire is promoting the “American Serengeti” whereby the new “American Prairie Reserve” would bring back bison and ban cattle and sheep grazing in an area the size of Lebanon. In the US, 85% of all meatpacking is controlled by just a few transnational entities– Cargill, Tysons, Smithfield [a company that has been purchased by China!], Marfrig and JBS. A pilot program is in place called the Ranch Systems and Viability Planning Project (RSVP) which will dictate a program for cattlemen to sharply reduce carbon emissions by removing the cattle that produce it. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is promoting a program for all “rich countries” to move to 100% synthetic beef! Many carbon curbing programs are also being initiated. Cargill is in charge of a program called “Regenerative Agriculture” to capture carbon in the soils of six states. Farmers will be surveilled remotely for compliance through the program that is known as “Regrow.”

“Biofuels” are a longstanding swindle begun by G.W. Bush and promoted by every president since. Now 40% of the US corn crop which itself constitutes one-third of the world’s corn harvest, goes into ethanol production. It is a major diversion of agricultural capacity to an unworthy effort to make energy “vegan.” So much soy oil is going for biodiesel that bakers and food processors are appealing for government intervention because of the shortage of vegetable oils with the resultant soaring prices of those oils. Internationally, edible oil prices have gone up 60% in one year. The British Crown think tank Chatham House bluntly states that depopulation is the goal to save the planet and asserts that food production is harmful since it degrades or destroys natural habitat and contributes to species extinction. Of course, OUR extinction apparently is less problematic than that of the buffalo or the butterfly.

The methodology of these “well meaning” bio-fascists is to change dietary patterns to reduce the demand for certain foodstuffs, including meat! If the US switched from beef to beans (or bugs!), the claim is that such a program would free up former cropland for other uses such as eco-system restoration. But taking out the “inputs” to farming will make farming unfeasible – with all that means to human survival. The dietary preferences of most cultures of the world relate to one or another of the top grains, e.g., corn (tortillas), wheat (bread or pasta), rice (alone or as noodles), etc. The majority of humanity’s caloric intake comes from grains. Outside of China, India and Russia, there is essentially no attempt being made to guarantee an adequate food supply. Instead, with the blessing of world governments, the transnational food cartels will get to decide who can – and cannot – afford to eat. All of Sub-Saharan Africa depends on imports for 40% of its people’s grain consumption. Under the emerging circumstances, a future of major famine looms there. Remember, this area of Africa is the only area of the world with an exploding population! You can bet they will be swarming across the borders of their more fortunate neighbors soon!  We are looking at a stark dark and savage future ahead for all mankind if this wickedness is not stopped.

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