Justice prevails today in our court system like sunlight in a sewer. Today’s system is a travesty of judicial arrogance, prosecutorial suppression of evidence, attorney greed, and special interest cupidity. More and more the goal of justice is being replaced by simply “volume of convictions” achieved by any means in order to convey the appearance of effectiveness. Gold stars for one’s performance board have become everyone’s obsession. The sheer weight of numbers now rules our motives in the world that modernity has created for us.

The root cause of this travesty is our abandonment of an objective code of morality (via the teaching of MORAL RELATIVISM in our schools), which has turned our prosecutors, attorneys and judges into shameless Machiavellians rather than high-minded upholders of truth. Consequently our courts today have become Orwellian madhouses, dragging gullible victims through trials of ruthless expediency and irrationality, and pawning it all off as a “justice system.”

In their book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton dramatically expose how our present system has deteriorated. In a corresponding article to their book Roberts writes:

For centuries prosecutorial behavior was restrained by conscience and by the carefully inculcated ethic that the prosecutor’s duty is to serve justice by finding truth. The purpose of a trial was to weigh the evidence for and against the defendant, not to convict him at any cost. A prosecutor’s career and self-esteem did not depend on his conviction rate and the number of people he put behind bars, but, as Supreme Court Justices Robert Jackson and George Sutherland put it, on seeing that justice was done. A prosecutor who suborned perjury or withheld exculpatory evidence in order to win a case was seen as a shameful figure.[1]

Sadly this is no longer the case in America. “Crowded court dockets, bureaucracy, budgetary pressures, and careerism,” says Roberts, have “contributed to elevating ambition over justice.” [2]  Robert Merkle, Former U.S. Attorney in the Reagan administration, puts it quite frankly: Prosecution is “a result-oriented process today, fairness be damned.” Prosecutors, he tells us, are pressured to justify budgets with convictions, “and that causes them to prosecute absolutely bogus cases to get those statistics.” [3]

The fundamental principles of legal fairness and justice are cynically ignored by almost every prosecutor in the system today in a frenzied chase after gold stars for their performance boards – i.e., more convictions at any cost.

“Withholding exculpatory evidence has become routine,” states Roberts, “and suborned perjury is often the only ‘evidence’ in a case.” He continues:

Juries are unaware that in many cases the witness giving incriminating testimony is not only rehearsed in the role but also paid by the prosecutor with money or reduced prison time. In 1998 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette summed up its investigative reports of prosecutorial misconduct: “Hundreds of times during the past 10 years, federal agents and prosecutors have pursued justice by breaking the law. They lied, hid evidence, distorted facts, engaged in cover-ups, paid for perjury and set up innocent people in a relentless effort to win indictments, guilty pleas and convictions. Rarely were these federal officials punished for their misconduct.…Perjury has become the coin of the realm in federal law enforcement. People’s homes are invaded because of lies. People are arrested because of lies. People go to prison because of lies. People stay in prison because of lies and bad guys go free because of lies.”[4]

Answer to the Denials

Establishment defenders of the system are quick to deny validity to these claims. But the axe they are grinding clearly clouds their interpretations. In the past five decades, the number of cases surfacing of FBI and prosecutorial misconduct in which gross miscarriages of justice have taken place are legion. The FBI siege of Randy Weaver in Idaho, the Waco, Texas Siege, the Randall Dale Adams murder case in Dallas, the Clarence Chance and Benny Powell murder convictions in Los Angeles, the McMartin Pre-School molestation fiasco in Manhattan Beach, California, and others like them are just the tip of a monstrous iceberg.

Why we know it is an iceberg is because appellate court decisions rule only on those police and prosecutorial corruption cases that surface; and then publish only 10% of such surfaced cases. The rest never appear in any official legal books; they are merely sent to the litigants and are not widely known. Thus thousands of surfaced cases of misconduct and corruption go undetected by the public. But the real monstrosity of this problem is the tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of cases that never surface – i.e., all the perjuries, intimidations, suppressions, and frame-ups that government agents successfully pull off without detection. They remain totally below the water line.

Teaching Moral Relativism

Herein lies the downfall of America’s system of ordered freedom. Judges, prosecutors, and attorneys are moved by their ideological premises. If we teach MORAL RELATIVISM in the schools to flawed human beings (which we have been doing since the 1920s), it will not be just our arts and sexual habits that self-destruct. It will be our entire legal and political structures as well.

Where there once were numerous Frank Serpicos pursuing bad guys and great legal eagles seeking truth for all, we now have swarms of petty, unscrupulous “ladder climbers” impervious to principle and obsessed with ruthless careerism. We now have a morass of prosecutorial fanaticism and power-crazed judges concerned only with maintaining their social status amidst cushy connections and the material pleasures of life in the fast lane.

This corruption has taken over all court systems – local, state and federal. Most heinous and dangerous, however, is its cancerous development in the federal DOJ. We now have a DOJ and FBI that have become seriously degraded because they are frantically defending the Deep State’s control over American life. This is not just what Obama gave us; it is what George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush gave us. What we have are the initial stages of a police state. Powerful political partisans have corrupted the FBI to be used as the gestapo arm of the DOJ. This is what President Trump confronts as he tries to drain the swamp.

Criminalizing Trump

Enter the Russian-Trump collusion probe headed by Robert Mueller. The Deep State’s DOJ is moving via the Obama worm, Rod Rosenstein, to destroy President Trump by criminalizing his election if possible, and if not possible, criminalizing Trump himself via manufactured “obstruction of justice” charges.

In the Book of Revelation, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. In today’s Washington the “Four Horsemen of Anti-Justice” are Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, and Peter Strzok.

These four Washington power players represent the legal henchmen of the Deep State. They have built their careers feeding off a centralized government that has stultified freedom and brought America under the total control of Washington. They may not be the official ideologists of big government collectivism (our professors in the universities play that role); but the Mueller Gang members are the creatures that slither out from under the rocks to rise to elite status whenever tyrannical government overreach occurs. They thrive on the necessary deceit, intimidation and sophistries that sustain statist despotism. Their kind has been around for thousands of years, always feeding on amorality and ruthless governmentalism.

Robert Mueller is the leader of the coup d’etat now trying to defend the Deep State’s control over American politics from Donald Trump’s assault on its tyrannical vision. In the process Mueller also hopes to atone for the firing of his friend, James Comey. Unfortunately many conservatives cannot see that this man is not a “pillar of impartiality” as the media paint him. He is deeply committed to statist corruption.

Rod Rosenstein is the Deputy Attorney General appointed by Obama and inexplicably left over to serve in Trump’s administration. This, of course, is why he was so insistent on appointing Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel to investigate Trump for alleged collusion with the Russians. His agenda is preservation of the Deep State as is Mueller’s. He would have been much happier if Hillary had won. In fact he was surely expecting it.

Andrew Weissmann is the primary hatchet man of the Mueller team assembled to investigate Russian collusion. He is a notorious pit bull prosecutor with a record of suppressing exculpatory evidence in overreaching prosecutions that have been overturned by higher courts. He was an ardent Obama supporter. Known widely for bare knuckle tactics in flipping underlings to force testimony against the major target.

Peter Strzok was the leading FBI agent brought in by Mueller because of his experience in counterintelligence cases. An eager Clinton supporter and one of the agents who interviewed Hillary about the email scandal, which turned out to be a powder-puff interview. He also edited Comey’s Clinton investigation resolution by replacing the words “grossly negligent” with “extremely careless” because the former action can be prosecuted in the handling of classified information while the latter cannot.

Is this, as the media claims, an objective team of investigators committed to ferreting out the truth? Hardly. This is a coup d’etat to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump and find a means to impeach him, which Mueller and his cronies hope will discredit the “people’s revolution” against the Deep State that Trump has fashioned.

This horrendous nightmare is taking place because of the collectivist corruption of the DOJ and the FBI under Obama, Clinton and the two Bushes. Corruption in practice takes place in men’s institutions only after corruption of ethics and ideology takes place in their minds. Moral relativism (along with political collectivism) took over the minds of our professors, politicians and prosecutors in the aftermath of World War II and exploded throughout our culture from the 1960s to today. The chickens are now coming home to roost and usher in an authoritarian society.

To thwart this coup d’etat, we must hope that there are no activities in Trump’s background that Mueller can spin into “collusion” or “obstruction.” We must also hope that conservatives in Congress will show some backbone and counterattack against Hillary with an investigation of the egregious Uranium One deal in which she authorized the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia, which brought tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation from Russian sources. The fingerprints of Mueller, Weissmann and Rosenstein are also on the Uranium One deal, for they worked assiduously to facilitate and protect its completion, knowing full well but not caring that it compromised American security. [5] Why? Because their stalwart political horse, Hillary Clinton, was benefiting. Thus the Deep State’s aggrandizement was benefiting.

What May Take Place

What I fear taking place is that the Mueller-Weissmann team, by holding a prison term over the heads of Flynn and Manafort, will induce them to “cooperate”, i.e., perjure themselves and claim that Trump urged them to solicit Russian help in the 2016 election. This is the way Weissmann operates (along with many other high powered prosecutors throughout the country). Of course, they won’t ask Flynn and Manafort to testify falsely. They’ll just say to them:

“Think back in your recollections over the last two years. Surely you can remember an instance when Trump urged you to solicit a Russian official to help him in the election. We need you to cooperate with us, and then we can drop the lying and tax evasion charges that hang over you. There’s no need for you to go to prison. Just think back in your recollections; we’re sure you can remember some instance in which Trump urged you to approach the Russians.”

What do you think Flynn and Manafort are going to do if this is what is presented to them? Will their lawyers stand strong and object if both Flynn and Manafort “suddenly do recollect” what Mueller-Weissmann are suggesting? Doubtful. All attorneys want to win cases. They want to get a good deal for their clients. They probably will let Flynn and Manafort make up their own mind whether to cooperate with the prosecution in the way it is suggesting.

The prosecutors will not care that (under GIGLIO v. United States) they have to divulge to the jury that Flynn and Manafort were promised a dropping of charges in return for their testimony. They will simply say to the jury that “Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort have agreed to cooperate in the interests of truth.” The word “perjure” is never mentioned in any discussions that Mueller-Weissmann have with Flynn and Manafort and their attorneys. The whole process is veiled in innocent language, but the message gets through clearly to both Flynn and Manafort that they need to “recollect better” and “cooperate” with the prosecution.

It will take an extremely strong patriot lawyer to try and talk Flynn and Manafort out of “cooperating.” Maybe they have such lawyers, but the odds are against it. Almost all attorneys today are corrupt also and merely go along with the prosecution’s game of defendant intimidation. Most attorneys urge their clients to plead out and “cooperate” to stay out of prison. In other words, they do not advise their clients truthfully or properly. It’s all part of the rigged game that comprises our Justice System. Attorneys are just as greedy and amoral as the prosecutors. Both of them subconsciously work together to feather their own nests, attorneys for more money, and prosecutors for more gold stars.

It should be noted here that prosecutors are also ultimately motivated by monetary rewards. If they can build up enough “gold stars”, i.e., convictions while acting as a prosecutor or U.S. Attorney, they can then, 8-10 years down the road, go into private practice and command a million dollar annual salary with any number of powerful and influential law firms. This is especially so in all the metropolitan areas, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.

Mueller and Weissmann are as corrupt as they come. This kind of venality is what Weissmann has partaken in numerous times in the past, and of course why Mueller chose him to head up the team. He’s an unscrupulous pit bull devoid of conscience. What’s so exasperating is that naïve conservatives continue to parrot the line about Mueller being so high-minded. Mueller is no different than Weissmann persona-wise. He is the quintessential tyrannical bureaucrat – treacherous, unctuous, and ruthless.

I hope to God I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

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