Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about my surgery, why the high costs for medical treatment in this country and the unmentionable: a fat America. To say my email box has been flooded is an understatement. I thank everyone who has written (and still sending me a note). I simply cannot respond to hundreds of emails and all the questions.

I also don’t have all the answers because my body is not your body and each of us is unique. Our own body responds to things another person’s may not, may over react or take longer – such as supplements which I’ll get to in a moment. I’ve also, in some fashion, been your guinea pig as I’ve been on the natural path for over 25 years. Spent a lot of money finding out what does and does not work.

I decided to do this second column because if I can help just one person it makes the time very worthwhile. I have to say right off the bat, lest thugs from the FDA (Federal Death Administration) show up at my front door and charge me with giving medical advice or some other trumped up charge: I am not a doctor, I’m a researcher. I’m making my life experiences available to you so you can be the master of your destiny.

You see, the FDA isn’t about safe drugs for Americans. As anyone paying attention to this issue has found, the FDA are little better than mass murderers never held accountable for approving drugs which prove to be fatal a few years down the road.

Merck Paid 3,468 Death Claims to Resolve Vioxx Suits – $4.85 BILLION dollars which is less than one year of profits for that company. More than 28,000 Americans died from heart attacks or strokes from taking that dangerous drug. A drug Merck knew was ‘problematic’: “Merck withdrew Vioxx from the market in September 2004, after a clinical trial proved that it increased the risks of heart attacks and strokes. But internal company documents showed that Merck’s scientists were concerned about the risks of Vioxx several years earlier. And a large clinical trial that ended in 2000 also showed that Vioxx was much riskier than naproxen, an older painkiller sold under the name Aleve.”

2011: Merck & Co. “(MRK), the second-largest U.S. drugmaker, will pay $950 million and a unit of the company will plead guilty to a criminal charge to resolve a federal probe of its sales of the painkiller Vioxx, the U.S. said.”

How Many More Will Die Before FDA Ghouls Are Held Accountable?

July 3, 2008. From the Desk of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: Judicial Watch Uncovers Shocking New FDA Documents Related to Gardasil

“Those of you who regularly read this column know that Judicial Watch has taken the lead in exposing the ugly truth about the dangerous side effects associated with Gardasil, the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV) currently being administered to young girls.

“Well this week, we released a special report based on new “adverse event reports” and other information obtained from the FDA under the Freedom of Information Act. These reports document 10 reported deaths since September, 2007. (The total number of death reports is at least 18 and as many as 20.) The FDA also produced 140 “serious” reports (27 of which were categorized as “life threatening”), 10 spontaneous abortions and six cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome – all since January 2008. Here are a few excerpts from the documents we uncovered. The rest can be read in our report. (Warning: These descriptions get very graphic.)”

July 7, 2008. Should parents worry about HPV vaccine? “7,802 “adverse event” reports to CDC since Gardasil was approved. Reports claim drug caused nausea and paralysis — even death.”

“Only after enough Americans die or thousands have their health destroyed, does the FDA pull some of these dangerous drugs:

October 8, 2007, FDA pulls Drug for Stomach Ills Is Pulled From the Market: rug for Stomach Ills Is Pulled From the Market: Zelnorm…Arthritis Drug Bextra Pulled: “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today requested Pfizer recall arthritis drug Bextra (valdexocib) and change the warning label on Celebrex (celecoxib)…Parkinson’s disease drug pulled from market: “The FDA pulled a Parkinson’s drug from the market after reports of heart valve damage in more than a dozen patients. Pergolide is sold under the name Permax and is believed to raise the risk of heart valve damage by 20 percent.” “FDA Okays Stomach Drugs Prilosec And Nexium, For Now. Diabetes drug should be pulled over heart risks, FDA scientist says; Avandia.”

“How about the widely popular, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) drug, Prempro, found in the government’s own study to increase a healthy woman’s risk of breast cancer by 24%, stroke by 41% and heart attack by 29%?

April 24, 2007. 70 women ‘die each year from cancer after taking HRT. “But the UK-sponsored Million Women Study now suggests HRT resulted in 1,300 extra cases of ovarian cancer between 1991 and 2005. Of these women, 1,000 died of the disease.”

2008: Wyeth, Pfizer ordered to pay $27 million in punitive damages. “A Little Rock, Ark., federal jury found Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Upjohn (a Pfizer unit) liable for $27 million in punitive damages to Donna Scroggin, who sued the drug manufacturers in 2004 after developing breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy. The award includes $19.3 million from Wyeth and $7.7 from Upjohn.

“Wyeth manufactures Premarin, an estrogen replacement, and Prempro, which is a combination of estrogen and progestin. These, along with Upjohn’s Provera, which contains progestin, are commonly prescribed to treat the unpleasant effects of menopause….About 25 million American women use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease the discomfort of menopause. There are about 5,300 similar cases pending across the country for Premarin and Prempro.”

“Here’s a news flash: These dangerous cocktails are still on the market and being prescribed! I’ve never taken any form of HRT and am truly thankful I listened to my friend, Dr. Lorraine Day in the early 90s.”

Many women who wrote said they have gained weight because of menopause. Their doctors recommend they keep taking toxic HRTs (hormone replacement therapies) as well as exercise.

The warnings are still there for Prempro as of this date: “Prempro may increase your risk of developing a condition that may lead to uterine cancer. Report any unusual vaginal bleeding right away.  Using Prempro can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack. Estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease, stroke, or dementia. Long-term use may increase your risk of cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries.”

Tens of millions of women in this country who use HRT’s just might be ‘concerned’ they will end up dead from breast and/or cervical cancer.  With a warning like that, why would you even take Prempro? Men should pay attention to this because menopause is a life-changing event in a woman’s life that can be relatively easy or so severe some women have actually killed their own spouse. Menopause can be so bad couples end up in divorce. Not because your wife has done something wrong, it’s just that her body is making a HUGE adjustment and if she doesn’t find the right relief, it’s a nightmare for both of you. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Store shelves are full of products making all kinds of claims for menopausal women; slick marketing. But, unless you’ve spent a lot of time doing research, most women have no idea what the ingredients are, do they even work and whether or not they are bad for the human body. Companies out there selling these products won’t stay in business if people stop buying their products because they’ve become educated. Just like so many corporations now label their products GMO free and other good warnings comes from educated consumers refusing to buy dangerous foods and worthless products.

Perhaps women should try natural supplements as I did upon the recommendation of my friend, Dr. Lorraine Day.  A truly lovely lady who really knows all about this and spent so much time educating me. In my case I used Evening Primrose Oil, Dong Quai and Black Cohash; I had barely a whisper of hot flashes, depression or any of the other health problems women experience for the approximate 4 years the process took for me.  For some women it can last a decade.

I don’t remember if Lorraine recommended this one to me, but while I stopped taking the hot flash supplements once through menopause I have not stopped using this product; it’s a life time necessity in my humble opinion.

ProgesterAll – A natural progesterone cream and natural hormone balance. I do encourage you to TAKE the time to go to that web site and learn why this is so important.

Why take synthetic drugs when you can use natural formulas to take care of life’s body changes? Just because your doctor recommends it? Many years ago, I tried to have a conversation with a short- term PCP (Personal Care Physician) about the HPV vaccine. An educated conversation. She blew me off with the same old crap that it’s FDA approved and every boy and girl needs it. I blew her off and found a new doctor.

US vaccine court pays $6 million to Gardasil victims, most claims not yet settled (HPV Vaccine) – All those dead tweens and teens, but hey – they’re just the necessary casualties because vaccines like Gardasil are for the good of so many children!

Living a promiscuous lifestyle can have deadly consequences: Which STD Factory Are You Dating?

Vaccines that kill, cause lifetime, crippling medical problems and I firmly believe cause autism. Stunning finding reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest vaccination rates (Resource web sites at bottom of that article).

If you missed this column I wrote, please, take the time to read it and get educated on this critical issue because no one is safe from all these vaccines. You can skip the first half of that column and get to the vaccine part if pressed for time.

Polio Vaccine, Cancer and Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Most certainly, through responsible science and testing, pharmaceutical companies have been able to provide outstanding medicines that have saved lives but over time, they have become huge corporations who don’t give a damn about you, only those billions in profits. Remember: There’s no money in the cure, only the treatments.

We don’t need a damn pill for every health issue that comes up. What it takes is getting educated, letting your natural immune system do what God designed it to do AND take care of your body during your lifetime.

Many who wrote about my column ask me: Don’t you ever get sick? What do you take for vitamins and supplements?

Sure, I do, but not on the grand scale of millions of Americans.

In December of 1993, I drove from California to our home in Lakewood, CO. Upon arrival, I was deathly ill. My late husband took me right away to the Swedish Medical Center and they promptly diagnosed me with the Beijing Flu; the next step being shove a needle in my body and load me up with pills. I politely refused and much to the distress of the doctor, I went home.

For the next eight days I ran a high fever and was sicker than two dogs. But, I finally broke the fever and was fine. I haven’t had the flu since, 25 years ago. I’ve never had a flu shot and never will.

Why did I refuse the flu shot while the doctor was explaining to my husband that I could die if I didn’t get one? I refused the shot because I had just finished reading a book titled Murder by Injection. I had no idea what was in that needle and how it might affect my body several years down the road. Murder by Injection is free on the Internet if you would like to read it.

In January 2000, I took my friend, Bill Benson, to the airport in Sacramento; everyone in that airport was sick and hacking and coughing. The next day I came down with pneumonia which lasted ten days. Miserable but never had it again, knock on wood.

I would estimate I’ve had six, maybe seven colds in the past 30 years. I will turn 69 next month. I thank God I have no diseases and have only taken one medication a few years ago (other than anti-inflammatory from my surgery which didn’t work so I stopped taking it).  A miserable test showed some bleeding in my esophagus. The doctors said I had acid reflux? Huh? I don’t eat spicy foods. Never had indigestion in my life.

But, I took the prescription and was then told I had to start taking the ‘little purple pill’ (Nexium) the rest of my life. I said nope. So, I called Lorraine Walter who is Paul Walter’s (owns NWVs) late wife. A wonderful woman who was very knowledgeable about natural remedies. She told me to take apple cider vinegar capsules.

I did and never had the problem since. Some people take it in liquid form. I take one capsule before breakfast and dinner. Some people eat a small slice of a green apple in the evening and have great results. Apple cider vinegar is also known for helping to lose the pounds.

It takes a lot of work and discipline to stay healthy. As a part time substitute teacher, I can’t tell you how many times the classroom has been full of sick kids. Working parents so they send them off to school. Thankfully, my natural immune system has kept me from getting sick. Other than the surgeries I mentioned in my column two weeks ago, I thank God every day for my good health but it takes work.

My supplements:

Every day without fail I take the apple cider vinegar capsules (Natural Factors). Also, before breakfast take one Natural Factors Double Strength Acidophilus & Bifidus 100 billion active cells capsules (probiotic for the gut) along with Blue Ice Royal Blend Fermented Cod Liver Oil Concentrated Butter Oil non-gelatin capsules. I take three. Both the acidophilus and cod liver oil must be refrigerated. You can get non-refrigerated acidophilus for travel which I do.

B-17 veggie capsules. If you haven’t read the book, World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin, I highly recommend you do. I’ve been taking B17 since 1993. World Without Cancer is available free here.

Milk Thistle veggie caps. This natural plant has been used for over 3,000 years to keep your liver healthy. Of vital importance – especially for those taking a lot of prescription drugs. 2,000 units of Vitamin D.

TheraCran One by Theralogix is to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections). Very common – especially in women. Some get a UTI 4 or 5 times in a year! Not me, thank you. You can purchase less expensive cranberry supplements but IMHO, I believe TheraCran One to be the best on the market. Sure, I have to make sacrifices to keep supplied but how much do doctor’s visits and prescriptions cost, not to mention missing work if you’re employed? And, not feeling well?

Every other day I add 2,000 units of Vitamin C, 1 – 25,000 unit vitamin A, 1 – B6, 1 – B Complex, 1 – B12 and two Texas Superfood capsules. I always buy veggie caps. Some of my supplements I can get at the health food store here in town, but some I have to order on line but I do it. I know that seems like a lot of pills but not really. After the pre-breakfast ones, I take the others throughout the day. Because I’m small in size, I don’t feel I need my every other day supplements more than that as long as I keep them in my system.

Now, there are lots of other fine products out there like Allicin-C (the gel worked beyond my expectations after surgery); I keep both the capsules and gel on hand. Aloe Vera juice is another fantastic natural thing for your body. There are many great holistic oils and remedies to support every part of your body. For me, the ones I listed above work the best for me. All natural remedies big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about. They sell virtually worthless ‘over the counter’ treatments instead of the cure because that’s how they make their billions.

There’s one more I can’t recommend highly enough and that is collagen. I always thought collagen was all about healthy nails, hair and skin. Not too long ago I ended up doing research and found out just how important collagen is; everyone over the age of 30 should be taking this important protein. I began using the product below and the episodes with my spine have become less frequent; I need total spine reconstruction as the vertebrae are separating. I will not have that surgery because it requires six weeks on my back while the pins set in the bone and then months of rehab. At my age, I’m just going to skip the surgery. The collagen has made a huge difference.

Let me tell you a true story. A family member has arthritis in her knees; she is overweight. Getting out of bed in the morning, pain. Walking up and down stairs, pain. For decades she’s suffered and after trying all kinds of worthless products pretty much just learned to live with the pain. About two years ago I sent her a container of Cayenne Deep Heat Salve from My Father’s Healing Herbs.  It’s highly concentrated so you only need a small amount.

Wow. She said the pain goes away and what a miracle product. But, those joints and bones – the older we get the less collagen we produce. Then comes worn down cartilage and pain. So, while the cayenne salve works fantastic, she needed something more to make the pain go away long term. I just didn’t know what it was until I did the research on collagen.

Six weeks ago, I sent her the twin-pack of a product called Hydrolyzed Collagen & Peptides by Perfotek. I put a scoop in my one cup of coffee every morning. It dissolves, has no flavor or smell. Well, to say my family member is over the moon is putting it mildly. She said within two weeks she was able to roll right out of bed and start her day. It has made such a difference in her life I almost want to cry.  (I hate using Amazon but products like this just are not available in my area, hers and likely yours.)

Not to say she can run a marathon, but the constant pain is gone. She does use stairs so here and there she slaps on the salve and that takes care of the pain. As long as she keeps supplying her body with that collagen over the years, I believe she won’t end up in surgery and hopefully, very little pain in the future.

I also recommended the collagen to a dear friend of mine who needs hip replacement surgery. He started taking it about three weeks ago and has already noticed a difference in the pain department. I can’t guarantee everyone will have the same results but personally, I will continue taking my collagen product until I leave this earth.

As for weight loss, one has to look at this from a different perspective. Forget diets. Think eating healthy for the rest of your life. NO processed foods of any kind or junk food. I know, processed food and ‘fast food’ companies employ a lot of Americans but they cannot expect people like me to buy their products full of worthless fillers, literally no nutritional value and some – like foods that contain aspartame – deadly for the human body. NO ‘fast food’ period. I honestly don’t know how people eat that stuff and then they wonder why the pounds just keep showing up on the scale. When I’m on the road I make the time to stop and eat at a restaurant and try to make a good selection. It’s not easy but at least try.

It’s difficult when you work outside the home. I know working mothers are very tired when they get home from work and fighting commute traffic. But, you can make it work for you. READ the label. Don’t drink gallons of juices that are packed full of sugar. Moderate alcohol. Unless you’ve got a very fast metabolism, those pasta dishes and yummy garlic bread will pack on the pounds.

I know organics are expensive but what you put in your mouth dictates what happens to your body. Also remember that everything costs so much because, once again – our debauched currency has made the purchasing power of a dollar practically worthless.

Exercise is important but you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym or on the weekend. If you eat fresh vegetables and real food you will see the pounds disappear. I eat salmon once a week; wish I could afford twice but I can’t and seafood is difficult to get here in W. Texas. Oily based fish does help weight loss. And ditch those soft drinks; diet soft drinks make you gain weight. Water is my primary drink all day long from my Berky water filter system.

The biggest factor in weight loss is discipline. I know all about that and it ain’t easy. Put a little sticker on your refer door: Once on the lips, forever on the hips.

I could go on for another 20 pages but one can only cram so much into one column. I hope some of what’s in this column is helpful for you. I’ve spent a lot of money over the decades finding out what works for me. What’s dangerous which is why I had all the metal fillings taken out of my teeth (and my daughter) back in 1994 and use only Tom’s of Maine fluoride free toothpaste. I also use their brand of deodorant. I use natural shampoo, creme rinse and shower soap free of chemicals. So very important. Read the labels.

There are many fine web sites on the Internet dealing with healthy lifestyles, what to eat and what’s dangerous for your body. I can’t list them all, but here’s a few you might not have visited.  We all have favorites but as someone who does so much research, I try to get as much information from credible sources as possible. Use a search engine. Type in key words and spend the time getting as much information as you can on healthy eating, supplements, holistic products and so forth.

Dr. Mercola. He has been targeted by the FDA so many times because his factual information and data is a threat to the pill pushers, big pharmaceutical companies who buy the favors of the whores in Congress. Kill the messenger. They don’t want you healthy. His site has daily articles, some I skip, some I read. Use the search engine on his site using key words to find what you’re looking for; sign up for daily email alerts.

Natural News has many good articles on foods, legislation, scientific research as well as current events. Sign up for daily email alerts.

Vaccination Liberation web site is a treasure trove of information. Sign up for their email alerts.

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