By JB Williams

Forced masks, social distancing, house arrest, unemployment, business closures, vaccinations, totally fraudulent elections, legal voter disenfranchisement? So much for freedom and liberty…land of the free, home of the brave! You don’t even have “legal standing” to defend yourself or your country, according to recent decisions by the deeply corrupted U.S. Supreme Court.

According to modern day legal injustice, it’s only “your body, your choice” when you want to kill your own child in the womb. But it’s NOT “your body or your choice” if you want to perform sexual acts for a living, inhale, ingest or inject “government unapproved” illicit drugs into your own body, or choose to not where a mask, or get a vaccine.

Roe v. Wade 1974 – YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE!The leftists call this “settled law.” Why doesn’t it apply to your choices on a mask, staying at home or running your business? The answer is…because YOU DO NOT ENFORCE YOUR WILL! They enforce their will on YOU!

According to today’s political ruling class, you’re only as free as they will allow you to be. Your individual liberty will be decided by them. According to them, you are too stupid to rule your own lives, much less this country, by any democratic process. And according to your track record over the past 50-years, they could be right!

Your Constitution and Bill of Rights no longer exist. Rioting, looting, vandalizing property and burning cities is “protected free speech.” But a right to your day in court, or any other means of redress of grievance, is gone!

It’s illegal for any Elector to cast a ballot for any illegal, fraudulent, or criminal candidate. But 306 Presidential Electors just did on December 14th. “Fake News” is also illegal under libel, slander, and misreporting of facts…but that’s the only kind of news we have in our country today.

Social Media monopolies are illegal too, and they are not protected from civil or criminal prosecution for acts of sedition and treason. No one is immune… But they are protected by the ruling class elite today, so long as they carry water for the global reset underway.

No, this is NOT currently the land of the free or the home of the brave. Instead, the USA has been dumbed down and drugged up, indoctrinated by Pavlov dog training techniques, until our society may in fact may be too stupid to remain free, or even alive.

I know…what a great pre-Christmas message, right! In my world, only “the truth can set us all free” again. The cesspool of lies we are all fed all day, every day, will soon cost us everything and I do mean EVERYTHING!

So, the only thing I know to do at this moment, is share the TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, with all of my fellow Americans. Unfortunately, my voice was largely silenced by all social media and media platforms weeks or months before the November elections, and it remains silenced today. So, most Americans will never see or read this column either and they will remain under boot as a result.

The WHITE mask of Surrender

All the way back in February, when the first mention of masks and lockdowns hit the airwaves, I knew, we were about to witness “regime change” in America, for the “greater communal good.” Your COVID mask isn’t a sign of intelligence or caring. It’s your sign of surrender! It’s a sign of willful compliance to elite orders from public servants with no such authority and no such scientific foundation.

“Follow the science,” they say. Okay, let’s do that for a moment.

Before I post COVID data, allow me to first give you the medical definition of “coronavirus,” – “a type of common virus that infects humans, typically leading to an upper respiratory infection (URI.)  Seven different types of human coronavirus have been identified. Most people will be infected with at least one type of coronavirus in their lifetime.” One such variety of corona virus is known as the common cold, another, COVID19.

As of this writing, the elite “expert” COVID (Corona Virus) numbers tell us this…

The COVID death rates of most interest are – 2.2% death rate globally – but a 1.78% death rate in the USA, proving that the USA has a better COVID survival rate than the world, even when using the over-inflated numbers issued by the powers that be.

Within the USA, democrat run states have the worst survival rates in the country, far worse than the rest of the country and the world. New Jersey has a 4.14% COVID death rate, New York 4.10%, followed by 3.6% in Massachusetts and 2.5% in Pennsylvania. According to their official numbers, Trump has a 98.22% survival rate nationally, while democrat run states have survival rates as low as 95%. “The science” says Trump is doing far better nationally, than democrats are in their own states. Remember when the facts used to matter?

“Science” has stated repeatedly for many years now, that masks are “ineffective in preventing the spread of any virus.” Science has proven in 2020 that social distancing, home confinement, business closures and lockdowns have been entirely ineffective at preventing the spread of corona type viruses.

But the ruling class elites and their fake news media (and social media) are still preventing you from knowing this true science and you, continue to go along to get along. Don’t make waves…keep your head down…do what you’re told…don’t be selfish!

The Truth About the Elections

The entire world knows that the 2020 U.S. elections were totally rigged to remove Trump from the Oval Office and install “global” leaders signed on to the global reset, an agenda which President Trump derailed over the past four years. That’s why “leaders” hate Trump, even as “citizens” all over the globe are rallying for Trump daily.

Have you seen any videos of global citizens rallying for Biden or Harris? They couldn’t even draw a crowd in the USA throughout their alleged campaign.

There is NO honest debate over whether or not fraud ran wild through the 2020 elections, especially in a number of democrat controlled major cities that are now disputed by more than half of the states in our country. The evidence is beyond overwhelming, even though no court in the country has allowed that evidence to be presented in court and every news outlet denies its existence.

The simple truth is the American people are both the problem and the solution. We will never get along with evil, no matter how much we go along in that effort. We can’t “go along” with evil any longer. We will never “get along” with evil, without becoming evil ourselves.

The future is in our hands – unless we leave our future in the hands of evildoers. God will allow us to make this choice, though his gift of free will. The consequences are known. It is OUR BODY, OUR COUNTRY, and OUR CHOICE, for all of us.

We don’t have a lack of evidence problem. We have a lack of courage, decency, honor, determination, and personal engagement problem. WE ARE TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN AMERICA!

We must muster the strength and courage to confront evil, or will we be consumed by it, or we will never be the land of the free or home of the brave again. May God guide us all.

PSALM 23:4“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

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