By Cliff Kincaid

As we celebrate the sacrifices of our veterans, we look with sadness at a country that is fast becoming a narco-state now considering decriminalizing and legalizing not only marijuana but all hard drugs, including heroin, LSD, and cocaine. This is the notorious CIA MK-Ultra mind-control project made into official U.S. Government policy.

One sign of hope — the victory of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia is a big threat to the burgeoning marijuana business in that state and can send a message nationwide if the Republican Party acts to curtail and reverse this dangerous national mind-control experiment.

“If there was a group of children that were sitting here and I was talking to them about marijuana I would tell them don’t use it,” said Youngkin during the campaign. The father of four added, “I’ve never met anybody who habitually used marijuana and was successful and I would tell all them the same thing.”

Contradicting this common sense, a major GOP power broker and financier, homosexual activist Peter Thiel, has been investing huge sums in the marijuana and psychedelic research industries and is backing Republican Senate candidates in Arizona (Blake Masters) and Ohio (J.D. Vance).

What’s at stake is whether the Republicans will join the Democrats in cultivating potheads and other drug abusers as a voting bloc.

The election of Youngkin as governor of Virginia comes in the midst of a growing debate over the link between marijuana and violence. Parkland (Florida) school shooter Nikolas Cruz blamed marijuana and other drugs when he pleaded guilty to the 2018 massacre that killed 17 people. Having gone through rehab in prison, he said, “I hate drugs and I believe this country would do better if everyone would stop smoking marijuana and doing all these drugs and causing racism and violence out in the streets.”

Former hedge fund manager and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Meetings, a group of elites regarded by some as the power behind the scenes of world events, is remaking the GOP into his image.

He co-founded PayPal, which he sold to eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion, and his net worth is now said to be around $4 billion. He favored Ron Paul for president in 2012, then switched to Donald J. Trump and was a featured speaker at the Republican national convention in 2016.

Virginia’s new governor Glenn Youngkin comes from high finance as well, having run the Carlyle Group, but is a family man who emphasized the role of parents in the upbringing of their children, especially in the public schools.

Under the Democrats in Virginia, legislation to create an official marijuana industry was passed, in order to generate tax revenue for government and campaign contributions for politicians. All of that is now in jeopardy because of Youngkin’s victory. The dope lobby fears the GOP takeover of the state House of Delegates will mean delays or even rejections for pot shops, causing the demise of the industry even before it begins.

In addition to marijuana, so-called progressives have been demanding easy access to “psychedelic medicine,” including LSD and Ecstasy. Working with the George Soros-funded marijuana movement, in fact, they have achieved enormous “progress” in the various states, especially Oregon, which in 2020 decriminalized cocaine, meth, and LSD by passing a measured backed by money from billionaires George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg.

Los Angeles Magazine reports, “Since recreational cannabis became legal in California in 2016, it’s grown into a multibillion-dollar a year industry. If the California legislature does the same thing with LSD and the other drugs, the windfall could be as big.” State Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco says they have a realistic chance of passing SB-519, which decriminalizes possession and personal use of psychedelics, next year.

The 1960s “New Left,” which became the Weathermen and the Weather Underground, was an outgrowth of this approach. Members of the Weather Underground were involved in arranging the escape from prison of Timothy Leary, who devoted much of his life to glamorizing LSD, marijuana, and other drugs. He eventually went to prison on illegal drug charges. After his escape from prison, Leary released a message through Bernardine Dohrn’s sister urging communist revolutionaries to “turn on” and continue a campaign of violence and terrorism.

Bernardine Dohrn had herself praised the drug-crazed Charles Manson gang killers.

For his part, Thiel has invested money in psychedelic-medicine companies and the Canadian cannabis company Tilray.

Thiel’s candidate in the Arizona Senate race, Blake Masters, is Chief Operating Officer at Thiel Capital, President of The Thiel Foundation, and co-author, with Peter Thiel, of Zero to One, which a reviewer for Forbes says accepts key elements of a Marxist theory of “progress” in human history.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance is also backed by Thiel. But Vance seems to have some traditional conservative views, having declared at a conference in Virginia hosted by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute that parents with children should have more  say in how the country is run and attacked New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other leaders of the “childless left” for their lack of “physical commitment to the future of this country.”

Yet, Vance has also announced that “married” homosexual Peter Thiel is playing an active role in his campaign.

Concern about children motivates the anti-dope movement in the United States, with such groups as the California-based Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana warning that using cannabis can lead to

  • the development of schizophrenia, other psychoses and other mental-health problems.
  • hallucinations, delusions, and panic attacks.
  • an increase in suicide ideation and suicide attempts.
  • respiratory infections and bronchitis episodes.
  • increased risk of motor vehicle crashes.
  • disrupting brain development in babies, causing premature births and lower birth weight.

At an America’s Survival conference in 2017, Dr. Tina Trent explained how the movement to legalize drugs now wants to make “mind-expanding” drugs more available, even mandatory, in order to erase traditional Christianity and transform consciousness through “New Age” practices.

In the opinion of some observers, mind-altering drugs have become the “Soma” for our Brave New World under the “Great Reset” and the “Great Transition.”

Billionaire Republican activist Peter Thiel is one of the power brokers behind it.

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