The election of Donald Trump for president of the United States represents the desire of many Americans to see our republic rescued from utter oblivion. Of course, “We the People” who desire America to be great again are not so naïve to think that Trump alone can improve the fortunes of the United States. However, the president is the commander in chief endowed with powers and responsibilities. Among the most important is to protect the United States from harm.

The president is commissioned to do all he can to protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic. Kit would not hurt if the judicial branch would agree.

Unfortunately, we now live in a time when a sizeable segment of society and the government are positioned to expend all their energies to stop the administration of Donald Trump from properly protecting our republic. The recent 9th Circuit court upholding a suspension of President Trump’s travel order is a perfect example. The surface level battle presented for the incurably ignorant masses is of a political nature. The progressive anti-American protection democrats and rinos verses patriotic republicans and Christians who desire America protected is connected to a deeper spiritual battle. I am basically referring to the ongoing struggle between those that desire destruction and the wiping away of our unalienable rights, personal and responsibilities against those who want a Constitution and God influenced American nation of truth self-reliance, protected borders and national sovereignty.

I have mentioned several times in the past in my radio commentary, The Edwards Notebook that the democrats are literally at war against the Christian and Constitutional influences that were major parts of the foundation of what has been great about our republic.

Among the major reasons why Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Cory Booker and all progressives are hell bent on destroying Trump is their hatred of Christianity, personal responsibility and liberty . Let us not forget, the unalienable rights America used to be known for recognizing were derived from Judeo/Christian ethics or principles. They comprise the foundation of freedom from tyranny. President Trump fully understands that not only should we be free from government overreach, but also safe from those who seek to illegally invade our nation to do harm. I must say, it doesn’t matter if someone seeks to harm us or not. If they come into America illegally, they should be quickly deported, and if they commit another criminal act such as robbing or killing Americans they should be at the very least, jailed for a long, long time.

The ongoing campaign against president Trump is also being fueled by his bold stance for the right of Christians to operate freely in society. The Donald has boldly done what many “holier than thou” Christians have been either afraid or unwilling to do. He spoke out boldly against the obvious unethical, un American liberal control of every element of the government including the Appellate Court which now is endangering our nation to it’s very core by ruling against Trump’s common sense effort to vet those coming into our republic from nations where vetting is not existent.

History has plainly exhibited for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that nations seeking to embrace firm Christian values are usually more prosperous and freer than those where such beliefs are rejected or not allowed. The progressives know this and understand that they must convince you that you need them more than the wits, rights and abilities that God gave you. This explains how most Black Americans remain stuck in the back end of the golden donkey, near the bottom of economic growth and living standards in the United States.

For progressives to succeed in their mission to permanently damage America, large percentages of the population must be kept ignorant, as bitter victims and indoctrinated against America. That is why they so energetically hate Donald Trump, Betsy Devos, Dr. Ben Carson and others who will fight to unshackle Americans from the ravages of wrong thinking and actions that derive from the poisonous indoctrinations of the political left that has infiltrated every segment of communicating in the country.

Progressives like the anti-Constitutional Ninth Circuit Judges do not appreciate our unalienable rights, which come from God. They are even against our nation’s ability to protect herself from real enemies. There is an authentic tug of war over the soul of America. I just happen to believe that the ongoing progressive war against our patriotic president will ultimately fail. This final note, let us pray for Providential guidance in president Trump’s dealing with Israel as she also fights for her unalienable right to exist. God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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