by Lee Duigon

March 11, 2022

Leftids get away with all kinds of mischief simply by diddling around with the language. Words like “justice” and “love” and “smart” get twisted around into strange new meanings concealed from the rest of us. They find it necessary to do this as camouflage for outrageous Far Left policies that would otherwise rile the taxpayers.

The Oregon legislature, for instance, is about to enact into law a bill that recasts blatant racism as a “public health crisis”. It would be just plain ugly “racism” if we did anything like this; but when they do it, it’s “public health.”

They want to spend several million dollars on “mobile health units” that would serve “priority populations”—that is, everyone but whites. White people are explicitly excluded—unless, of course, they are LGBT. The units would serve specific populations based solely on race.

You’d think that would plainly violate any number of federal civil rights laws—but who cares about “law” anymore? Law is passe. If you’re running a government and you want to do something, you just do it. Invade another country, hand down a “mandate” that trumps the laws (was I allowed to use that word, “trumps”?), or sign an executive order that’ll stand for years before it makes its way to a court that shoots it down.

We got a taste of this in 2020 when the Thousand Nitwits at the CDC defended widespread rioting as an exercise in “social justice” meant to counter, ahem, “systemic racism,” which they declared a much more pressing problem than any little COVID pandemic. As long as you were part of a riot, you didn’t have to bother with masks and social distancing. Now the state of Oregon wants to make it official: stark racial favoritism.

Then there’s “stakeholder capitalism,” which had another name when Benito Mussolini first invented it. He called it “fascism.” It’s what you get when an authoritarian government picks out a few highly favored corporations and hops into bed with them. Juan Peron in Argentina tweaked it by allowing certain favored unions to join in the fun.

“Stakeholder capitalism,” nee “fascism,” refined into an art form by the Chinese “Communist” Party, is a hot buzzword now among Western globalists. If the Chicoms can get away with rebranded fascism, so can they. (Note: the Chicoms only call themselves communists. They’re really fascists, in the Mussolini mold.) I’m not sure what exactly they mean by “stakeholder.” Is that the stake they mean to pound into our hearts?

And then there’s “equity.” Oh, brother. “Equity” used to mean, roughly, fair play, even-handedness. Now it means whatever leftids want it to mean on any given day.

The public doesn’t like the public schools being used to indoctrinate children into “Critical Race Theory” which teaches racial fear and hatred (all whites are evil racists, all non-whites are “oppressed”—you know the drill by now). CRT is wildly unpopular among sane and decent people.

Here’s where “equity” comes to the rescue. School boards, wanting to keep CRT as a mainstay of their program, but not wanting the public to get wise to it and demand it be chucked out, simply rebrand it. Voila! “Equity education!” Who can be against that? Like, equity’s a good thing—right?

And meanwhile, abortion is rebranded “women’s health.” Somehow pregnancy, and the continuation of the human race, became a disease.

You’ve got to watch these people closely, all the time. The truth is not in them. Every time a leftid tells the truth, about anything, a fairy dies. The very words they use, stolen from the English language and given esoteric pseudo-meanings, are lies in and of themselves.

There are a lot of very bad people running the world these days, corrupting everything they touch. Beware.

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