By J.B. Williams

Everything we have witnessed in the 2020 “Selections” so far, including the late Friday night or Saturday “projections” that Joe Biden won, we anticipated long ago. We expected the fraud to be unprecedented and it has been. We expected the “deep state” to be totally prepared to steal the 2020 “Selections” via numerous methods and we have witnessed ALL of those methods in play.

We saw in late January and certainly by April Fools Day, that the news media and social media giants were all totally in the tank for this “global reset” when they all jumped on board the COVID19 (aka the common cold, SARS 2.0) fear-mongering train, keeping American people locked down, out of work, fearful for their health, increasingly dependent upon government assistance and forced in large part to accept fraud-ridden “mail-in” balloting.

At this moment, the United States of America is the laughingstock of the world as the visibly most corrupted country on earth. The entire world knew that empty vessel Joe Biden and totally unqualified Kamala Harris had no real chance in any honest election process. They also knew, as many of us did, that 2020 was going to be the most fraudulent election in the history of elections, anywhere on earth. Even Iraqi’s were stopped from illegal voting by way of purple inked fingers.

Americans DID NOT vote for higher taxes, less freedom or a return to $5 a gallon gas prices. We DID NOT vote for lockdowns and masks, much less another year or two of it, as promised by the Biden Campaign repeatedly. Get real! We the People DID NOT vote for unemployment or any government handouts. It just didn’t happen!

PROJECTIONS are NOT Election Results


News Networks have no more access to the votes, the vote counting or election certifications than you or I. They have been telling the American people all year that Biden and Harris would win the 2020 elections. But their polls and projections have been so wrong for so long, that almost no one believed them. Pollsters were projecting that they would all be out of business if they got another election wrong… so, THEY MUST BE RIGHT! Right?

News networks don’t vote. They don’t count votes and they don’t certify elections in this country. They only issue “projections,” just like they issue pollster “projections” ahead of the elections.

But all of their “projections” are all based on the counting of “illegal votes” in numerous states. Most notably, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada. When these so-called “news outlets” rarely even mentioned the term “fraud,” it was usually accompanied by the term “conspiracy theory” and often discounted by their uneducated opinion that “there is no such evidence.”

However, despite massive efforts by all social media giants to shut down all voices not on-board the Biden train, a flood of video, audio, credible eye witness accounts and “whistleblowers” are circulating the globe via those platforms. The “news media” can deny the evidence for a while, but not forever. Sooner or later, that evidence flooding the internet is going to bury every single denier who claims to be an honest journalist, and every network with them.


If there are 100 ways to commit election fraud, the global left has used all of them this time, desperate to defeat the American people and usher in global Marxism and the communist global reset.

Fundamentally, they are stealing this election via these broad measures…

  1. Machine software “glitches” like that of Antrim County MI that transferred over 6000 Trump votes to Biden, until caught by Antrim County voters (NOT election officials). That same software has been used in many counties and states, including some of the states in question.
  2. Mail-in ballot fraud committed both by election officials and voters in many districts and states.
  3. Suppression of GOP voters who voted in person, but were able to see their votes“missing” or “cancelled” on their state election websites.
  4. Fraudulent ballot manipulation and counting in “darkness” – which is the only way to hide massive election fraud out of sight, making it easy for “news media” to act like no such fraud exists, if nobody can see it.
  5. Establish in advance of the election, that Biden was sure to win and Trump was sure to refuse defeat, so that when Trump challenged the fraud, the “news media” would paint Trump and his supporters the villains, and the people engaged in the theft, as the victims.

Now, the people doing this in the news media, have been telling you that ANTIFA and BLM events were all “peaceful protests” even as every American watched them vandalize, loot and burn cities across the country for the past six months, live on TV. Believe them still?

Simply stated, the massive fraud can only stand if…

  1. a) the news media will hide it;
  2. b) the fraud is happening in darkness and most importantly;
  3. c) the American people accept it all as the “new norm” in America, where no election from this day forward, will ever be legal, honest, fair or free, ever again!

This circumstance we find ourselves in today, isn’t about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Republican v. Democrat or anything “typical” in American politics. It’s about much, MUCH more…

If this disaster is allowed to stand as-is,as-of this moment, the United States is GONE! No matter political partisan interests, NO AMERICAN can afford to stand idly by and allow brazen corruption and fraud to determine the future of this country. Not now and NOT EVER!


Peacefully and legally is the first option, but it isn’t the final option.


Because evidence of massive fraud exists in numerous states via numerous methods, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST step in and order ALL states in question to STOP counting and reporting, with a 30-day deadline to complete a ballot-by-ballot hand count, before any election results can be certified anywhere! Suits have been filed already with the Supreme Court and the court cannot sit this out on the sidelines. If they do, they are placing every other means of resolving this disaster in the hands of the people at large and they will then be directly responsible for everything that happens next.

If a ballot-by-ballot hand count in at least the seven states identified above, cannot guarantee the American people that a free, fair election has taken place, due to too much fraud involved to be able to sort it all out, then a NEW ELECTION must be held right away in every state where evidence of election fraud is present.

In this event, the new election must be vote in person on election day only! There is ZERO public confidence in these mail-in voting systems at this point.

The Last Resort is Fast Approaching

We can already see that the Governors, Secretaries, Attorney Generals and Election Commissions in these states are NOT trustworthy. Even law enforcement officers sent out to intimidate and even arrest polling officials for refusing to violate election laws, cannot be trusted either, especially in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

If the U.S. Supreme Court fails to ensure the visible integrity of this election cycle, the people will have no other means of redress but the streets. It is the LAST RESORT, but this right of the people is fundamental to freedom and liberty, codified in our Declaration of Independence.

In this case, voter against voter in some Civil War is NOT the proper solution. A full-scale rebellion against the people truly responsible for this, is the appropriate solution. That includes all of the people at the TOP who are in the position to either carry out this blatant coup d’état against the American people, be they politician, media personalities, judges, social media moguls, global financiers behind it all, every last one of them.

Now, to be very clear…. I am not calling for, inciting, organizing, hoping or praying for any such rebellion, in fact, quite the contrary. I, like many others, am working around the clock to find peaceful, legal solutions.

But sooner or later, I’m afraid President John F. Kennedy was right, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

For most Americans, Patrick Henry was right too! “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!”

Bottom line, any person who opposes EVERY LEGAL VOTE BEING COUNTED in broad daylight, is not an American at all!


© 2020 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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