By Sidney Secular

October 29, 2022

DISTRACTED STORY TELLING: The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that 9,500 people in the U.S.(they are getting away from calling us “Americans” as well as getting away with it!) were killed in traffic crashes in the first three months of 2022. That’s the deadliest start to a year in two decades. In seven states, crash deaths jumped at least 50% and nationwide automobile deaths were up 7% compared to the same period last year. The GuvMint did not produce a thorough analysis on the cause of the crashes, but did report that a primary cause can be blamed on distracted drivers looking at or texting on their smartphones. Well, at least the phones are smart!

Officials commented that lighter than usual traffic during the “plannedemic” allowed people to speed up and that likely caused crashes though that is pure conjecture not based upon any solid evidence.  They also blamed people driving while impaired and/or not wearing seat belts, again supposedly the result of the lighter COVID traffic. Yet, driving during lockdowns should be little different than ordinary driving especially as there are periods during the day when traffic is naturally lighter than it is during so-called “rush hour.” Sadly, given our nation’s current reign of stupidity, it is not surprising that Transportation Secretary Pete “Butt-gig” even blamed the growing problem on “racist” highways; that is, highways built through rather than around ghetto areas. According to Secretary Pete, this is a strategy that the builders use to avoid flak from those residents who have influence affecting where highways should run. Naturally, this includes the (usually white) affluent who have the necessary pull to keep highways out of their neighborhoods. But the concept of “racist ” highways never caused any appreciable problems worth probing before the Covidiocy, so this obviously ludicrous charge is a case of typical leftist tripe used to justify and/or excuse an agenda.

Obviously, the distractions caused by technology have increased resulting in the fact that people can text and play video games on center touch screens now installed in the front seats of certain models of vehicles. That fact was mentioned by the FedGuv “experts” but such distractions aren’t all that new and didn’t coincide with the lockdowns making such statements more “made up” so as  to distract from much more likely causes of the problem!  For instance, there are two considerations DOT would rather not consider. One is that illegals are increasingly being either being given drivers licenses or being permitted to drive without either licenses or insurance without fear of legal consequences. These “licenses” – real or defacto – have thus become “more or less” licenses to kill as they are accustomed to driving in the careless, wanton manner of their home countries! And knowing that unless they themselves are killed or seriously injured they will not have to answer for their actions, they “go macho” behind the wheel as a way to express their “manhood!” They weave in and out of traffic trying to beat other drivers, instigating road rage, and making normal driving into the equivalent of stock car racing. I personally experienced this behavior while driving in Mexico City some years ago. A good bet is that the seven states with sharp upticks in traffic accidents are those that have experienced a sharp influx of illegals who were either given drivers licenses or do not fear to drive without.

Marijuana and other such drugs also cause impairment of faculties and distraction in driving similar to that caused by alcohol – and for the same reason. Remember, more people than ever are smoking pot, especially in those states that have approved its use as a “wreckreational” substance. Furthermore, and more to the point, pot can linger in the body for up to six months, thereby causing an accumulation of the substance that will cause havoc as the person continues to imbibe it. On the other hand, the residue of alcohol usually disappears in a day or two, making it possible to go on a bender on Saturday night and be normal by Monday. One wonders if the phenomenon of seven states with sharply increasing accident rates is no accident, but rather if the drivers found to be hooked on weed could be weeded out before things get out of control. Pot smoking could be one of the “smoking guns” behind the sharp increases in accidents. Note that in the last several years, many safety features have been added to the new model cars, yet the accident rate is spiking. That’s very telling and should tell you that nothing can replace the nut at the wheel.

THE BOTTOMLESS MONEY PITS: No one knows how much US taxpayer money Washington has given to Ukraine, just as no one knows what happened to the billions that disappeared at the Pentagon shortly after that edifice was struck by a (supposed) large commercial aircraft on 9/11.  No wonder people keep digging at the “money pit” for the treasure supposedly buried at Oak Island in Nova Scotia for well over 100 years. Even FDR personally got in on that act. The story is that the Knights Templar supposedly buried a huge treasure there in the late 1400s when they escaped from Europe with the contents of the continent’s banks and no one has been able to find it, despite frantic efforts that never cease.

Direct US military aid to Ukraine supposedly totals about $50 billion, or about $100 million per day since the war began in February. But the total is appreciably higher when you add in the billions European countries have contributed over the last eight months, and the charity collections taken up by private entities, especially for “Ukrainian refugees,” much of which – as was the “charity” destined for Haiti after the earthquake “ has probably been siphoned off by the powers-that-be. The White House in its usual wishy-washy whitewashing fashion says it has “no idea” who is getting the money or even if  the weaponry sent to Ukraine are being used. If nothing else these statements should be impeachable. That the President of the United States and his administration cannot answer for billions of taxpayer dollars is a true crime! One estimate states that only 30% of such military aid is reaching its intended destination. Ukraine itself cannot be relied upon to be transparent about it, ranking 122nd out of 180 countries according to Transparency International’s 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index. The US ranks 27th according to the survey, a finding that really rankles those of us who know better!

WAITING IN THE WINGS: “BIG WEED” WARS OVER WATER: The Big Weed $33 billion US marijuana/cannabis industry is spending millions to pass ballot initiatives in five states on Election Day to make recreational marijuana legal, adding to the nineteen states and DC where it is already legal. The money is also being used to defeat Republican candidates for office.  The Gallop Poll reports that 15% of  Americans use weed vice only 11% that smoke tobacco, and that gap is widening. Marijuana is constantly being enhanced to increase the percentage of the potent THC in its leaves. That ingredient gives the plant its potency and pleasurable effects. THC levels in weed have been increased by 28.5% in the past fifty years. This is having far reaching consequences. Less land is needed for its cultivation making it more economical to grow and the growers can make more money even with less product.  On the other hand, the illnesses caused by drug intake are enhanced. Illnesses induced by pot include psychosis, homicides, suicides, general medical problems, a loss of ambition and a lackadaisical attitude toward life, accidents on the job and traffic accidents as described in the previous article.  Interestingly enough, legalizing pot has not diminished the pot black market and the black market purveyors of it keep pace with the legalized growers. In California, illegal cannabis farms still outnumber the legal ones after five years of the drug being legalized.

The five states that will vote on legal pot in November are Missouri, Arkansas, Maryland, North Dakota and South Dakota. Weed became legal in New Mexico in April and “the Land of Enchantment” already has 500 legalized pot purveyors in a state with a relatively small population and a dry climate. However, Big Weed is causing big water problems, especially in areas suffering from drought. Pot plants soak up huge amounts of water and pot growers – a fairly unethical lot to start with – are stealing water from their neighbors who desperately need it. Creeks in Oregon have run dry due to the theft of their waters by pot growers. Wells are running dry due to the run on water in Humboldt County, CA. Legal actions to stop the stealing have not been successful, so people are being asked to create their own ponds to assure enough water for themselves. Unfortunately, not very much instruction is given as to how to bring that about. Unless one has access to an underground water source, ponds of rain water in a drought are nothing more than a (water)pipe dream!

Very importantly, pot is draining water from the Colorado River from which Arizona and Nevada draw their water. Cannabis requires 100 to 200 gallons of water just to grow one pound of it and that translates to 10 gallons of water needed to grow just one ounce of what is a “recreational” substance at best. Cannabis also has a devastating effect on the soil, as it depletes nutrients from the ground leaving it barren. This results in weed growers having to constantly acquire new plots to grow their pot. If one remembers, the rising crime rate during Prohibition was often occasioned by the need of brewers for new sources of alcohol. There is no guarantee that the pot trade in its need might not use the same tactics.  In traditional agriculture, crops are rotated to refresh and eventually reuse the same soil, but  this technique will not work with pot.

Watch out for a plot to make recreational pot legal nationwide. This effort has already begun in the Senate with the introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.  Normal grass will wither under your feet if “grass” is grown nearby but the opportunity for the tremendous income from the sale of and tax on pot will undoubtedly affect our “honest” politicians. Despite the fact that our elite leaders bewail the dangers of “climate change,” our present permissive politics creates a “climate” that permits pot to be promoted and water shortages caused thereby ignored.

LEFTIST LIES: The Left has been so accustomed to employing the “big lie” and getting away with it for so very long that everything coming out of Washington today can be considered carte blanche a whitewash of the truth. Furthermore, the fibs are not only getting much more common, but also fabulous and egregious to the point at which the flagrant falsehoods are pushed into people’s faces without the perps fearing any furious feedback. Bald-faced lies by our “leaders” everywhere (and not just in politics) has become an accepted way in the modern world. We the People have been rendered so docile and dumbed down that we are as sheep led to the slaughter; that is, we are easily sheared of our possessions and our rights. Here is what a famous person had to say about “the big lie” before it was commonly recognized as a big deal and a big factor in controlling the population:

“In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility because the masses are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily and they will more readily fall victim to the big lie than the small ones, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters, but would be ashamed to resort to large scale falsehoods. They also would not believe that others have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts that prove this to be so may be clearly brought to their attention, they will still doubt and waver and look for some other explanation. The grossly impudent lie always leaves a trace of it behind even after it has been demolished. This is known to all the expert liars who conspire in the art of flying.  These people only know too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes”.  Adolph Hitler, in “Mein Kampf” – 1925.

Clearly, Hitler is not advocating the use of the “Big Lie” as is usually alleged! Indeed, it is the opposite!  Far from creating or using this strategy, Hitler was ascribing the Big Lie technique to the liberal Jews and the Marxist leaders in the Weimar Republic whose descendants are still the primary perps today.  Americans have been exposed to the big lie technique for so long that the assault has naturally grown over time to the “fast and furious” level engaged today. Once the deceit and secrecy accumulate over time, eventually becoming obvious. Therefore, the peps must cover their tracks to preserve their positions of power and then there’s no end to it as the web gets more convoluted as it is spun. Eventually, that “tangled web” becomes enough to get the most obtuse and dense sheeple’s head spinning.

Worse, this method of “leadership” corrupts everyone, becoming entrenched into the culture to the point at which future generations will never know anything but lies, accepting them as truth and taking for granted all that is told them without question. We see it today in the total belief most people have regarding the various lies told about such fundamental historical matters as the Civil War and many other “American Wars” in which we’re assured that the American government was the innocent victim of evil foreign enemies and insurrectionists even though the historical facts prove exactly the opposite! Over time, lying becomes institutionalized as the accepted norm. A tyrannous edifice is erected based mainly upon lies that in turn involves us constantly in wars, secret coups and plots and fears that keep us on edge while expanding the empire.

A MORAL DISORDER: “Leftism” as practiced today is not an ideology but an edifice of corruption built upon lies steeped in sophistry, impervious to any possible moral improvement and constantly moving towards more moral disorder using sophistry to keep its momentum going. Degraded and amateurish art, sports in which people are without “sportsmanship” and winning at all costs becomes everything and entertainment designed to appeal to the lumpenproletariat and employed to fill the void in people’s lives. All of this cultural excrement is anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western and anti-virtue, creating disordered thinking or, as its final aim, a lack of any thinking at all. The great Greek philosopher Plato basically said everything that needs to be said about this subject – everything after being merely a footnote – asserted that the purpose of the arts was to shape emotions properly, to take children too young to grasp virtue in the abstract and instill in them a passionate feelings-based attachment to virtue so that they would become instinctively virtuous and fertile ground for accepting reason’s dictates later on. According to Plato, Music was also to be employed as a vehicle toward that end.

Unfortunately, attachment to vice is created in exactly the same way – and, given mankind’s fallen nature, far more easily than it is to attach virtue! Using baleful influences, such as our children now receive from the “culture” around them and through the services of their very own boob tubes and i-phones, our children are often left to their own untutored ways that currently substitute for adult tutelage almost from the cradle. The most astonishing this is that any of them grow into decent human beings. Many do, but far too many become the child-sacrifice demanded by Moloch in our present “culture.”

BIDEN’S MOST OUTRAGEOUS AND CONSEQUENTIAL  EXECUTIVE ORDER: The bombastic and bomb-of-a-president Joe Biden has issued so many unconstitutional, illegal and immoral EOs, it’s easy for him to slip through a few that are even worse than the ones that get all the attention. There’s one that takes the cake for chutzpah and outrageousness  that still hasn’t been noticed, apparently because we’re all shellshocked from a combination of the major and momentous stuff and the totally brainless comments and snafus emanating from Pedo Joe’s mealy mouth. This particular EO represents a particular slippery slope designed to prevent any effort to correct Demonrat vote fraud, demolishing any and all preventive and/or corrective measures that could conceivably be taken. It is so far beyond the pale decent people have to try to fight it with every means of persuasion/pressure available and if that is not enough, to initiate a hard drive towards impeachment post haste.

The EO in question was issued in March of 2021 and is just now coming under scrutiny by the clueless Republicans. Der President claimed the Order was needed to provide “access” to the voting process. First things first:  the FedGov has no constitutional or statutory authority in voting matters. This is a matter for the states to manage and control. However, Biden is falling back on the days of Reconstruction and Jim Crow claiming that many Americans, especially “people of color” – the people that seem to color all his very few thoughts these days! –  confront monumental obstacles in exercising their right to vote  – especially after they cast their first ballot (Everyone knows that Democrat minorities can cast more than one ballot legally!). Of course, those days are long gone as anyone who has been paying attention knows. But Biden’s bull knows no bounds. Turnout for the 2020 presidential election was higher than in the last six presidential elections, just shy of a record, and special measures were taken to assure maximum turnout for the voting due to the COVID scares.

Now, here comes the knockout punch that will flatten any attempt for fair elections to get off the ground. The executive order directed EVERY federal agency to come up with a strategic plan to use agency personnel and resources to “persuade” and “assist” members of the public who interact with that particular agency to register to vote and to cast ballots in the upcoming elections, including access to “vote-by-mail” ballot applications, identification documents, and multilingual voting materials. Thus, the entire federal government has been “weaponized” to assist in doing everything possible to facilitate voter fraud. The order even authorized third party organizations to be hired to do Biden’s bidding in and on official agency settings. As a result, anyone now visiting a federal building will be officially harassed to vote for the Demonrats or their favored flunkies and be given the means to do so, casting aside the role of the states to manage voting operations and of the individual voter to choose his candidate. Thus, those applying for government benefits of any kind could very well infer that they must register to vote, and vote for the political party in control of the White House to ensure their applications for benefits are not declined. This is especially dangerous for legal immigrants whose lack of knowledge of English and the system make them primary candidates for fraud.

The Biden Administration will not reveal any details of the “strategic plans” developed by the agencies, nor have any state officials been given any information about these plans, and the Administration has stonewalled any attempts to find out more about the new program. On August 3, 2022, a total of 15 secretaries of state sent a letter to Biden asking him to “rescind  Executive Order 14019.” They told the President that he issued his order without constitutional authority or congressional approval (what else is new?). They warned that involving federal agencies in voter registration will “produce duplicate registrations, confuse citizens, complicate the jobs of all local election officials, and erode the responsibilities of the state legislatures in administering elections.” Worse, it will bring about the results desired by the EO, fraudulent elections. It’s telling that only fifteen states have sought to maintain their legal prerogatives and functions in election matters by seeking to end federal meddling in their affairs. We may assume that the remaining thirty five are just fine with the Deep State running things.

AMERICAN SOCIAL CREDIT: In this digital age, a great deal of information is “out there” and as a result, we often learn of things that we would not otherwise know. Below is an e-mail that is being widely disseminated and the warning it gives should definitely be both read and heeded. The context has been edited and names of those involved withheld:

The subject matter is about my personal and recent experience being denied a transaction via a business debit card for reasons that will be explained. This is the beginning of the “social credit” scores that already exist in China. If you pass this along, please delete our names and contact info. [ed. note: This alone should horrify us; that is, that we can become targets of those who do not wish such information “shared!”]

Yesterday my wife went to the [name withheld business] website to order DVD/flash drive recordings of an upcoming conference. Three times she tried to purchase the recordings and three times our [name withheld credit card company] business debit card was declined. Finally, the card was blocked. She called our bank because we use this card very regularly and this has never happened before. They (the bank) did some research and said that our card had been given a “low rating” which caused it to be declined. The bank manually removed the “low rating” and I was able to complete my purchase.

I immediately drove to the bank to speak with the account manager. He said that [name withheld credit card company] is now putting their own ratings on credit/debit card purchases and was denying my transaction based on their own criteria. [ed. note: Notice, the credit card company had never made this “arrangement” known to the customer!] This had nothing to do with the bank itself, however, we could not make another purchase until the bank intervened. The manager said it is now regularly happening that accounts may be flagged by [name withheld credit card company] if, for example, they (the card owner) purchased a gun with their card. The account manager agreed that this is the beginning of [name withheld credit card company] implementing social credit scores being tied to our ability to transact business.

[Name withheld business] has existed for a long time and advocates healthy food choices as well as exposing the politics of our federal government such as the entire Covid “pandemic” and research on whether viruses even exist (Dr. Tom Cowan). This organization is anti-establishment and thus a threat to the lying narrative in so many areas.

We were flagged from doing business with [name withheld business]. That caused our “low rating.” On a debit card?? What does a debit card have to do with a credit score anyway? When a transaction is made, the bank account is automatically debited. [ed note: This means that the credit card company has no money involved in the transaction; it is simply a means by which the money is transferred from the purchaser’s bank account to the seller’s account; though the credit card company has no financial involvement in the transaction it chooses to prevent same on a purely ideological basis.] This article below [ed. note: there was an article attached at the bottom of the e-mail.] also explains the situation and what is coming in respect to whether or not anyone can transact for purchase of something (and) if it does not fit the acceptable social criteria, one can be barred from transacting business. That is where we are headed and we have experienced it. It’s here.”

It is not necessary to name of the credit card company for if one company has this “arrangement,” you may rest assured the others have it or will have it in the very near future. Neither can we take solace in the bank stepping in and preventing this unconstitutional restraint of the man’s personal business by a company of which he is a supposed “customer!” How long will it be before the banks lock-step into the social credit business given the current situation in this “no longer free” country?

Far too many Americans have wasted years trying to outwit the tyrants, hoping to scrape along just out of the culture police spotlight. But it doesn’t work that way. If we don’t fight back, soon every opportunity to resist will be gone. Worse, the generation(s) coming up have no problem with a government-run social credit system. Indeed, many especially younger Americans are demanding it as we see by the fact that Corporate America is taking the lead. There is no evidence that it is being forced upon them by the government, though undoubtedly, it is a matter of mutual consent. Neither can we prevent this strategy by not using credit cards for soon, your bank will not cash your check if it is written to an “unacceptable” recipient and, the way things are going, very soon “cash” itself will disappear. When everything becomes “digital,” we, too, will become nothing more than ciphers in a great global computer, easily deleted if we become a nuisance or are no longer of use.

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