The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, warned us back in the 19th century with his famous theme, the “Transvaluation of Values.” An ominous world dictatorship was coming where good would become evil, and evil good. Freedom would be thought of as slavery, and slavery would become freedom.

He “boldly prophesied that power politics and vicious wars were in store for the future. What he sensed was an approaching period of nihilism, the seeds of which had already been sown.”[1]

Ironically, even though Nietzsche warned against this, it was his philosophical thought that helped to usher it all in because he rejected the notion of universal moral law. “Man himself becomes the determiner of values,” he asserted. “[Man] does not require to be approved of; he passes the judgment….he is [the] creator of values.”[2]

Thus the traditional sources of morality that had built Western civilization – Natural Law and the God from which it springs – were rejected vehemently by Nietzsche. And his intellectual progeny in our schools throughout the 20th century have vigorously preached, in their teachings, this moral relativism.

If you wonder why the world is awash in the criminality of statism and why screaming youth saturate the streets throwing rocks and shouting down speakers at their gatherings, here is the reason. The mindless brute has returned to our society because our professors teach “moral relativism” and “political collectivism” (the philosophical underpinnings of the brute) throughout the schools of America.

A ruthless moral relativism dominates the pathways of our lives today because Nietzsche fashioned a philosophy of Man himself as the creator of value. Man, he said, was not meant to discern values transmitted from God and Nature (as the sages of Western civilization had taught for thousands of years). He was to actually make values. Truth was not found; it was to be formed. God and nature were myths of primitive people.

The intelligentsia of the 20th century bought this apostasy lock, stock and barrel, and intertwined Nietzsche’s nihilistic relativism with Marx’s political collectivism to attack traditional freedom’s economic manifestation of capitalism. The result is the decadent tragedies we see before us in our media, in our universities, in the streets, and in the halls of Congress.

This Nietzschean “transvaluation of values” is the source of Orwell’s three famous slogans in his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, that were inscribed on the entrance to the Ministry of Truth headquarters:  “War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.” Since Nietzsche, everything is turned upside down. Everything is inverted. Slavery is now taught to our children throughout the school system as a “new kind of freedom.”

This is the scourge of the political left today. This is why the establishment elites work so hard for more collectivism in America, and protest harpies throw tantrums and rocks at anyone who represents less government and more freedom. Their value systems have been inverted in the deeper recesses of their minds by their professors. They see capitalist freedom as slavery, and of course, they see Donald Trump (who advocates freedom) as a tyrant.

Corrupt the language and the money, and capitalism will fall, Marx maintained. We no longer have education in the schools; we have ministries of propaganda pumping the poison of servitude into callow minds.

Nietzsche told us also that there are millions of humans who are born “slave mentalities.” They will naturally gravitate to a slave system because of their abhorrence of the rigors of freedom. Thankfully the bulk of humans want to be free; but a sizeable minority of humans do not. It is these “slave mentalities” who are so susceptible to the professorial poison in the universities and thus man the front lines of the rock throwers. They become the cannon fodder for the George Soros ilk of this world.

Can we who love freedom overcome this? The jury is clearly still out. The forces of leftism, collectivism, and globalism are so entrenched in modern American society that they may do what Ayn Rand warned, “usher in a thousand year Dark Ages” if not countered with a surging movement for the restoration of reason and Constitutionalism among the American people.

The Leftist Factions Against Trump

There are five basic factions in today’s society that have a visceral hatred for Donald Trump and have forged a resistance to his administration that is destroying any hope for American restoration from a Trump presidency. Their goal is to produce legislative stagnancy over the next three years for his “Make America Great Again” agenda, to therefore neutralrize him, and thus doom his re-election chances in 2020. The stage will then be set for resumption of our march toward the globalist World Government that has animated American politics for the past century.

These five basic factions aligned against Trump are: 1) the liberal multiculturalists of the Democrat Party, 2) the collectivist professors of our universities, 3) the “fake news” media pundits, 4) the quisling RINOs and Neocons of the Republican Party, and 5) the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon complex.

Let’s elaborate on these factions:

1) Liberal multiculturalists have, for over 50 years, promoted open borders and an immigration system based on “compulsive diversity” rather than the “rationality of merit.” This has led to a myriad of different ethnic groups becoming citizens who shun the speaking of English and possess no knowledge of, or respect for, our Constitutional system of limited government.

Compounding this problem of ethnic chaos is a sinister stream of Islamic terrorists sneaking in under liberal laxity that ignores national security and common sense to promote political correctness, and then makes use of “chain migration” to allow terrorists to sponsor fellow terrorists as immigrants also.

For example, the ISIS inspired, Muslim immigrant, Sayfullo Saipov, who recently plowed his truck into a crowd of New Yorkers killing eight and wounding twelve others, arrived in 2010 and apparently sponsored 23 fellow Muslims by means of the policy of “chain migration.” How many of his sponsorees were fellow terrorists?

2) Collectivist professors in our schools indoctrinate their students with Marxist-Keynesian statism rather than presenting to them the great ideas of Western civilization and the founding principles of America, and then encouraging them to draw their own conclusions. Consequently we are breeding historical-philosophical eunuchs, not men and women of independent intellectuality.

3) The media pundits of the major TV networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, in addition to the major newspapers, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc., all oppose Trump’s advocacies of less government, tight borders, low taxes, and a non-hegemonic foreign policy. Only Fox supports Trump, but only on domestic issues. They reject his desire for a non-hegemonic foreign policy and détente with Russia.

4) The RINO-Neocons make up the bulk of the Republican Party (men like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Rob Portman in the Senate, and the likes of Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Peter King, Mike Simpson, and Cathy Rodgers in the House). They are advocates of mega-statism, soft on amnesty for illegals, desirous of more spending, and advocate a hegemonic imperialism in foreign policy. They are anti-Tea Party conservatism and free-market libertarianism.

5) The Military-Security bureaucracies are comprised of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the Pentagon. Except for the NSA, these bureaucracies are necessary for the defense of America. But unfortunately they have expanded way beyond that function since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. They now wish to spread American influence and control over the Mideast, Russia, and China via intervention and the butt ends of their rifles rather than let America be a shining light of liberty to be emulated rather than obeyed.

These five factions are consumed with irrationalism and power lust. They dominate the culture, the corridors of politics, and the halls of academe. Since Trump opposes four of these factions and is very distrustful of the fifth, he is now under a vicious attack. He still has a huge constituency of patriot American voters with him and sundry groups of supporters in Congress. But will that be enough to fend off the liberal elites and their “Never Trump” comrades of the GOP? This is the crucial question that stands before us today.

I believe most Republicans subconsciously support the Deep State and want Trump to fail, which is why they dragged their feet so badly on Health Care. They want Trump gone so vehemently that they are willing to sell out the people’s wishes on this crucial reform and risk a Democratic take-back of Congress in 2018 in order to deny Trump any semblance of success. In 2020 many RINOs and Neocons will surreptitiously support whoever the Democrat presidential candidate is. After all the Republican Party (except for the Freedom Caucus in the House and maybe a dozen conservatives in the Senate) is nothing but Democrat light. They would actually be happier had Hillary won.

RINOs and Neocons are blatant quislings. They wouldn’t know a “principle of freedom” from a kindergarten nursery rhyme. The Constitution is but a scrap of paper to them. Political correctness governs their minds like repugnance enshrouds Harvey Weinstein.

Monstrous lies prevail everywhere. The Washington establishment is in huge denial of truth, and hates those who speak it. This is the source of the intense animosity that the liberal, neocon, RINO creeps of mega-statism hold for Trump. He speaks the TRUTH, which these traitors to “Americanism” do not want to hear because it exposes exactly who the real villains are in the destruction of America – they themselves. Thus they, and the Deep State bureaucracies lurking behind them, must use every smear tactic they can conjure from their septic tank of tricks to try and destroy Trump’s presidency.

It’s going to be a ghastly and tumultuous next three years. If Trump survives this Orwellian nightmare, I will be surprised. The hideous forces of opposition against him are frightening.

For example, the neocon elites at the State Department and the Pentagon have already brought about capitulation on Trump’s views regarding the Mideast wars. Neocons have also effectively destroyed any hope of détente with Russia by ratcheting up their demonizing of Putin with flagrant lies about his handling of Ukraine and Crimea. Thus the swamp creatures are clearly winning in this contest of patriot outsider versus the piranhas and pythons of Washington.

Most alarming is the fact that the CIA looms always in the background with Trump clearly in their gun sights. Their powers of intimidation are overwhelming as anyone who has studied JFK’s assassination understands.

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  2. Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter IX, No. 260.
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