Throughout the twentieth and into the twenty first century, the unprovoked persecution of Christians is unrelenting, brutal and uncalled for.  Whether you look at Europe, Africa, China, and particularly in the middle East, Christians are either bullied, beaten, burned, enslaved or chopped up.  Increasingly in the United States Christians are unfairly treated in the legal system and the dragon media.  The government school education system continues to indoctrinate generation after generation of American students against Christianity, as well as our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Free Market Economics.  All have which been great blessings in the effort to improve human living conditions.

It seems as if non-Christians and hateful leftists of all stripes throughout earth have no fear when it comes to mistreating Christians, just because they feel like it.  To be fair, many Christians are partially to blame for the sick situation they find themselves in.  The word of God says to turn the other cheek if someone smites you on the cheek.  But it does not say to simply expose all four cheeks for your enemies to freely abuse.  After all, we have the unalienable right of self, family and property protection, our unalienable rights come from God and are recognized on our Bill of Rights.

I believe that Christians all over the world have spent so many centuries turning cheeks, that they either lost or have forgotten the ability to fight back.  They rarely even put up a good fight in the Middle East against Muslims who capture their little boys, rape them and then force them to join terrorists on the battlefield.  Yet there are not many comparable pushbacks from Christians.  There are few exceptions of course, such as in Poland and Georgia where Christians fight back and will pray for you after the fact.  Catholics have been considered to be close allies of Christians because of a shared belief in Jesus Christ.  But you would not know that today if the actions and attitudes of the Pope Francis were given a bit of scrutiny.  He is philosophically more aligned with the Muslims who are religiously instructed to kill non Muslims and enslave the blacks, than with the Christians who no longer enslave anyone and  introduced to mankind unalienable rights and Liberty.

Pope Francis’s Islamic friends in the Middle East regularly trap Christians in their churches and unmercifully burn them to a crisp, because they call on the mighty name of Christ Jesus.  The Pope’s continued policy of appeasing Muslims has only strengthened their resolve to remain bigoted brutes seeking to kill, steal from and destroy Christians.  Currently, there are 245 million Christians being persecuted on a regular basis throughout the world, simply because of their chosen faith.  Many of the blessings currently enjoyed throughout the western world, particularly in the United States and Western Europe and Singapore came about via the principles enumerated in the Holy Bible.  Knowing that only magnifies the heartbreak I experience observing the world continuing to ignore the plight of Christian suffering today.

According to a recent report I read in Newsmax, the Christian population in Iraq is less than half of what it was in 2003.  The Syrian Christian community has been reduced by half since 2010.  There were almost 5,000 Christians murdered in 2018 because of their choice to love and follow Christ.  Both Christian and Catholic doctrine today forbid killing people that do not believe as they do.  Thus, I find it disturbing that Pope Francis is friendlier toward Muslims who murder Christians, than he is with Christians who pray for the protection of little babies from abortion.

Christians are literally punished for their good deeds.  Involved God honoring Christians promote unalienable rights and equal opportunity and a higher standard for everyone including women, just as Jesus did when he walked the earth.  Yet leftists encourage the infiltration of Muslims into our republic who believe that Allah made women to be second class citizens who can be beaten for even minor infractions.  In fact, Islamists disdain communities that highly esteem women. To them, allowing women equal footing with men undermines their position in the home and society.

Both the United States and to a lesser degree, western Europe would not have become the wealthy societies of opportunities had they not instituted varying degrees of Christian principles.  The United States became the envy of the world and even had the best education system on earth.  Of course, there was a reliance upon the teaching of moral absolutes, true history, unrestricted scientific pursuits, math, and proper English, etc.   If Christians are to regain our status as a blessing to society, we must stop allowing ourselves to be victims of bigots who seek to stamp Christianity out of society.  Yes, we must pray for our enemies.  But nowhere does it say that Christians are to only pray for those who try to physically harm us, because we have the God given right to protect ourselves.  Nor should we accept unconstitutional restrictions against our public Christmas displays among other traditions.

Above all as Christians we must always seek Providential guidance and wisdom as did the Founding Fathers and many other great Americans like Frederick Douglas.  It worked for them and it will most certainly ensure that we overcome those who are foolish enough to mistake us for doormats.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 4:00 PM ET, 3:00 PM CT, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nv. to, and Spreaker.  Also, The Edwards Notebook commentary airs during the Captain’s America Third Watch weekend overnight talk show hosted by Matt Bruce on over 150 radio affiliates throughout the republic.

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