By Jim Darlington

We are being murdered, en masse.  We are witnesses to genocide. This is what follows the “death of god” as the night follows the day.

This may well be something unlikely to get past the censorious monitors of “Community Standards”, but we need to do our best. Lord, let it be so.

Genocide? Genocide is the actualization of a conspiracy of lies, spread from among a powerful few, to justify the extermination of many. It can be directed at a specific group or at a general population deemed worthy of reduction or of eradication. That seems fair enough. But what an unpleasant notion. Who would care to entertain it?

God is not to be mocked and cannot be avoided. The existence of that which is brilliantly greater than each of us is etched indelibly into the soul of every human. We would hope to keep the wonder of that sun bright innocence shining from the eyes of wee children. But who can do that? Though the world takes that wonder of innocence from us, we may be blessed to find it again, in the holy rebirth and confession of that first wonderous Spirit, willingly and gladly imparted to us by the Savior. And, upon receiving such heavenly mercy, we may again grasp the value of the precious gift of life.

But if one refuses the divine, and chooses the illusory dullness of lies, if one prefers the cynical smirk of those who draw all that is sacred as caricature, then what, exactly, limits the evil that person might do? If there are no spiritual limitations, then all that is left are matters of practicality. What can you get away with?

Do we have the courage to even dare to approach the issue of genocide? It’s like trying to consider the actual existence of the Devil. Perish the thought! Paint him red, give him horns and a tail, and he’s easily made laughable. It has been said that his greatest deceit is to convince people that he does not exist. Therefore, for those so convinced, there is no evil…only accidents and unfortunate choices. As the mere products of evolutionary chance, who can say that anyone owns a unique, individual, self-responsible agency (except for choosing its pronouns)? Since we are mere functions of our formative environments, what nonsense would it be for any supposed “god” to condemn anyone to “hell”, and if there is no Devil to frighten us, we can count it as safe to paint “god” as some bearded lunatic in a sandwich board, proclaiming that “The End is Near!” And to picture “heaven” as an absurdity, dreamed up by childish minds, full of angels, with little wings, playing harps, on fluffy little clouds, forever and ever, where souls, drooling with boredom, can only wish they’d enjoyed a bit more wicked fun while they had the chance, and can only hope, somehow, for the mercy of a lobotomy.

No Devil. No Judgement. No Heaven. No Hell. No God. Nothing at all, but the roll of the dice and a chance at a good time. And if so, what excuse can there be for betting less than the highest stakes? Without meaning what remains but excitement? Without consequence, reason itself is subject to the art of prideful lying. Without purpose, what remains but the thrill of power? And if death is the only self-confessed limitation on the lives of the evildoers, then wielding the power of death against others becomes the final and penultimate pleasure.

But such things are only done by the most uncivilized, barbaric people. Right? Wrong. They can happen anywhere that the Redeeming and Merciful God is rejected outright or reassigned duties (by the wisdom of men), to be heralded as a warlike and avenging god, leading such people to exterminate those unwilling to bow, or in the case of unending abortion, those not yet able to bow.

The Romans had quite the civilization, by all measures, with an army better suited for killing than any before it, but of their many slaughters, we know best their annihilation of perhaps a million Jewish people in 70 A.D. Were the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan somewhat less than “civilized”? Millions fell before their massive sweep to the west and the south. We may wonder if the early Mohammedans were less than civilized, when they set out to convert the world, and spread their “faith” by the sword. In their conquest of huge portions of Christendom, Hindu and Zoroastrian lands, African lands of diverse belief, and centuries of depredation on all of Europe, the heads that rolled, the peoples murdered for failing to fall under the sway of Allah, have been estimated to approximate 100,000,000, and probably, as many more made slaves, both white and black. How many hearts did the Aztecs cut out to offer up to their gods of fertility and harvest and conquest? The Ottoman Empire surely believed itself “civilized” when it carried the Islamic flag across the bodies of a mere million Armenians. What was the first World War, if not the genocide of some 25 million souls for the sake of fattening so many armorers’ purses? How thoroughly civilized was Tzarist Russia? What then was Stalin’s Holodomor, the purposeful starvation of some ten million uncooperative Ukrainians? What was Hitler’s obliteration of eight million Jews and a mix of Gypsies, homosexuals, cripples, psychotics, idiots, and miscellaneous other Non-Aryan “useless eaters”? (Heaven help us! German culture had reached heights unknown, only a century earlier.) What of Stalin’s sequel performance of the great purges and wholesale transport to the death camps of the Gulags. Though he was a less scrupulous record keeper than Hitler’s minions, some say 20 or 30 million more? How many did Mao Tse-Tung kill in his conquest of China, his insane “Great Leap Forward” or his “Cultural Revolution”? Some say 80 million. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But this is not a short list. And it is not a complete list. Those who wish America to fall before the same jackboots of history are surely hyperventilating, perceiving the writer’s “Whiteness”, no doubt, that the decimated native American Indian populations have as yet been left uncounted. Count them all, for heaven’s sake. The point is that mankind is something less than a jolly bowl of good will. Even us. Even me, for all my sins. And even you.

Think about “Whiteness”, the latest, suddenly fashionable version of ‘Tutsi’. Oh! And how could I forget the savage Hutus of Rwanda? Is it because of a deep-seated racism? Do you think?

“Never again!” was the great hue and cry, in remembrance of the Holocaust. We’ll never let bullies hurt the weak again. But here we are the greatest nation, effeminate and ‘Woke”, almost to a critical mass, and sitting in the Devils cross hairs. It will be unfortunate, for us, if he does exist.And he does. He just never cared for the whole Halloween costume thing. He tries his best to seem amiable and harmless.

There is nothing left to do but ask Google for advice.

What can we search? And, of that which we find, what can we trust?

Part I, a simple exercise: If we search under‘Proponents of Depopulation’, would it be fair to expect to be shown the craziest “Conspiracy Theorists”first, along with the rantings of the most easily dismissed? Maybe so. But there are so many and their names so often recognizable. Start with Bill Gates and the likes of George Soros. See who you can find among the other Captains of Pharmacopeia. But don’t stop there. Who belongs to the World Economic Counsel? Decide to find 50 such proponents and then find out who they are and how great their influence and power. Find out what they are thinking. Find out what they are planning. Find out how many they think should be set off somewhere to the side, to make the world a pleasant, more enjoyable place.

Part II of the exercise: Search United Nations Agenda 21… Agenda 2030 … Agenda 2050‘. The UN publishes them, but, if you talk about them, you have moved again,outside of that realm of ‘Community Standards’, and will be likely cancelled and hushed.

What spirit inhabits this cloud of toxic lies? If it sells, it tells what the sheep will believe. Little lies and then bigger lies and finally monstrous lies.

It came from Chinese bats, a natural misfortune!

The Chinese Communists stopped internal travel out of Wuhan, but let their infected travelers flood the world. Nothing to see there.

Democrats howled against limiting the effects of this act of war…till the claws of the disease were buried deep in the flesh of America. Then they howled at Trump’s supposed failure to stop it.

It mainly kills the old but (uniquely Democrat) Governors sent the infected back to the nursing homes …out of a sense of compassion!

Just a couple weeks, just a couple months, just until herd immunity, just until the vaccine, just until 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or now, not until all are vaccinated. Just ‘til you have learned to obey and believe. Just ‘til Tyranny owns the world.Or millions will die! Step aside, you murderers, or we will break you, for the people’s good. How dare you refuse!

Those, who could read the writing on the wall, have refused to take an untested vaccine. That isn’t a vaccine. The use of which could only have been legal if there were no other remedies. Which there were. So HCQ, Azithromycin, Zinc, Vitamins, Ivermectin, Budesonide and others, all proven safe and effective, are slandered, minimized, prohibited and the organs of propaganda pretend they never existed, pretend that the doctors offering the living proofs of the cured, are every slithering and vile thing. Doctors who would simply think and analyze and heal are threatened with impossible fines and the loss of their licenses. Pharmacies refuse to fill their prescriptions.

These are the results. Billions enough are earned by the Pharmaceutical Corporations to buy most politicians or pay enough lawyers to make the unbending toe the line. A host of extra-legal emergency dictates are announced, that enable a corrupt election. The last one who seemed to stand in the way, seems to have been removed. But we’ll have to wait and see about that.

A novel lie, for a novel virus, that dying “with” a disease is the same as dying because of it, blowing up a flu season’s statistical death-rate norm by a factor of at least ten (while, miraculously, ending any reporting of the flu entirely) and attaining those ridiculous numbers by way of a test that offered massive false positives (acknowledged and dialed back radically the very day that Biden was sworn in). Having taken the same peculiar turn of re-definition as we, the Italian government recently revisited their mortality statistics and announced that, of the previous numbers claimed, only 3% actually died because of the disease itself, while the rest died with the disease (or at least as defined by dubious testing or profit seeking medical authorities). In short, they admitted that the true mortality rate was no greater than the annual flu, unless you were already dying.

Never, before was the government’s response to an epidemic, to muzzle the doctors, who were seeking to define an early treatment protocol. Never was there no such protocol ever established. Never, before was such power exerted to limit doctors, only to advise their patients to go home and hope for the best, and wait till it’s too late, before going to the hospital. Never. Never. Never.

But now, the lie of a magnificently exaggerated pandemic, with its daily statistical fright-fest, is passing away and a new lie is emerging. They killed as many as they could by withholding effective treatments. Now, instead of inflating the numbers of pandemic deaths, they are reduced to simply reporting the terrifying number of “cases”, and they have gone into the business of minimizing the numbers of vaccine deaths and life changing injuries.

They’ve already been given the immunity most important to them. As an essential to “Operation Warped Speed” the makers of the “vaccines” have been granted legal immunity and made lawfully blameless, for any harm their witch’s brew may cause. If you die or are injured, you are on your own, with zero legal recourse. Sorry, but it’s all for the good of the many.

In the past, only a few examples suggesting harmful results, from any newly released pharmaceutical product, resulted in its immediate removal from the market. Back to the drawing board, back for more testing, to isolate the element causing harm and to re-formulate for greater safety, if possible.

Here’s where we get to the crowning conviction that genocide is indeed afoot.

As of October 29, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database report 19,364 deaths from the Covid-19 investigational vaccines. This is an increase of 2.7% from last week’s report of 18,853. Further, the CDC reports 29,210 Permanent Disabilities have been caused by the covid jabs. “These numbers are astounding,” said CHD Executive Director Laura Bono.” They make no mention of the hundreds of thousands of severe, albeit, supposedly temporary negative reactions.

A recent Harvard study estimated that only 1% of the actual deaths, injuries, and severe adverse events have been reported on the VAERS system. Some say it’s 10%. It takes half an hour to fill out a VAERS report and most medical staff are discouraged from doing so. Time being the excuse. Political and financial admonitions being the reason. Do the math.

Finally of the fewer than 200 reported Covid related deaths of children under 11 almost all suffered severe co-morbidities. Most died “with” Covid. This is a statistical zero. But now the government wants to vaccinate them, as well. California kindergarteners already need their little Super-Hero vaccine cards to attend school. That Tyranny now stands scornful and naked before us, daring our defiance cannot be denied in the light of this fact alone. In light of the whole and plain evidence, we must confront the reality that we are now the new Tutsis. All of us, black, white, brown or yellow, both red and blue. The OneWorldCorp, of maybe 400 very special families, is the Hutus.

Put an end to notions about wishful measures of incompetence, malfeasance, bad judgement, or just ideological differences, however starkly drawn. This is evil. It is exposed, irrevocably, undeniably, and mercilessly. There is nothing else for it. This utterly needless and patently murderous attack on the children, goes beyond all the rest, and it rips the mask off. And it defines the entire course of action that has been and is being taken against, not only America, but humanity, worldwide.

It is not enough to fight the mandates. We must fight the vaccine. It is now proven evil. We don’t know the long term effects, but now, we have all that we need, to most adamantly suspect, that the makers of these “vaccines” do indeed know the long term effects. They have been in development for a very long time.

This is genocide, and there is nothing about it that is accidental.

[BIO: Jim Darlington was raised in the left and rebelled to the far left in the ’70s. Came to his political senses in the ’80s. Came to Jesus Christ in the ’90s. Now is praying for America. He is married to a wise woman who loves the Lord with a passion.]

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