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Nationwide “stay at home” orders have the United States on full-scale lockdown with 10M new unemployment claims after just two weeks, and another 20M out of work not even eligible to file for unemployment after the national knee-jerk “stay at home” response to the COVID19 virus – which is either a weaponized version of the Corona Virus released from the Wuhan University, or one of many global pandemics born out of a disgusting Chinese wet market. Either way, the resulting problems for the United States and other westernized countries are the same.

On January 20, 2020, the United States learned of it’s first COVID19 case. On January 25 (Chinese New Year), President Trump issued an order the stop all inbound travel from China, as Nancy Pelosi, Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo encouraged everyone to get out in the streets of New York and San Francisco to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Democrats immediately accused President Trump of being a “racist” for stopping inbound travel from China. The U.S. news media jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon again and by mid-February, the United States was part of a global pandemic and related American deaths were on the rise.

Two months ago, democrat leaders were downplaying Trump’s COVID19 warnings, calling him a “racist” for trying to stop the spread across the country and celebrating Chinese New Year in their cities. But three weeks ago, they finally agreed that Trump was right. Too little, too late!

Trump was acquitted of “fake” political impeachment charges on February 5, 2020, after more than three-years of daily character assassination attempts intended to remove him from the Oval Office by hook or crook. While Trump was suddenly looking down the barrel of a global pandemic, democrats were busy trying to find any means available to advance their quest for total power.

To be sure, COVID19 is killing people here and around the world. That reality shouldn’t be downplayed by anyone. However, two greater threats face the United States today and if we don’t put these two threats on the front burner right away, death might be a better alternative to what the future of the USA will fast become.


In a span of just three years during the Great Depression, the United States lost an estimated 7 million Americans to death from multiple means. At the time, the USA had only 123M population and 7 million deaths represented 5.7% of America lost.

Today, with more than 330M Americans, 5.7% would represent over 18M dead in an even greater depression. While the deaths we are witnessing as a result of COVID19 are horrible, it absolutely can get much worse if we do not focus on saving the U.S. economy right away.

Prior to the arrival of COVID19 on our shores, Trump was leading the most successful vibrant economy in over 50-years. Just a few weeks into the COVID19 threat, the U.S. economy teeters on the edge of total collapse. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN, at any cost!

NOVEMBER THEFT OF THE UNITED STATE via “mail-in” elections

While holding Trump and the nation hostage during Nancy Pelosi’s effort to line the pockets of her political machine in the 1st COVID19 “stimulus” package, Pelosi was able to stick $400M into the package earmarked for converting the nation to “mail-in” elections prior to November.

Since Trump’s signing of the 1st “stimulus” effort, Pelosi has now demanded another $2-$4 billion in a 2nd “stimulus” package, also earmarked for converting the nation to “mail-in” elections ahead of the general election 2020 cycle. Meanwhile, states are already converting their own elections to “mail-in” balloting, allegedly due to the COVID19 “stay at home” orders.

It should go without saying, that if Americans are forced to “stay at home” and vote via “mail-in” ballots this fall, democrats will absolutely win the White House and both chambers of Congress by wide margins, because the fraud will be MASSIVE in terms of ineligible votes and lost ballots. I say this with 100% certainty….

More importantly, Constitutional Republicans will NEVER win a national or state election ever again and the United States as it has existed since 1776 will no longer exist…

The People will have to stop the current rush to “mail-in” elections for 2020 at any cost. No matter the loss of life due to COVID19, the U.S. economy MUST be reopened very soon and the people must STOP all effort to convert the nation to “remote voting” or there will be nothing left of this country worth saving by yearend.


Where are Democrats going while they have Americans fearful to leave their homes? The answer to this question was introduced in Nancy Pelosi’s NEW WAY FORWARD ACT introduced in the Democrat House on December 10, 2019 while COVID19 was already ravaging Wuhan China. (New Way Forward video)


Priority #1 – STOP the theft of the United States via “mail-in” elections
Priority #2 – Reopen the economy to prevent massive loss of life in the next Great Depression
Priority #3 – Do everything we can to end the COVID19 pandemic in the USA, as fast as we can

The Government and news media have the country fixated on COVID19 24/7 and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. They have the priority backwards! FEAR, not money, is the greatest human control mechanism on earth. The American people must be smart enough to put the right priorities in order, or they will very rapidly lose everything America has ever been.

May God Bless these United States and its true Patriots!

“for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

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