President Trump ran on jobs, draining the swamp, stopping the human illegals INVASION of OUR country, getting rid of the monstrous disaster known as Obamacare and renegotiating trade agreements that are favorable to OUR country instead of making the communists over in China rich.

Unfortunately for Americans and Trump, the mechanisms which caused the 2008 meltdown was never addressed. The only thing weenies in the U.S. House did besides wet their pants in sheer panic was to make the problem a thousand times worse. Why? Because 99% of them have ZERO understanding of the disabilities of our monetary system. READ:

Bailouts: The Wound That Will Keep On Hemorrhaging, September 25, 2008
The Fake $700 Billion Bailout Rescue Plan, October 2, 2008
Who’s Telling The Truth About The Economy? 4-7-13

And, two, which I have harped on for over two decades: Without the magical money machine called the “Fed”, that criminal syndicate out in Washington, DC would not be able to continue spending BORROWED TRILLIONS on unconstitutional cabinets, agencies, programs and endless, undeclared wars. We would also return to a constitutional monetary system and a real free market that would benefit all Americans.

Every new job created is a blessing for Americans and their families. (Trump, Abbott Announce 20K Jobs after Meet — 800 in Texas) However, when you have 94 MILLION able bodied Americans out of work, a criminal enterprise called the U.S. Congress giving preferential treatment to foreign workers over qualified Americans (Almost One Million H-1B Foreign Workers Hold University-Level Jobs Here) and double digit millions of ILLEGAL aliens stealing jobs from Americans, you still have a massive crisis for we the people.

No jobs = no income which equals the inability to pay for even basic human needs: 40% of households in Philadelphia can’t pay their water bill. No income means you can’t pay for things like health insurance so up goes more billions into Medicaid  and more and more debt slapped on your paycheck. It’s a vicious cycle treated with Band Aids by the same recycled incumbents Americans keep reelecting to Congress.

And now we have new technology loved by mega corporations who don’t give a damn about the American worker contrary to the BS pumped out by Madison Ave advertising execs: Wendy’s Installing Self-Order Kiosks in 1,000 Stores to Cut Labor Costs. I don’t eat ‘junk’ food, but if I had a choice between Wendy’s using some self order kiosk or some other joint that employs humans, guess where I would spend my money? You got it. Send a very clear message to retailers like Wendy’s: You will NOT get my business if you lay off Americans in favor of machines.

There’s a reason for labor costs that relates directly to the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve and the purchasing power of the dollar. Sadly, most Americans have zero interest in what’s killing them off and now more gasoline has been thrown on the fire: the disastrous $15.00 minimum wage hike voted for in states like California.

My mother lives in a tiny apartment in an assisted living facility. Californians stupidly passed a mandatory $15.00 an hour minimum wage law and come February 1st, mother’s rent went up a whopping $80 per month. Mother will be 90 in September; she has advanced dementia. I take care of her finances and I can tell you, I am barely able to make ends meet for her and now with this hike in her rent, it gets worse. The facility where she lives is also not re-hiring a few people who left for other jobs because of that new mandatory minimum wage law.

Cuomo’s minimum-wage hikes are already killing jobs, January 15, 2017
State Minimum Wage Hikes Already Passed Into Law Expected To Cost 2.6 Million Jobs, New Study Finds, February 2, 2017
How the $15 wage is already killing Seattle jobs, March 12, 2016

Minimum wage employment was NEVER meant to be a living wage situation and now people are losing their jobs as employers cut back or as in mother’s case, raise costs. READ: Raise Minimum Wage to $100.00 An Hour, November 17, 2013

Long time readers of my columns have read this before, but for new readers, a dear friend of mine warned me back in 2005 the banking cartels, the housing and auto industry and the economy was going to blow a gasket. That friend was Harvey Gordin. A Messianic Jew who loved this country and had a heart as big as all outdoors. Sadly, my dear friend of 16 years passed away in November 2013. I learned much from Harvey at the same time I was devouring everything I could written by another dear friend, Dr. Edwin Vieira, who was also warning Americans about the looming banking crisis that blind sided millions.

In 2005, my late husband and I lived in Sacramento, California. Harvey asked me if John and I intended to stay there. I said no and long story short, we were able to sell our house and closed escrow in September 2006. I was already here in our new home in W. Texas. John was finishing his cancer treatments and getting our house sold in Sacramento before heading here to Texas. Three years later the couple who purchased our home in Sacramento handed the keys back to the bank as their mortgage wasn’t just underwater, it was at the bottom of the ocean.

President Trump inherited the looming disaster now underway from the SAME incumbents the American people keep reelecting every two years to the House and Senate who refuse to kill the beast. They keep voting back in the same “conservatives” who panicked in July 2008, didn’t know their arse from their elbow and now here we are again: Another financial tsunami is building so please, take to heart what’s in this column.

According to the liars for hire in the dying ‘mainstream’ media, the economy is growing along with jobs. The Dow is doing great at 20,000+ even though the majority of Americans have no idea what it really means thanks to the failure of public schools. The Dow’s Phony New High, by yours truly, October 6, 2006

The links below are ones I feel most accurately reflect the truth so YOU can be prepared because no matter how hard President Trump is working to turn things around, first America is going to suffer. Again.

Sound familiar? It should:

The Next Subprime Crisis Is Here: 12 Signs That A Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived For The U.S. Auto Industry , April 3rd, 2017

“In 2008, subprime mortgages almost single-handedly took down the entire financial system, and now a new subprime crisis is here.  In recent years, the auto industry has been able to boost sales by aggressively pushing people into auto loans that they cannot afford.  In particular, auto loans made to consumers with subprime credit have been accounting for an increasingly larger percentage of the market.  Unfortunately, when you make loans to people that should not be getting them, eventually a lot of those loans are going to start to go bad, and that is precisely what is happening now.  Meanwhile, automakers and dealers are starting to panic as sales have begun to fall and used car prices have started to crash.  If you work in the auto industry, you might remember how horrible the last recession was, and this new downturn could eventually turn out to be even worse.  The following are 12 signs that a day of reckoning has arrived for the U.S. auto industry:”

Sound familiar? Think back to 2007 and then what happened by August 2008.  Americans now Hold Over $4.1 Trillion in Consumer Debt: Last Debt Bubble Peak was at $2.5 Trillion

Just the tip of the iceberg:

Why Are Wal-Mart And Boeing Laying Off Workers If The U.S. Economy Is In Good Shape?
These 19 retailers are on the brink of bankruptcy…13,216 stores to close?
Multiple Bubbles Are Going to Bring America to Its Knees: “The Warning Signs Are There”
Zales, Jared’s, and Kay to close 170 stores amid slow sales and fake diamond scandal
J.C. Penney to Shut 130-140 Stores; Sales Drop
Two iconic retailers forced to file for bankruptcy, hundreds of stores to close
Staples to close 70 stores after reporting a $548 million dollar loss
Vine, The Limited, Motorola, Sears and American Apparel Lead the way as companies go bust
“Something Snapped”: US Department Store Sales Crash Most On Record
All of these major retailers are closing stores in 2017

Some of this can be based on the big shark, Amazon, but the bottom line is Americans are once again drowning in debt, they have little disposable income thanks to massive monthly debts like Obamacare premiums OR they really don’t understand what’s going on in the world markets that directly affects them. And, of course, the problem with the debauched currency we’re forced to use. That would be “Federal” Reserve NOTES.

Money Riots Coming in Next Financial Collapse-James Rickards
Insider Warns: Sophisticated Investors Are Preparing For Global Implosion: “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”

I could write another ten pages with source references but hopefully you can see that while we all hope things are going to get better, one must face reality. Yes, keep buying Made in USA at every opportunity.  Remember the One Million Jobs Project. Buying just 5% of your purchases made in America will create ONE MILLION new jobs. Read the label before you buy!

It also lowers the trade deficit and it keeps Americans employed. If you have to deal with a corporation’s call center, ask if the person is physically located here in the U.S. Most of the time the response is I’m in New Delhi or Mexico. I then politely ask for a U.S. operator. Keep doing this as it is bringing those call center jobs back home for OUR citizens.

We know the precious metals market has been criminally manipulated for a long time, but before the implosion finally slaps America in the face (again) now’s a good time to take a good hard look at doing what governments, millionaires and billionaires do when they smell trouble.

Record $10 Trillion Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Price
Insider Warns: Sophisticated Investors Are Preparing For Global Implosion: “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”
Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Just Exposed How The Bank Of England Conspired To Rig The Gold & Silver Markets
Great Recession Headed for Greater Depression-Michael Pento

Unless and until the U.S. Congress does what former Congressman Ron Paul tried to do in 2007 – abolish the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve Banking Act of 1913, the booms, busts, inflation, hyper-inflation, stagnation and funding endless, undeclared wars will continue.  READ:
12 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve May Have Just Made The Biggest Economic Mistake Since The Last Financial Crisis

“Has the Federal Reserve gone completely insane?  On Wednesday, the Fed raised interest rates for the second time in three months, and it signaled that more rate hikes are coming in the months ahead.  When the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, it becomes less expensive to borrow money and that tends to stimulate more economic activity.  But when the Federal Reserve raises rates , that makes it more expensive to borrow money and that tends to slow down economic activity.  So why in the world is the Fed raising rates when the U.S. economy is already showing signs of slowing down dramatically?  The following are 12 reasons why the Federal Reserve may have just made the biggest economic mistake since the last financial crisis.”

Read the whole article. NOTHING in DC happens by accident. The global financial gangsters are out for Trump’s blood and one way to ensure he goes down in flames during his first term is a major depression. Enter the “Fed”.

READ: $10,000 Gold, $500 Silver And A World In Great Danger

Remember after the 2008 meltdown and for several years afterwards how gold and silver went through the roof? Many ‘old timers’ who’ve been in the precious metals game for decades believe it’s going to happen again which is why this is a good time to research and talk with an expert. (James Turk – A Massive Short Squeeze Is About To Send Gold Skyrocketing)  (Greyerz – London’s Terrifying $64 Trillion Rabbit Hole In A World Headed For Total Collapse) For sixteen years I recommended people give my friend Harvey Gordin a call and find out how to diversify some of their assets into precious metals because gold doesn’t lie but politicians and the media do – every time they open their mouths. I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me over the years thanking me for connecting them with Harvey because he helped them so much.

I miss my dear friend and while I am not a precious metals dealer, I am ever so grateful for Harvey and Dr. Edwin Vieira educating me on this critical issue. I know a whole lot about it thanks to them and so does another friend who is a precious metals dealer, Rob Westfall. Harvey did business with him for decades and I personally know Robbie. He is honest as the day is long. I trust him and he can help you protect all you’ve worked for during your life time that IS in jeopardy. Give Robbie a call (813-977-7200) and tell him I sent you along to get some help protecting your assets.

Just like getting your will done (and Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney), don’t wait until it’s too late. Like 2008, the clock is ticking. Actually, that clock started ticking in late 2005 but folks didn’t see the warning signs and then when the poop hit the fan it was too late. Millions of Americans got clobbered. Don’t be one of them this time around.

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Free on line – DO take the time to read a little here and there.
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