You work like a dog to earn the money for your kids to go to college, they’re still going to be saddled with a student debt that’ll take years to pay off—and what do you get?

Well, one thing you can count on getting a lot of is hate. Especially if you’re white. “The Problem of Whiteness.” “Toxic Masculinity.” “Check Your Privilege.” Endless workshops on how white males who are not homosexuals are responsible for every evil in the world. Evergreen Looniversity even had a “No whites allowed on campus” day, a year or two ago.

And now, having no more abuse they can heap on white men without repeating themselves, they’re turning on white women.

Your daughters.

Academic pinheads are flocking to a symposium in Toronto to hear a paper by a student—love it: a student lectures a hall full of professors—entitled “Love in the Time of Beckyism: On Willfulness and Wokeness in Teacher Education” (

“Wokeness”? Never mind that: what the devil is “Beckyism”?

“Becky” is a new term of abuse coined by college clowns for generic young white women—sort of like calling black persons “Sambo”—to express contempt for them.

But let’s let the academics themselves explain it, quoting at length from the chimposium’s organizers.

“In the tradition of speculative fiction, parable, and counterstorytelling within critical race theory, this session aims to problematize the characterization of ‘Becky,’ a term specific to white women who engage in whiteness, often in gendered ways… This characterization is relevant to education by critically examining who is Becky and how she is characterized, her positionality in education, and how the hope for diversity, inclusion, equity, and racial justice within the P-20 education pipeline is impacted by Becky” (who, we are told “enacts oppression”)…

Have you ever heard such crap in all your life? I think their P-20 pipeline must be clogged with something nasty. But wait, there’s more!

“Explorations of Becky and implications of educational practice from a variety of perspectives and contexts will illuminate the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression tied to the gendered and raced mechanisms of whiteness enacted by Becky.”

In case you didn’t recognize her, O poor schmo who pays the tuition and the taxes, “Becky” is your daughter. Your racist, white-privileged, oppressor daughter. Hey, can you feel the love?

And, “This paper—“ by a 23-year-old horse’s kiester who should’ve graduated and gotten a job several years ago—“establishes how white women are not seeking to disinvest from whiteness,” blah-blah-blah, I can’t repeat any more of this. Is it even English? Is whoever wrote this twaddle quite all there?

But are you quite all there—for submitting your daughters to this poisonous drivel, and paying for it? America, these are your colleges and universities that you pay for, not just in tuition but in taxes, too, expressing the most profound contempt for you and everything you value, and teaching your children to do the same.

To say nothing of the effects on the hearts and minds of students who aren’t white, being taught that all white people—except for the venomous white liberals who brew up this stuff—are human monsters who live only to oppress the poor defenseless minorities. It is a sin to stir up strife among people who would otherwise live in peace together; but that’s what our colleges do, everywhere, every day.

Why isn’t this making Americans angry? No self-respecting nation would tolerate it for another day. Why do we continue to carry this burden on our backs, instead of throwing it off? Why do we continue to fund these institutions? What do they have to do, that they haven’t yet done, before we wake up and put them out of business?

I can’t even imagine the answer to that question.

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