Why do humanists come up with the most anti-human plans you’ve ever heard of?

If you believe that man is not created in the image of God, but is a mere quirk of evolution—well, he’s hardly entitled to any special treatment, is he? Love, honor, and respect are all very well in their place, but the humanist knows no commandment that requires them.

The latest humanist dream, not counting the delusion of gender fluidity, is the brain/computer interface. The idea is to bond our brains, somehow, to some great computer. And then we’ll all be as smart as the computer, maybe even come up with a group mind—Democrats already have one—and there’ll be paradise on earth.

Or maybe not. Some scientists have warned that this could lead to “brain hacking” or other not-so-nice “intrusions.”  They see a possibility that whoever is in charge of the computer will be able to delete your thoughts without your knowing it. You won’t have any thoughts they think you shouldn’t have.

It takes a college education at least four years to do that.

And if they can take thoughts out of your head, why not find a way to put thoughts in? You go to bed at night a normal person, and wake up in the morning thinking “By jiminy, those open borders are a great idea! How could I have ever thought it wasn’t?”

British scientists have earlier suggested that fancy hi-tech magnet doohickies can probably be used to “treat”—that is, get rid of—a person’s belief in God. It’s amazing, what you think you have license to do, once you’re convinced your fellow man is just a quirk of evolution. See, he’s just not as highly evolved as you. That gives you the right to be his predator.

Don’t expect them to come right out and say, “Hook yourself up to our computer, and we’ll control your thoughts!” That would alienate them from everyone but liberals.

No—this sales job will make you *want* to be connected: the next step in social media. Sort of like Facebook on steroids.

“Don’t be left behind!” Note the theological overtone. “Now you can be smarter, funnier, and even sexier!” Yeah, somebody has already promised “sexier.” “Let the Master Computer handle all life’s hassles for you! Whether you want to become a grand master at chess, or just get all your bills and finances in order, it’s all up there in the cloud, just waiting for you to tap into it!” And so on.

It’ll be voluntary at first, but not for long.

All of this complicated scheme will be carried out by self-important schnooks who in real life would be hard put to organize a quilting bee. The mess they have made of the world will be nothing compared to the mess they’ll make of the human mind. Everyone will have the equivalent of his own Angela Merkel sitting on top of his brain, screwing it up just like she’s screwed up Germany—always provided they can actually get this satanic project off the ground, and not just waste a couple trillion dollars more of public money—that is to say, your money.

A global economy, and then a global government, and finally a global mind—do you think it’ll work the way they plan? Don’t answer that, if you’re a millennial with a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies.

We are at liberty to doubt whether God will permit this to go foreward.

“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision” (Psalm 2:4).

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