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In London, where it’s just about impossible to lawfully own a gun for self-defense, the murder rate for 2019 was the highest it’s been for the whole decade—149 people killed. It wasn’t at its highest for the new century, though: in 2008, the body count was 154.

How was this feat accomplished in an environment of strict gun control—complete with closed-circuit TV cameras all over the place? Well, there were 90 knife killings, and another 42 listed as “gang-related.” The total does not count serious assaults in which the victim survived; nor does it include persons killed in terrorist acts. So the real level of violence is higher than the murder numbers show.

They took away the guns, so the murderers used knives. Now the government is considering stricter knife-control laws. But if you take away the knives, the killers will use blunt instruments. Since a nearly infinite number of inanimate objects, from doorstops to skillets, can be used to kill someone, blunt instrument-control is probably not practical.

They’ve tried several ways to keep people from killing each other, and none of them seems to work. Could it be that Western culture has deteriorated so far that murder, to some, looks like a convenient solution to life’s problems?

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

They don’t want to reform the culture—that would be racist, sexist, this-phobic and that-phobic, so it’s clearly off the table. But there has to be a limit to how many murders a society can tolerate before it collapses altogether; so what can they do to keep that limit from being reached?

American progressives have the answer!

Abolish the police.

“Criminal justice activists”—beware of anything the Left pitches you with the word “justice” in it—have issued a “call to action” (oh, please) to abolish police.  Leftids know that when you stop arresting criminals and stop charging them with crimes, lo and behold, the crime rate goes down! Like magic.

We have to get rid of all the cops, they say, because having a police force somehow equates to “slavery.” On board for this, already, are several politicians in Chicago and Seattle, along with the usual academic boneheads and liberal, er, “journalists.” Heck, they’ve tried everything else to lower the crime rate in those cities. When all reasonable measures fail, preposterous measures, no matter how absurd, have just got to work!

Which leaves you wondering, “who you gonna call” the next time your store gets robbed or your car gets stolen? But objecting to that probably makes you a racist.

According to some numbskull on the Bolshevik magazine, The Nation, everything will come up roses if we simply replace our police forces with “full social, economic, and political equality.” Damn, why didn’t I think of that! Once everybody in the world is fully “equal” to everybody else, no one will commit any crimes and there’ll be no more need for the policeman.

Do libs really, truly believe the ridiculous things they say, or do they only say them because they think that you’ll believe them? Are they genuine idiots, or just incredibly hypocritical, cynical, manipulators of what they think must be fabulously credulous persons?

With any bad luck at all, your city, state, or country could actually elect some of these fools and invest them with decision-making power. (Hint: they’re all Democrats.) Think about that, the next time there’s an election.

First we totally disarm all law-abiding citizens, thus making them easy prey for those who don’t obey the laws… and then we remove the police and let the predators have the run of the streets.

Yeah, that’ll work!

Liberalism—killing society by inches, day by day. But they would rather be killing us by yards.

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