By Lee Duigon

November 10, 2022

Just 24 hours before I sat down to write this, the Internet was buzzing with predictions and prognostications, all of them foretelling a Great Red Wave, a red tsunami, that would sweep the Evil Party out of office and save the country from their insane and wicked policies.

All wrong, every babbling one of them. No red wave. Couldn’t even beat that out-to-lunch jidrool in Pennsylvania. And as I write, we don’t even know yet whether we’ll have even razor-thin majorities in either house of Congress.

But whether we do or don’t, it’s back to work. Surrender is not an option. As Sun Tzu once said, “On death ground—fight.” Nothing else will do.

Well: if we do have a majority, even if it’s only one vote, here’s what we must do.

The Republicans must immediately vote to reopen the Keystone Pipeline. SloJo will veto that. Republicans must try to override the veto, forcing Democrats to stop them. And when that happens, we will have forced the Democrats to take sole ownership of crazy high gas prices. No one to blame for that but them.

They must be seen to own the policies that America hates. The non-existent southern border. Transgender madness. Critical Race Theory in the schools. Corrupt deals with the globalists and Chinese communists. Turning violent criminals loose to claim more victims. Vote against these follies to force the Democrats to vote for them. Let there be no doubt whatsoever that these are the fools who are so grossly damaging our country. Them and them alone.

And I guess we might as well stop listening to pollsters. How they could have been so wrong—again!—is baffling. Are they that incompetent, or simply that mendacious? Either way, they’re useless.

God once told His prophets that He would wait before he crushed the heathen nations of Canaan—that He would wait until they’d filled their iniquity. That would take a long time, but what is time to God?

Is He waiting for the nations of the world today to fill to the brim their own cup of iniquity? How much farther do they have to go? How many more children, worldwide, will be addled, drugged, surgically mutilated and rendered sterile for life, before that cup is filled? How many more babies will be aborted? How many more needless wars? How many more idols, like “transgender,” must be set up and given human sacrifices?

Can America any longer be Ronald Reagan’s shining “city on a hill,” inspiring the other nations? We are not a shining city today. What we are is a pathetic broken mess. Thank you, teachers’ unions, race hustlers, colleges that make us stupid, Hollywood, integrity-free news media, and all the rest of Woke! Thank you for corrupting us, abusing us, and stupefying all the nations.

It was all done in plain sight; and we failed to stop it. We didn’t know how. We still don’t, do we?

But we must put our trust in God and take the adventure that falls to us. He put us here to serve Him. Not for any worldly reward, but simply because that’s what God’s people do.

The rest is up to Him. And the judge of all the earth will surely do right.

One way or another.

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