Cesar Sayac may not be crazy as a rightwing loony.  Rather, he could be one of millions who recognize the despicable within the Democrat and Republican Party’s leadership.  The despicable leader is not President Trump, who is a loyal American hero, and in sync with those millions who don’t like what is happening to our country.

Sayac may have built what looked like bombs. He will pay a heavy penalty for this feckless stunt.  He mailed them out to the most despicable in his view, but failed to mention that both parties have a plethora of disposables.

Those, who are not so blind, can see what is happening to the United States of America.  The majority that loves their country really are afraid to do anything where they are labeled as bias, prejudice, nationalistic and intolerant.  So they continue to watch the spiraling down of once the most prosperous, scientifically advanced, inventive nation on the face of the earth.

Our nation sees its Constitution in shreds; its justice system biased; its borders violated; its economy teetering on a precipice of enormous debt; racked by industries that would rather turn over our most secret technical invention to the Chinese in order to have access to millions of its consumers. The media have been most biased, favoring the political left’s animosity and regret that Hillary and Bill are not the successors to a failed Obama presidency.

China’s government demands that any business that wishes to sell our products must first turn over the development technology accompanying the products. China holds billions of dollars in the form of American bonds that can be reclaimed as it sees fit, thus it is able to threaten and cripple the value of the dollar which is already severely inflated. Each time the treasury approves more debt without regard to accompanying taxation to repay it or cuts superfluous grants and donations to other countries who hate us, the debt increases.


The Federal Reserve, neither federal or reserve, converts the debt and holds it as their personal reserve.  The reserve notes are nothing but unbacked paper representing only what our government considers as the legal vehicle of exchange.  The FED composed of Morgan banks and other American banks but also international bankers, out-of-country members sit on the FED’s Board of Directors, such as the Rothschild and Warburg banking interests to decide the financial course and control of our government.  They decide when to raise or reduce interest rates.  When they raise interest rates, the banks apply the interest to their reserve holdings at a nominal 10%; ninety percent is then put back into their lending system at increased interest rates which in-turn cause inflation across the board to a point where housing and rentals become too expensive for all but the wealthiest.  In other words, the cost of food, clothing escalates and small businesses become crushed as unaffordable and can’t compete against Amazon, Walmart and Google. On the other hand, by not raising interest rates, bankers refuse to lend money to business and for needed loans.  This is what caused the worst depression in our history when the stock market collapsed in 1929.


The congress and previous presidents have been complicit with the financial situation we face.  They are, as a body, irresponsible to allow their spending, so to speak “on the cuff.”  Worse than that, they ignore the most dangerous hacking China’s government has perfected to a point where thousands of attacks on the nation’s Defense System alone related to sophisticated weaponry stolen daily. All levels of production are also being attacked by China’s hacking and illicit surveillance.  This should result in in war under any circumstance, yet our CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence at the highest levels keep their observations from public view, although not from the president’s daily briefings.  War at any level would be as devastating as the collapse of our economy, but much worse, since it would ultimately go nuclear.  Therefore, even our president can ill conceive placing our nation in what would probably be worse than all of the wars in history packaged into this one.

Nelson Mandela was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1993.  He was elected president of South Africa in 1994. Since that time, an estimated 70,000 whites, many were land owners, have been brutally murdered in South Africa.  In 1985, Mandela was offered a release from prison by then President Botha on condition that he denounces violence and bloodshed. Mandela refused.


The U.S Department of State leftists in Congress promoted Nelson Mandela to be the next president of South Africa despite the fact that he was on the U.S Terrorist until 2008. To illustrate naivety and a pusillanimous irresponsibility, take the case of Georg H.W. Bush:  He agreed to a tickertape parade in New York, wined, dined Mandala at the White House and allowed him to speak to a joint session of Congress while still on the terrorist list. (Reference: “Conservative Action Report Vol 8 No. 2”)


The recent attack on the Tree of Life Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburg Pennsylvania was a hate crime. As far as we know this was a purely, evil individual and the death penalty should be reinstituted.  The good people belonging to churches of different denominations also many institutions gather in sympathy because of this outrage. The national TV and media outlets caused a deluged of information throughout the entire continent of the crime of killing innocent religious Jews gathered in prayer.

Who are these factions that are threatening our country?

1. Those who  are the product of public schools inculcated with softcore subjects and a lowered grading system, whereby everybody receives a passing grade, and receive diplomas when only the very few with technical knowledge in math and science are hirable in industry.

2. The Communist philosophy that crafts “socialism” as acceptable when in fact, every example where it has been accepted drifts into financial insolvency and dictatorial government.  Norway and Sweden are now awakened to their insolvency and total dependence on their government/social experimentations.

3. The infernal plan of David Rockefeller and his multibillionaire cohorts within industries that desire cheap labor willing to turnover technical formation in exchange for China’s consumers.  They, the depraved, strive towards the new world order, whereby their  desire is to also open the doors to a unified European populace which even now is  experiencing a real danger, losing national independence in exchange for the loss of their own sovereignty.  The Hague is where the center of unelected government and judicial system has already been established.

4. China, a pseudo socialist government, is a modified Communist dictatorship in mufti and Chairman Mayo’s the founding father of Communist China is changed from ruthless killer to a benign benefactor to obfuscate the real historical truth.  The rapid increase in China’s change from poverty to opulence; its modernity is reflected primarily in its improved metropolitan centers and its transportation systems and especially its sophisticated surveillance ability to control its millions with pinpoint accuracy, even in remote areas.   Militarily, after President Nixon opened the door by recognizing China’s government as legitimate, spy-warfare soon developed and became a major offensive and defensive achievement. Its highly advanced hacking of our industrial secrets is now able to reproduce products in-house that effectively stopped the need to purchase foreign products. Because of lower wages, China became so highly competitive that sales to those countries, who gave away their secret technologies, now buy from their most dangerous competitor. This is a sure-fired way for China to compete in future intra-planetary exploration and missile capabilities using the technologies that others developed. China’s Navy is expanding as its surrounding islands are being occupied illegally. China’s textile industry approximates nearly 100 percent in low cost clothing within the United States; also there are thousands of additional items where the United States is not competitive to meet China’s lowered currency value and ridiculously low wages in competition to those in the United States rest of the Free World.

5. Nationalism  can be subjugated to tyrants, the frontal attack by military forces no longer is an avenue to destroy  national boundaries.  It proved to be too expensive in blood and tears. The New World Order (NWO) Plan must use the surreptitious approach by undermining moral integrity and insert what is a diabolical, historic change in well-established biblical guidelines and ethics. The fathers and mothers who cried for freedom and condemned the draft and declared the U.S Constitution as outmoded, as just another piece of paper to be stored in a museum and ethical, historic principles are outmoded, left behind in this new age of freedom. They considered the Ten Commandments a hindrance to their new utopian agenda. They were the generation of what became nihilists who once partook in the Woodstock Festival where everything was  acceptable even to the level of maniacal degradation of music to “Rock,” art to pornography, literature to illiteracy, comity to violence; decency to sexual orgies and violence in the movies produced in Hollywood.   Marriage is considered but only a convenient symbol abandoned as a sacrament, so is the warped, hideous practice of abortion just before birth… not considered as murder.


6. The children of the Woodstock attendees further carried out their parent’s rancid traditions. The present day result of what can be concluded is dismal as witnessed especially in San Francisco, California where drugs are the new age solution.  Unemployable addicts camp on the streets and sidewalks and toilets are outmoded, replaced by the new age relief system.  Each day, highly paid street cleaners garbed from head to feet with protective clothing including face masks to counter the stench and infections from the excrement and urine deposited on streets. The Hollywood socialist wealthy liberals live in secluded and walled mansions and are oblivious to what their political leanings support. They don’t wish to see or hear about this problem as the major threat against our nation.  Many state government leaders have succumbed to the temptation to add Marijuana on top of alcohol, the major mind bending compositions that have already brought about a major curse to the nation. Since “weed,” according to the users, led most to addiction to crack cocaine and more addictive drugs.  “Greed is good because it causes new avenues toward success” was the public opinion thirty years ago. The curse be upon us


7. Congress needs to be regularly replaced with fixed terms as the law of the land to end their embedded, retirement incomes and perks.  Every election period, there is a ritual by the special interests that the nation will fail if incumbents are not reelected. Millions of dollars are contributed by self-serving interests, such as the drug cartels, industries that deal with China and Russia as friends.

8. There is one sacred cow where the perpetual flood of arms and nuclear material has embellished a mini-state to dominate over the entire Middle East. Israel’s power and unrestricted ability to wipe out whole villages in territories that resist its domination has forever created hatred and revenge by Arab/Muslim and Palestinian sympathizers.  Israel appears exempt by all religious and successive U.S government Administrations.  It is now considered sacrilegious to criticize Israel during throughout the past 71 years because of Israel’s tools of influence.  Its major benefactor, the first nation to recognize its legitimacy as a sovereign state was declared by President Harry Truman.  The fact is peace can never be achieved, if Israel’s conduct is not scrutinized. The drain on our enormous debt in perpetual defense of Israel is not sustainable.  Washington was so correct in his final admonishment not to pick favorites, but treat all nations with equanimity.


9. The Khazars, a number of tribes that once controlled an area roughly encompassing The Ural Mountains to the Carpathian Range, the Caucasus and much of the Black Sea. About 1/3 of what is now Eastern Europe as well as the Asian Steppes came under the direct control by the Khazars of their client states.  The vast area separating the Eastern Christian Empire, or Byzantium and Eastern Caliphate was home to numerous Turkic tribes, related by similarities in language and a common geographical ancestry.  These tribes were mostly nomadic, expert horsemen, fierce warriors and inclined to remain unaffiliated with either the Christian or Islamic Empires.” Reference: (The Khazars-by-Peter Wolf and Jeff Zolitor)

9.a  One of the Khazar tribes became the most powerful amidst the other tribes and also were not to be pressured by the surrounding expansion of  Muslims and Christians.  The tribe was led by their chief by the name of Bulan who sought not to choose an alliance and be under the jurisdiction of the Tsar or the Pope, so he chose a diplomatic alternative…the Jews.  He brought in Rabbis to circumcise all males of the tribe.  The natives were smart and talented but undereducated people. The Rabbis offered to accept them within their religion and the Khazars recognized their own lack of education so Judaism was an open door to modernity.

The fact remains, were they really acceptable within Judaism because throughout the centuries, beginning in 971 AD, they were excluded by conservative Jews since no Khazar had the principal requirement of having a Jewish mother. This was not the only cause that was and still is in conflict with a large segment of religious orientated Jews because Khazars  have their own standards not always ethical or legal.


When Tsar Nicholas allowed the Khazars to leave the pales of containment that Catherine the Great instituted to isolate the Khazars because of their disruptive practices within Russia’s population, the restrictions were followed on by Peter the Great who introduced Russia to modern development by his visits to Europe. He still maintained Catherine’s pales of containment because of the rebellious Khazars. Once permitted to leave their restricted areas, they spread throughout the diaspora and a large number landed in the United Stated at the turn of the 19th Century.

Their historical lack of ethics and well-honed studies in private Jewish schools paid well in a superior business acumen in accordance applied to their own rules. Soon, they became involved in media; the world of finance and Wall Street; also, the internet; television and newspapers; also. as publishers of  school books that promotes revisionist history; accentuating socialist/communist ideals as acceptable.


Communism for them was just a tool by another means to bring down our country, but the prime reason is to involve a weakened U.S., as a dependent country of the new world order centered at The Hague.   David Rockefeller, who headed the Rockefeller fortunes, announced this fact to the Council on Foreign Relations and thanked the media for not publicizing his intentions.  He stated that now it doesn’t matter because it is too late to change its course. The Rockefellers were not Khazars. Their main influence was their “friends” within Congress and the billionaires related to finance and banking.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, backed by Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Adam Schiff, chairman of the Democrat opposition within the joint Congressional Committee are prime example of Khazar influence during Judge Cavanaugh’s hearings which exemplified the ruthless verbal abuses and contrived lies regarding false sexual claims against the Judge.  Pray that our nation’s many enemies are not successful and that we survive as a civilization that sets standards of morality, trustworthiness and honesty.

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