Obama’s deal with Iran, his relaxation of trade sanctions against Cuba, his forthcoming trip to commiserate with Castro and the communists who rule Cuba, and his plan to shut down the terrorist prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, are part of a long pattern of action that confirms him to be one of the world’s greatest enemies of civil liberty. No true leader of the free world would ignore the plight of those jailed for religious and political dissent in Iran and Cuba (and transfer suspected terrorists to freedom without facing justice) unless he harbored more sympathy for those who mean to destroy liberty than for those deprived of it.

Among the most infamous acts taken against liberty are those not of any foreign power but of this President. The deal with Iran, a power dedicated to the destruction of democracy in favor of totalitarian theocracy and a power that sacrifices the lives of those who deviate from the religious dogma and demands of its theocratic dictatorship, together with the deal with Cuba, an avowed enemy of the United States that imprisons thousands for voicing opposition to its communist regime, have the effect of condoning and advancing the acts of oppression of those regimes and of dashing the hopes of those incarcerated and persecuted for their views. No one who truly believed in individual liberty would ever abandon the cause of liberating those held captive for freedom’s sake, and yet that is Barack Obama’s legacy: Befriend the enemy of freedom and avoid offense to those who ruthlessly persecute religious and political dissenters.

Rather than stand up for freedom, Barack Obama sits down to dine with the slave masters, breaking bread with those who incarcerate and torture ideological opponents. Obama’s lasting legacy will be his abandonment of the cause of freedom at home and abroad, poignantly demonstrated by his befriending of totalitarians and by his unilateral alteration of American law without congressional assent whereby he enables totalitarians to receive enormous sums of money, advancing their oppressive regimes in the process. Obama is tone deaf to civil liberty and the greatest financial backer of totalitarianism in the world. He has effectively celebrated, writ large, and made official U.S. policy actions that magnify the disgrace that was Jane Fonda’s embrace of the communist North Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

Because the condonation of civil rights violations poses an immediate threat to the lives of those incarcerated and, together with paying ransom for hostages, emboldens our enemies, we have much to fear from Obama’s remaining ten months. Having effectively invited our enemies to engage in further acts of aggression against us, to kidnap our people in exchange for ransom, and to advance their causes of intolerance and persecution unimpeded by the United States, Obama has unleashed the dogs of bigotry and murder. In Obama’s world, America’s avowed enemies are treated with greater respect and are the recipients of more largesse than America’s avowed friends. That is because the America befriended by our allies is the America Obama wishes never was.

The new America Obama is creating does not pay any price, endure any hardship, defend any friend, and oppose any foe to ensure the survival and success of liberty. Rather, it pays any price, endures any hardship, defends any enemy, and opposes any friend to ensure that those who oppose us know that a new humbled America will no longer stand in their way.

The irony is that America’s first Black President, who could have walked in the footsteps of Martin Luther King and demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to civil liberty for all, has abandoned that cause entirely and has embraced the slave masters of the world. Rather than fulfill Dr. King’s dream, he has denigrated it by his actions. Dr. King would not advance the cause of those who enslave, he would (and did) denounce the institution of slavery. Dr. King would not lavish wealth upon those who jailed the innocent, he risked his life in protest against the jailers. Obama’s every move on the international stage betrays King’s legacy and replaces it with one all freedom lovers rightfully denounce.

© 2016 Jonathan W. Emord – All Rights Reserved


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