A day before Chanukah, a Friday right before Shabbat started, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to pass Resolution 2334, which forbids Israel from “settlement activity” in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank to those who reject history). They not only included new settlements on land no one has used in centuries, but places in which Jews have had a presence for thousands of years – East Jerusalem and the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Basically they called “outlaws” all the 800,000 or so Jewish inhabitants of this disputed territory.
The US was complicit as the White House said “Netanyahu brought the US abstention on himself”. So this tells me that the US president brought suffering on 800,000 Jews because he has a personal vendetta against a Prime Minister. Wow. What a foreign policy that is. Your legacy, Obama, is a judgment that will bring dishonor on your head. What leader of the free world espouses a foreign policy of personal vendetta except for the Islamic terror state leaders?
This essay isn’t about the history of the disputed land, as volumes have already been written on this. Some history does, however, need to be summarized to provide context for the conflict. But basically, the land was part of Israel historically and Biblically. It includes the part of Jerusalem in which the Temple sat for centuries. Though the Jewish nation was scattered for 2000 years, there were always some Jews remaining in the areas of Judea and Samaria and the Old City of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter. It was controlled mainly by the Ottomans and the British for centuries, though neither did much with this land overlooking the Jordan Valley. When Israel was made a state in 1948, Judea and Samaria became part of the state of Jordan, the part of Palestine which was supposed to be for the Arab refugees of Israel.
It didn’t work that way, of course. Muslims and Arabs are not known for keeping their word. They value taquiyya – lying – as a way to obtain their wants, in addition to terror and murder. For nineteen years, though Jordan “occupied” Judea and Samaria, they did little with the land. Then in 1967, when they held the “West Bank” in their control, several Arab nations attacked Israel. Miraculously, Israel won and not only protected small Israel, but advanced to the Jordan River and took possession of Judea and Samaria.
Normally when one state wins territory in a war, to end the fighting, a peace treaty is signed, awarding the land won to the winner. For some reason, Israel agreed to stop fighting even without such a treaty. Jordan and Israel did later sign a peace agreement, but the land Israel now occupied was left for some later negotiation.
Enter the Arab refugees, who were given Jordan for their state, when Palestine was split in 1948. Rather than do so, as the Jordanian king, being an Alawhite, didn’t want more of the refugees, the Arabs created the “Palestinians”. Even though Jews were also Palestinians, that inconvenient fact is not relevant to the Arab narrative, which suddenly became the need for the Arab Palestinians to have their own state. These were Arabs who moved to the area largely to work for the new state of Israel, since so many jobs were opened as the Jews needed help building infrastructure. Many of them were not the refugees who had lived in Israel and fled during the War of Independence in 1948. Despite the fact that there is no historical basis for a “Palestinian” state in Israel, many of the Arabs living in the area were incited to terrorize Israelis until land could be taken from Israel for their state.
However, it soon became clear – from their own words – that the Arab nations were supporting these “Palestinians” because the Arabs had failed in every war they waged against Israel. Their new weapon was the terrorism of the incited Arabs who were brainwashed to believe that Judea and Samaria were their lands. The goal has always been – as was the goal pre-1967 – to wipe out all of the Jews in the Middle East. Muslims can’t have a total caliphate in the Middle East with a nation of upstart Jews thriving in it. And this is the cogent, all-important basis behind all of the Arab-Israel conflict.

So that brings us to December 23, 2016, when the UN Security Council finally voted to outlaw the settlements which were built on land Israel had been controlling for 50 years. This ruling made outlaws of the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in this land. These Jews came to this area because they wanted to live on the land where King David walked, where their ancestors had lived, where the Tabernacle – and later the Temple – had been located. This was the land in which the sons of Jacob, David and others pastured their flocks. It is the land of Jewish heritage.
So I ask the UN and US – why do you wish to destroy Israel? Anyone who has lived in Israel knows we cannot survive living among warring Arabs without the protection provided by the highlands of Judea and Samaria. We cannot long survive without our control of the Temple Mount, the holiest site of our history and faith – our very heart and soul.
For years the UN policy and rulings stated that no one could dictate to the Jews and Arabs how the solution would be worked out to the conflict, but that Jews and Arabs would have to work out a “final status agreement”. Now the UN, for the umpteenth time, has violated its own previous rulings and policy. It has imposed Muslim desires upon Israel for no good reason, other than to rid Judea and Samaria of Jews and hand over the Judenrein-to-be area to the favored Muslims.
UN Security Council members and the UN-supporting world which remains silent: for what sins do you persecute us Jews?
• Is it for the sin of the provision of the Bible and the world’s first monotheistic faith?
• Is it for the provision of the foundation for the Christian faith?
• Is it for the provision of thousands of medical cures and treatments?
• Is it for Israel’s aid to countless nations such as Haiti following the cataclysmic events which brought suffering to each one’s citizens?
• Is it for our countless scientific and technological developments which have brought better living to many areas of the world?
• Is it jealousy that we continue to prosper throughout centuries of attempted annihilation?
• Is it our huge impact on the entertainment industry?
• Is it our long list of Nobel prizes in Literature, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics and Economics?
• Is it that we have the highest percent per capita of University Degrees?
• Is it because we have the highest percent per capita of museums, zoos, orchestras, and home computers?
• Is it because we’re the only country in the world with more trees at the beginning of the 21st century than at the start of the 20th?
• Is it for Israel’s high number of contributions to the advancement of agriculture?
• Is it for Israel’s high number of incredible environmental advancements in the world?
• Or perhaps, do you persecute us because we represent God’s will on earth when living in the land where He chose to put His Name? Are you really trying to stamp out God and His revelations to humans? After all, if you can eliminate the people whom God promised to save, you could make Him out to be a liar.
Is that your ultimate desire and goal? Because you might as well give up now, as you will only bring down trouble on your heads, and always fail.
So, for which of these things, or other more heinous crimes, do you persecute the Jews of Israel?

© 2015 Cathy Sherman – All Rights Reserved

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