Part 2: Parents Be Warned!

A Tool Kit To Understand The Radical Agenda Implemented By President Obama

As a warning to parents and citizens, with one month into the school year, Be Aware and BeWare of the psychological techniques being marketed in many forms in your school. This behavioral/affective domain agenda is not new. Parents, act now!

• Be sure to read carefully all Conduct or Parent Compacts at your school.
• Do not sign your rights away by signing onto a Parent Engagement Letter that would allow your rights to be forfeited to the school.
• Look into the “prevention” classes including suicide, social, emotional, and behavioral development, or character development.
• Don’t give up your parent’s rights as sole arbiter of your child.
• Be sure to use the Parent Opt Out Letter included in this article.
• Be vigilant!

Schools say they want to be your partner. The definition of partnership means equal responsibility and equal ownership. Remember, that “assessment” is a term used to evaluate the worth of property. “Assessment” is now a term used to evaluate your child’s worth to the economy. Your child is considered “Human Capital” in the global economy.

In response to several articles appearing recently, here are my comments:

Social, Emotional, Behavioral Standards Are NOT a FAD. THESE STANDARDS HAVE BEEN LEGISLATED IN ESSA, the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act. These federal standards have been developed years ago. Teacher training, called fidelity, have blanketed your school under the ESEA FLEXIBILITY WAIVERS since 2012. The key to fidelity is that teachers must perform the Common Core INTERVENTIONS EXACTLY AS THEY WERE RESEARCHED. To protect your child, you parents must understand the system of behavioral conditioning being performed in the classroom. Beware of the workings of this system.

It was announced last month that a new round of experimental, psychological research will be promoted in 8 states. Parents should be writing their Opt Out letters now. (See below for a sample Opt Out letter. Parents can use this by putting their own state name into the areas where I have placed the Pennsylvania PIMS data system.) Check out these links of the ongoing push for psychological techniques being promoted in our schools: [Link 1] and [Link 2]

There are many problems with this INVASIVE and ILLEGAL agenda. First, creating standards and testing a child’s affective (emotion, feeling) domain is not new. There is a long history behind this. The state of Pennsylvania and the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress test) are masters at testing attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions. Pennsylvania violated federal law for using psychological measurements on children and had to remove their state assessment, the EQA, because it violated federal law, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. I was the parent who filed that complaint. Psychological, experimental research on children without informed written parental consent is illegal. CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) is setting themselves up for multiple lawsuits, as well as the schools, for cooperating with these experimental programs. CASEL is lying about the research. They want acceptance and parent engagement to go along with the experimentation. Parents, You Can Say No! Stand up for your parents’ rights!

Parents and American citizens, ask the following questions:

1. Who will decide what the proficiency level will be in the personality traits of your children? How do they score a child’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions? What is the state-determined “correct” attitude, value, belief or disposition for your child? Proficiency levels for personal qualities were determined in the 1992 SCANS (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) report funded by the Department of Labor for the future workforce. Parents, ask the hard questions! How do you put a proficiency level on personalities? How does the government score them? How does the government remediate values? THINK!

2. What type of experimental programs will be incorporated into the classrooms to require your child pass the test for any particular “government-approved” attitude? What type of psychological interventions will be infused into your child’s curriculum? Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) LOOPHOLES are allowing 3rd party contractors to get data for free to develop curriculum, software, and phone apps toward implementing behavior change. Obama’s Executive Order 12866 unlocked personally identifiable information by re-writing FERPA REGULATIONS, thereby stripping the privacy of your children and families. Data Mining of your children is rampant!

3. Who receives the personal data on your children when data is entered into the state longitudinal data system that ALLOWS data to be shared with outside contractors?

Do children have a Constitutional 1st and 4th Amendment protection to be left alone in their conscience? Pennsylvania Moratorium answered this question below. Privacy violations are rampant!

4. Who is liable for damage incurred by staff and social workers, etc., for damage when something goes wrong dealing with your child’s sensitive psychological areas? Is it the curriculum developer? Teacher? School district? State? Or our federal government that legislated these non-academic standards?

Parents, become informed! Study the examples of behavioral conditioning.
Your child is a target!

Forcing the Same Psychological Standards On Every School. Obama’s Plan to Individualize Education in a personalized, diagnostic plan means every child would be directed to Common Core, and only Common Core. The dumbed down tactics of “functional” literacy (in reality, illiteracy) was a plan brought forward by the Department of Labor in its massive 1992 SCANS report, which planned on identifying “personal qualities” (mental health) needed for controlling human capital for the dystopian global workforce. (Source: Secretaries Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, DOL, 1992)

Most people believe children come to school with a blank slate. Not true. Children are taught pre-conceived notions of values and beliefs by their parents. But Sue Berryman of the SCANS Working Group said it is the State’s job to “replace what is already on the slate.” This idea of a “fluid” mindset helps you to understand the techniques needed to change your child’s “fixed” traditional attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions.

The Flex Waivers identified a child’s personal qualities, the social, emotional, behavioral non-academic standards that became additions into the Common Core standards. Psychological terms were added that enhanced teaching the spiritual part of the whole child theory. SEL, social and emotion learning, sometimes called “growth mindsets,” would set the goals of changing moral absolutes and American patriotic ideals.

Molding a child’s behavior would be monitored and controlled by a reward and punishment system of tokens, check in or check out, which is the total BF Skinner operant conditioning, stimulus-response model. The prescribed outcome to “Conduct, or behave and listen to the teacher at ALL times” would thereby pressure young children to conform to the behavioral conditioning or they would be punished – constantly.

Behavioral data will be collected daily. Surveillance will be used to monitor and observe individual children. The data is entered into state longitudinal data systems. Daycare centers are monitoring babies at birth, collecting social, emotional, and behavioral data also. Data is collected in Kindergarten called Kindergarten Entry Inventory. (Source)

Teachers use CHILD FIND, a Special Education process to manufacture children into the Common Core mold. Teachers are trained to use behavior modification techniques on normal children. These techniques were first developed to help control mentally handicapped children, specifically autistic children who have a severe clinical problem of controlling their behavior and/or aggressive behavior. In this way, any behavior can be deemed an emotional disability because there is no “normal” in the definitions. The difference in this technique is that parents can not opt out of the routine “observational” subjective monitoring of their children. Normal children so monitored are thus being targeted as disabled. Turning around in their seat, staring out the window, or flipping pages in their little book, could dock your child from rewards.

Please read through this phone app to understand how normal child behavior is a target for behavioral conditioning interventions: (Source) This BOSS Phone App (Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools) would allow teachers to monitor behavior and arbitrarily identify your child as “At-Risk.” Even a passive action, such as staring out the window for more than 3 seconds, is a behavior that cannot be tolerated. Schools thus become prisons where an independent child is constantly punished for infractions according to the “behavior police.”

Study the alarming two graphics below. Note how normal childhood behavior has been redefined to abnormal!

Beware! Shy children are also a target for interventions. Or, on the other hand, your child might be cited as having aggressive behavior if they push someone in line at the water fountain after recess. (What normal child hasn’t bumped another child at the water fountain?!) Something as minor as having a “bad hair” day could warrant interventions. Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend could identify your child with a psycho-social stressor. These are all disabilities waiting for their teacher to log into the State and Federal data warehouse. More serious problems like a divorce, or death in the family, etc., could bring on an onslaught of intrusive interventions.

Pennsylvania Interpersonal Skills 2012 non-academic standards, were removed by former Gov. Corbett in 2014 after parental protest. But now, as of December 2015, the recently passed ESSA federal legislation has codified the non-academic social, emotional, and behavioral standards.

Parents in Pennsylvania demanded a moratorium on these value-laden standards in October 2014. This CASEL marketing and re-branding agenda is not “new and improved.” It is a farce. Their agenda is duplicating itself to quickly cover the country in psych interventions by spreading them through each state.

Read the Pennsylvania Moratorium on Data

This marketing agenda must stop! Just because it sounds good, doesn’t mean it is legal or ethical. This unethical marking of a child’s mental health will have deleterious effects on the future of your child – including gun ownership, future employment, or entrance into college. Parents, act now!

• Demand a Congressional Investigation!
• Rescind Obama’s EO 12866.
• Stop data flow to the Feds through your state longitudinal data system.
• Shut down the National Center of Education Statistics, NCES and Institute for Educational Sciences, IES – the real culprits.

A parent revolt should shut this down, IMMEDIATELY!

• Copy and share this “Parent Out Out” form
• Study and share these two graphic images.


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