By Cliff Kincaid

It’s telling that, in the Virginia race, Barack Hussein Obama is campaigning for the Democrat McAuliffe, and Trump is nowhere to be seen for the Republican Youngkin. Obama’s campaign pitch is that Democrats will protect Mother Earth but continue the carnage of murdering the unborn. This is the rallying cry of the modern Democratic Party.

In addition, McAuliffe is campaigning to keep parents out of schools, so that the Marxist Madrassas can continue their brainwashing.

Instead of bringing Trump into the state, former Vice President Mike Pence will be the featured speaker at an educational freedom event in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Thursday.

None of this means that Youngkin can’t win. He has a good chance. But even if he loses, his example will mean a lot. He made a lot of money in high finance but has returned to Virginia, where he grew up, to make a difference. He is a role model for all of those who want to see America return to an era of life, liberty, and respect for property rights.

Youngkin is not a Trump Republican and knows that Trump is radioactive in Virginia. Indeed, McAuliffe is running ads comparing Youngkin to Trump.

On one issue, however, Youngkin is following Trump’s lead –by strongly endorsing the Trump “Warp Speed” vaccines. Majorities of Democrats and Republicans now support the vaccines. Opposing them is a political loser in Virginia and nationally.

Youngkin’s personal story includes the fact that he has been married for 26 years to his wife Suzanne and is a father of four children.

His website declares, “Virginia is being tested. This has been a tough time, with loved ones lost, jobs lost, and a country divided.”

With “loved ones lost” being a reference to the pandemic, a Youngkin victory in Virginia will do nothing on a national basis to solve the problem of the release of a virus by Communist China that has taken over 700,000 lives. But here Youngkin has a solution – the Trump Warp Speed vaccines and their ability to immunize people against the dangerous and infectious contagion that the Chinese communists spawned.

The fact is, however, that Republicans who want to win have got to move beyond Donald J. Trump and disavow the QAnon crazies and New Age weirdos that showed up as Capitol trespassers on his behalf on January 6. Anybody associated with that fiasco, including former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, have to be relegated to the back of the bus, or even off the bus.

The Democrats have their own crazies, represented by Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk, but that is their problem. These people love abortion and all the human destruction it represents. They want to save a planet devoid of humans.

Communists and socialists operate openly in the Democratic Party, and Republicans have to point this out.

In order for Republicans to become the majority party in America they have to attract more people like Youngkin, who ran the high finance firm the Carlyle Group. This is, after all, the highest stage of capitalism, to use Marxist jargon, and America’s brains on Wall Street are one of the best things we have going for our future as a nation. Youngkin is a very smart man who understands basic economics and is appealing to people by opposing Democrat tax-and-spend schemes in Virginia.

The Communist Chinese thought they would end up on top of the world because of the human impact of the coronavirus. Their rulers could easily spare another couple million lives. But today it’s the communist Chinese economy that is in trouble.  It turns out the communists did not truly understand the mechanisms of a capitalistic economy. They are in too much debt. The communists did not have the knowledge of our capitalists. They have gotten themselves into a hole.

America can take advantage of this turn of global affairs in our favor by utilizing the expertise of smart capitalists like Youngkin. There s a chance now that America’s capitalist class and other elites can in fact rally the American people to the side of true progress and hope for mankind and send communism and socialism into the ash heap of history.

In order to do this, however, we have to stop the slide into socialism in America, and that begins in Virginia.

Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” of Marxist change is in jeopardy, and he knows it. That’s why he’s cutting ads for McAuliffe.

It is appropriate at this point to note that his book, Dreams from My Father, has now been adapted for young adults and released.  The book publisher says, “A revealing portrait of a young Black man asking questions about self-discovery and belonging—long before he became one of the most important voices in America. This unique edition includes a new introduction from the author, full-color photo insert, and family tree.”

Any honest treatment of Obama’s “family tree” should include his mentor and father figure Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party who taught a young Obama how to hate white people.

It’s not to late to read the FBI file on Frank Marshall Davis to have some understanding of what’s happening to America.

Once you understand that America has entered the initial phase of becoming a socialist nation, you will have a desperate need to go back in history and learn what Frank Marshall Davis and his students, such as Obama, were all about. Obama’s real “family tree” leads directly back to Karl Marx. And this “family tree,” in today’s terms, can be viewed in all of its poisonous splendor on the website of the Communist Party USA.  The stories and columns from the party newspaper the People’s World read and sound like press releases from the Democratic Party.

This is not surprising. The CPUSA backed Obama for president in 2008 and his re-election in 2012.

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