“My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness”2 Corinthians 12:9

Imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but he deals with it. So should we. —Jeffrey R. Holland

Before you even begin reading this article, please know that I am NOT SAYING that Donald Trump is a Biblical hero, neither am I saying he is perfect. I do not agree with everything that Donald J. Trump says, neither do I agree with all of his positions. As true Constitutionalists, and there are many of us, it is rare when we fully agree even with others who are like-minded.

Nevertheless, Trump has struck gold with the American people. His supporters have been called low-informed by Ted Cruz, ignorant and backward by media, racist and Nazis by the Soros radicalized communist left, and even uneducated by various pundits.

In reality, we are Americans who have not seen a candidate who has echoed our thoughts and our concerns in many decades. Oh sure, they all talk a good game, but then when we elect them, they turn around and do exactly what the rest of the globalists do. Point in fact, the twice elected Tea Party candidates of 2010 and 2014 have not stopped one thing Obama has done, not even a judicial nominee.

So when Trump rails on the loss of working class jobs due to horrid trade agreements, and the unfair competition for those jobs – along with security threats – due to the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across unsecured borders, it resonates with those who have suffered so many losses.

The losses aren’t just in jobs, but in personal losses like Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old resident of San Francisco who was gunned down in broad daylight near Fisherman’s Wharf on the San Francisco waterfront in front of dozens of witnesses by an illegal alien. Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year-old with a last known address in Texas where he was on probation for felony assault has been deported on numerous occasions to Mexico, and was back in the US again illegally.

Years ago I read an FBI report and it stated that nearly 10,000 American citizens die every year at the hands of illegal aliens. That really is an astronomical figure. If we don’t have secured borders, we don’t have national sovereignty, and neither do we have a protected populace. When he says, “Build the wall,” we say, “Yes!”

Mr. Trump is traveling all over the country. I recently found out that when he stops in various cities, he actually visits with disabled veterans and families who have lost loved ones due to the illegal alien criminal element who have sneaked into our country. Of course the media would never report this; they’d rather interview the Soros’ protesters. 

Trump reminds me and many others of General Patton who used to say, “Americans play to win all the time.” What does Trump say? “We will have so much winning if I get elected.” Then he says, “You’ll never get bored with winning. You’ll never get bored!”

Trump’s Style

People tell me they’re voting for Trump, but they’re not fond of his style. I guess they prefer the sing-song hypnotic generalities from the globalist politicians. You know, the same kind of rhetoric you get in their letters when they tell you they’ll keep your thoughts in mind when they vote. We all know this is hogwash.

Jon Rappoport describes Trump’s style perfectly when he says, 

But everything Trump is advocating is carried on the waves of far different rhythms—casual, direct, non-teleprompter, jump-around, zig-zag, off the cuff; as if, out of some bygone era, he’s saying: “Hey kid, here’s a dime, run down to the corner and get me a newspaper, and here’s a nickel for yourself…”

He’s a disruptor, and he violates the cardinal rule, which is: 

Don’t wake the children.

I can’t emphasize too strongly what a threat that poses to the status quo, which can only sustain itself through a tacit agreement, on all sides, to engage in trance-inducing speech.

On top of all this, Trump is delivering messages that are beyond the pale, according to current standards of political correctness. Another jolt.

I find Trump’s style absolutely refreshing, and I never fall asleep when he’s speaking. His style is not that of a politician; his style is of a true American!

None of Us Are Perfect

Of course I’m not saying Trump is perfect, none of us are. Remember the South Carolina GOP leader, Matt Moore, who said, “No matter what Donald Trump does, no matter what Donald Trump says, everything works out well for him. His numbers keep rising, and his rallies keep growing. For this to happen, there has to be a supernatural power behind him.” [Link]

Well, if there is a supernatural power behind Trump, it is God himself who has heard the prayers of the American people, prayers of repentance and pleading, prayers to save our beloved country. These are not prayers asking for the destruction of evil ones, but prayers asking God to help us restore our country. I believe Trump is the answer to those prayers, but it’s still up to us. Mark Twain said, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing,” and I believe that’s what God has laid on Mr. Trump.

Our Biblical Heroes were Imperfect

Truly, the only perfect person in God’s Word, was God himself! All the other heroes of the Bible were far less than perfect, basically just old sinners like the rest of us. 

Noah got drunk. Abraham was very old, and his wife Sara very impatient. Jacob was a cheater. King David was an adulterer and murderer. Solomon had many concubines who influenced his belief in God. Moses was a murderer, a doubter, had anger issues, and he stuttered. Aaron decided a golden calf was worth worshipping. Jonah ran from God (remember Nineveh?). Gideon was terribly insecure. Miriam was a gossip. Elijah was moody. Paul was a murderer. Peter was a liar and denier. Thomas was a doubter. And on and on with the heroes we know were God’s chosen to do His work. Not a one of these heroes were perfect, but they were chosen of God for His purposes.

Many folks question Mr. Trump’s Christianity. He is private about his faith, but he has shown it in so many other ways. He is fervent about attending church, and yes, I know going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Yet, actions speak so much louder than words, and Trump never talks about his generosity to others, the recipients do! The Bible doesn’t call very many folks “good men,” but I believe this man, Donald J. Trump, is truly a good man.

The Generosity of Donald Trump

Trump showed kindness with a large check for little Megan who has a terrible bone disease. She was on the Maury Povich show with her mother, and Donald Trump called in to speak to her when Maury gave her the check to help with her medical expenses.

 Veteran asks Trump for job, what Trump does next is awesome
Video here

 Donald Trump: Bus Driver Who Saved Woman a ‘Great Guy,’ Gives Him $10K
Video Here.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. told of other charitable acts by Donald Trump that the media never speaks about. The media probably doesn’t even know because Trump keeps his generosity quiet…

“Right after he visited here last time, I called him about a large Christian ministry in another state that needed some help,” Falwell explained. “I learned within a day or two he had donated 100,000 dollars of his own money.”

Falwell also recounted the story of an inner inner city basketball tournament Trump rescued from financial disaster.

“He learned about Clyde Frazier Jr. who ran the Harlem Hoops tournament in the inner city and was killed in the 9/11 attacks,” Falwell said. “He searched down the family and donated the money to keep that tournament going.”

Falwell also recalled how three local Maytag dealers were about to go out of business when Trump stepped in and purchased products for his hotels from them and saved their businesses. 

Trump also helped a Domino’s Pizza out by giving them money to buy cheese and bread so they could stay in business!

Remember the California family with the three-year-old child, Andrew Ten, who needed to get to a doctor in New York? The regular airlines wouldn’t fly the child because he needed oxygen as well as other medical equipment to make the trip. The family called Trump, and the Donald sent his private plane to California for that family and took them to the New York physicians. [Link]

Donald Trump quietly helped out Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was left to rot in a Mexican prison for 214 days, and who Obama ignored. A source told Top Right Newsthat the “money” Trump sent Tahmoreesi was “very substantial,” ($25,000) and included paying all of the family’s legal bills, financial needs while he was held prisoner for nearly a year, and cash to get him back on his feet. 

There are so many cases of Trump’s generosity, that there are too many to list, and probably thousands we’ll never know about.


God chooses whom He will use..and we have found someone who sees a problem and knows how to fix it. We’ve found someone who says the same things to us that we’ve been saying to each other for years. We’ve found someone who listens to the American people. We’ve found someone who wants to right the wrongs. We’ve found someone who wants to unite us all as Americans again! We’ve found someone who actually tells us he loves us. We’ve found someone who is a gentleman to others. 

We’ve found someone who has a giving nature. We’ve found someone who cares about this country as much as we do. We’ve found someone who isn’t beholden to any interests. We’ve found a mature, capable, and brilliant businessman who wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

No, you’re not ever going to find a perfect person on earth, nor a perfect candidate for president. God chooses imperfect men and women to carry out His work, He has from the beginning of time, and He will continue to do so. Donald Trump is our new General Patton. He tells it like he sees it, and consequences be damned…because the truth is more important to him than political correctness.

Pray for Mr. Trump, his family, and our country.

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