When the Republican Presidential Primary season started, I personally had no clear favorite of the seventeen candidates, and at that time I knew little about Donald Trump and didn’t care for his (dynamic, hyper, potent) alpha male style. I did have what amounted to three favorites, who in my mind, were all tied for second place. Those were Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson. (I had a strong bias toward Senator Rand Paul, having been a Ron Paul delegate to the 2008 GOP National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota.)

I believe that with Senator Rand Paul, we have a genuinely solid libertarian conservative who walks the walk and talks the talk. With Senator Paul ‘what you see is what you get’; and the underlying man is as decent and honest as men come. But in this era of turmoil, I don’t see Senator Paul up to the task of being CEO of the USA as we move through a period of globally engineered chaos.

Initially Senator Cruz impressed me with his aggressive defense of constitutional and moral issues, mostly based on his tip-of-the-spear rhetoric. But upon further investigation, I ended up with serious concerns about Cruz’s connections to Goldman Sacs, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bush family. After the voter fraud episode in the Iowa primary where the Cruz campaign put out the word that Dr. Carson had dropped out, it appears that Ted Cruz is ethically challenged. And lastly, because Senator Cruz was born in Alberta, I don’t believe he is constitutionally eligible to be president in the first place, notwithstanding all the arguments to the contrary.

My third “second place” favorite was Dr. Ben Carson. He seems like a courageous and intelligent man who knew what he believed, and knew how to apply those principles to real world situations. I thought he had pure intensions to serve his country and serve the American People. I still think highly of Dr. Carson, but I don’t think Dr. Carson has the CEO experience that will be necessary to deal with today’s world-wide chaos, nor does he have that CEO experience which will help him kick butts and roll heads as needed to prevent America from declining into a third world “has been” destroyed by today’s institutionalized corruption found all throughout government.

Now that I know more, and as I look back on that that original field of seventeen candidates, I do have a clear #1 favorite. And for me, that #1 choice is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has shown more courage than any of the other seventeen candidates, and he stands on his principles, even when his position is unpopular. In 2001, when the majority approved of the war in Iraq, Donald Trump took a public anti-war position warning about the dangers and foolishness of that war. Donald Trump also has come out against all the various “crony – capitalism” trade agreements that most of the other politicians support and which have been proven to be bad for America.

What other national figure is pushing hard to release the classified 28 pages of the 9-11 Commission’s report? Candidate Trump has promised, if elected president, to release to the public that 28 page document. Donald Trump is a New York City real estate developer, and he probably knew the World Trade Center buildings inside and out. He probably knows what really happened on September 11, 2001, a day that changed America for the worse. Donald Trump is a no nonsense man, and he won’t put up with the false paradigm. I expect a Trump Administration to undo the many losses of freedom we’ve experienced since then, and to effectively “make America free again.”

Candidate Trump should be heralded for calling out the democrat opposition for what she really is: corrupt, crooked, dishonest, lying, thieving, self-serving, and bad for America. Who among the other 16 candidates even comes close to Trump in speaking the truth about the opposition? Donald Trump is a courageous man, the most courageous of the seventeen candidates, and it is no secret that he may be risking his life running for public office.

Which other candidate is calling the establishment and the election process corrupt and rigged? Only Donald Trump has the courage to say what he says. And the media? He is also calling them some of the worst people on Planet Earth. Most Americans know this to be true, but only Donald Trump as the courage to state this in public.

Donald Trump is a Nationalist, and he will do what is best for America. It appears to me that his nationalism is actually part of his DNA and is engrained in his thinking. He was the only candidate of the seventeen who has been brutally honest about the real affects of NAFTA, the WTO and the TPP. As a successful businessman, he instinctively knows what will make America’s whole economy successful, and what will be harmful to it. He has the real world experience of having people on a payroll that needs to be funded week by week. He sounds like an economic guru who wants to reinvigorate our economy so that every American can buy a condo or own a home. (Would you expect anything less from a real estate developer?) His approach will be different than the status quo in that he understands people must work at good jobs to own a home and that it will not be a “give away” as it is with the democrats.

Some people are successful in business because they are single-minded and focus on only their business. They are like a greyhound chasing a rabbit, and are driven only to the goal (making money). Donald Trump is a proven multi-tasker, having had a variety of career successes across the board including being an author, promoter, philanthropist, community activist and now political candidate. (I also appreciate that he is a graduate of America’s top business school, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I also received my MBA.) The 50 Best Business Schools in the World, Business Insider (Dec. 14, 2015).

Of all of the original seventeen candidates, Trump (fittingly) trumps them all in his ability to function as a CEO. With the change we desperately need to restore our Republic, it is going to take strong CEO experience to make decisions, provide leadership, persuade people, and have the guts to tackle vexing problems.

President Reagan, the ‘great communicator’, campaigned on the promise of eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy, but it never got done. Trump, who is a man of action, says he is going to get rid of ObamaCare, get ride of Common Core, get us out of NAFTA, and the TPP, fix our immigration problem, protect the Second Amendment and so on.

Of the original seventeen Republican presidential candidates, I believe only Donald Trump has the chutzpah to do what he says. He has proven CEO experience. He knows how to get things done. (As a real estate developer, consider the number of Certificate of Occupancies he has gotten for ‘getting the job done’!) And now in hindsight, I see that his hyper-alpha male attribute is actually his strongest asset. Of the seventeen Republicans who ran for president in 2016, Donald J. Trump is my #1 choice.

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