To say people are enraged at President Trump signing a grossly UN-constitutional spending bill – ALL to be paid for with borrowed dollars and the debt slapped on our backs – would be an understatement. OUR purse is now overdrawn $21 TRILLION dollars, yet those ‘experienced’ congress rats just voted to spend $1.3 TRILLION dollars that doesn’t exist to keep the government running for six months.

The Internet has been a bond fire since last Friday. My email box is flooded. Several said this is it, they aren’t going to vote in November! Why bother when this proves there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats? No, that’s not the answer. It’s not just congressional seats on the ballot in November; you can skip those if you want.  It’s also reelection for YOUR state capitol, governors, county sheriff’s, county board of supervisors, city councils and in many cases, judges. A whole slew of other offices that directly affect your life and your family.

Once again, the bill passed by the House and Senate is a monster 2,232 pages.  Who the hell has time to read it all? Certainly not your congressional person. They break the bill into 100-page sections, let their staff read and write an overview. We do know Sen. Rand Paul read it.

In this case, once again (is there an echo in the house), members of Congress were not given sufficient time to make an informed decision; about 1,000 minutes to the vote. The bill was jammed down their throats by Paul RAT Ryan and crook Mitch McConnell (so heavily endorsed by Ann Coulter over a perfectly qualified challenger) at the last minute.

(Say, Ann and Rand, how’s it working out with McConnell these days? You know, that super millionaire crook Switzer takes apart in his new book,  Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.  Former Speaker of the House and pedophile, Dennis Hastert did the same thing.  McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao (who became Transportation Secretary in Trump’s administration) are real experts at the game.

Coulter: The Conservative Case for Mitch McConnell
Oops: Maybe it hasn’t worked out so well: Coulter: McConnell Betraying Constituents for Good Press
Rand Paul endorses Mitch McConnell in 2014 Senate race, won’t back tea party challenger

There is NO excuse for this type of strong arming on legislation. NONE.  All Republicans should have revolted and said, no, we’re not going to vote on a monster bill we have no time to read before the vote.

The Outlaw Congress is in session all year long. They also take days out of session for the BS known as ‘District Work Weeks’ – much of which is spent fund raising.

You, the average American, just try to get an appt during the ‘District Work Week’ with your congress critter. There’s a hoot. He/she has a wall known as aides who want to know why you want to meet, who are you; your chances are slim to none unless you’re ‘somebody’. I know, I’ve been at this several decades.

In 2017, the U.S. House ‘worked’ 145 days out of 261 work days with a salary of $174,000 bux. For an average of 18 hours a week they make roughly three times the amount of money average Americans make in a year.  And, you’ll be happy to know those dogs in the Senate voted themselves a raise in the omnibus bill betrayal: Congress Gives Itself a Bonus in Omnibus: Senate increases budget by $48 million, salaries by $12 million

It’s not like they didn’t know another deadline was coming for a government shut-down. I firmly believe this was done on purpose to push through that rotten bill by Ryan and McConnell. Following the vote, Congress left for another 2- week vacation. That’s right. They’re now gone until April 9th on your dime.

Trump said he was forced to sign the bill for national security – to boost military spending by $60 billion. He said he would never do it again. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sell. For those who support Trump signing the bill, let me remind people of some words of wisdom from a former president:

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of these united States of America

I voted for Trump because not voting for him would be giving a vote to career criminal, Hillary Clinton. I believed Trump was a NY street fighter who would stand his ground.  And he has on some things. Trump then got people into a state of hope when he said he might veto that sickening bill.  Didn’t happen. Caving on that monstrous bill is inexcusable.

So what if the government “shuts down”?  Those of us who actually understand what that means know it is nothing more than a scare tactic. As for military spending, I have always supported our military. But, you don’t sell out the Constitution and we the people just to make life easier for corrupt politicians.

All Trump had to do is call their bluff: I will not betray the American people. Cancel your paid two-week vacation and go back to the drawing board. Pass a CR with a 30-day limit and do it right.

Instead, Trump said he will not do it again. Naughty boy. Who do you think is going to believe you after this? Some who have so much vested in your presidency they cannot bear the thought you have betrayed their trust. Others will remember Bush, Sr., when he said, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

The result is we the people being raped again. Nancy Pelosi, who I firmly believe has dementia, and dung bag, Chuck Schumer went nuts celebrating Trump giving them just about all they could ask for in a wet dream. Oh, yes. The Democratic/Communist Party is celebrating while rubbing our noses in it. You, me, our children and grandchildren will be paying for that bill for the rest of our lives in interest to the private banking cartel, the ‘Federal’ Reserve.

Schumer Heaps Praise on GOP Omnibus Bill: ‘Era of Austerity’ Coming ‘to an End’
Flashback: Cutting veterans pensions vs cupboard is bare
Chuck Schumer Declares Victory on Omnibus: ‘We’re Able to Accomplish More in the Minority’

One of the most sickening things Trump keeps crowing about is how the Demorats didn’t take care of illegal alien minors, aka DACA and how much love HE wants to give them. We owe them NOTHING. It’s their parents fault for dragging them across the border and expecting never to get caught. The parents are likely illegal and they should be deported right along with illegal minors. Illegal means illegal.

If Trump believes this will get him votes in 2020 or even votes for GOP incumbents this year he’s badly mistaken. And, what about Trump’s commitment regarding illegal aliens? What about the U.S. Congress who sit and bitch at each other day in and day out while every day in this country American blood is spilled by illegals?

Or babies, teens and even senior citizen women are raped by illegals. Not to mention an average of 12 Americans who die every damn day of the week either by some drunken Mexican, El Salvadorian or Honduran or by murder.

Omnibus Spending Bill Allows More Illegal Aliens to Be Released into U.S. Through ‘Catch and Release’

“The omnibus spending bill, passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate, will allow more illegal aliens to be released into the United States after they are caught crossing the southern border through the “Catch and Release” program…

“Catch and Release is the process where illegal aliens caught by federal immigration officials are released back into the U.S. until their immigration court hearing. Part of the reason for their release into the country is because the federal government refuses to fund the space needed to detain illegal aliens until their hearing. After being released, illegal aliens often do not show up for their court hearing and become quasi-fugitives living in the interior of the country, adding to the already booming 12 to 30 million illegal alien population…

“Ryan’s spending bill eliminates nearly 250 of those detention center beds, thus increasing the number of illegal aliens who will be released back into the U.S. through the Catch and Release program. The spending bill does not include any of the provisions from Trump’s list of pro-American immigration principles, where he called for the end of Catch and Release.”

Trump has also blasted how he got funding for the promised wall, but what’s actually in the bill?

Omnibus Bill Includes Specific Clause Barring Funding for Donald Trump ‘Wall’
Nancy Pelosi Gloats over Omnibus: ‘Democrats Won’; No Wall

I remember a recent article stating Trump is the most pro-life president in a 100 years. Really? That Omnibus Spending Bill once again violates the U.S. Constitution by stealing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from you and me to fund Planned Parenthood’s murder factories.

BROKEN PROMISE: Trump, GOP Congress Give Planned Parenthood $500 Million In Taxpayer Funds: “Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders promised their voters for years that they would defund Planned Parenthood if given the chance to govern. Now, with Republican majorities in the House and Senate and a Republican in the White House, the nation’s number one killer of unborn children will continue receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding.”

Oh, it’s only for six months! That’s about 18,000 more dead babies from abortion. Now, tell me all about Trump being pro-life and all those conservative Republicans in Congress (remember my column last week) who tout they are pro-life and then voted for that unconstitutional spending.

What can we the people do? The same thing countless others including yours truly have hammered on for years: The primaries are underway. VOTE OUT INCUMBENTS. If they can’t get the job done without selling us up the river, why give them your stamp of approval by voting for them in the primaries? WHY?

Incumbents need to be replaced because they refuse to kill the cancers killing US: Abolish the unconstitutional ‘Federal’ Reserve, Department of Education, EPA, HHS (Health and Human Services) and all the unconstitutional agencies and cabinets bleeding us dry as well as getting us out of the UN.

Go look at what’s called The Plum Book. Thousands and thousands of high paying government jobs for agencies and programs CONGRESS HAS NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO FUND. THEY ARE COMPLETELY OUTSIDE CONGRESS’ ORBIT AND YET, WE THE PEOPLE CONTINUE TO GET RAPED TO FUND THEM.

A small number fall under Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 17 of the U.S. Constitution. The rest don’t. Has your congress critter done anything for “smaller government” except puke up, well, gee, we’re going to spend less here and there?

The $1.3 trillion omnibus bill shows why the populist revolution has to target Congress next

“You may not agree with – in fact you may violently disagree with – President Trump’s pledge to “Build the Wall.” But can there be any voter in America who was unaware of that promise by the time of the 2016 election? Of course not. So it is simply staggering to see the sheer scale of our elected representatives’ arrogance in refusing to do what the American people voted for. It’s not just that the spending bill fails to fund the construction of a border wall along the lines the president has proposed. Almost unbelievably, it literally prohibits building a concrete wall or other prototypes. Not so much “Build the Wall” as “Ban the Wall.”

“And look at what Congress did to President Trump’s promise to increase border security by hiring additional border officers. The president signed an executive order soon after he took office calling for 10,000 more U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) officers to protect America’s borders. He then scaled that back in his own budget submission to just an extra 2,000 officers. Guess how many are included in the budget Congress approved? The number of additional officers is capped at a mere 65…

“And all the congressional leaders are responsible for this outrage: House Speaker Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, both Republicans; and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, both Democrats. We ought to call the legislation they approved the Ryosi-McSchumer spending bill. There is only one long-term solution: the populist revolution with its demand for people power and decentralization must target Congress next. We need to elect Positive Populists who will go to Washington and give their power back to the people.”

What’s in that unconstitutional spending bill? I’ve put it some of it in an Addendum in case dedicated swamp cleaners want to make it into a flyer. Go after your incumbent who voted for that bill. Go here and look to the right where it says Final Passage and click on both house and senate to see how they voted. Not all Republicans voted for it. The first term idiot in my district (GOP) voted for it but then he’s just another know-nothing ‘conservative’.

As I said in my column last week, Texas’ primary was March 6th. Ted Cruz, a man with no country won his primary. Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship when he decided to run for president. Under Canadian law he was a full Canadian citizen. There is NO documentation verifying he held dual citizenship which would also have made him ineligible as both his parents were NOT U.S. citizens at the time of baby Ted’s birth. Like the criminal impostor, Obama, Cruz is the consummate liar and deceiver.

Out of 21 GOP house seats, 12 incumbents won their primary; there were 9 open seats due to retirement or running for another office. 12 of the same people who refuse to cure the cancers were rewarded by Texas voters.

Challengers cannot win without a ground army. Just like when then unknown Dave Brat from Virginia beat GOP heavy and next Speaker of the House, Eric Cantor.  A political earthquake but it was done because ordinary folks like you and me got out there and helped the challenger beat an incumbent. An unprecedented primary win but a magnificent win.

Of course, the biggest problem is vote fraud which is how – no doubt in my mind – Paul RAT Ryan keeps winning his primaries.  I’ve covered vote fraud since 1993 on radio and in so many columns and yet, challengers continue to just walk away after they allegedly lose their primary.

Use the addendum to help a challenger win and get out the vote. Short of a violent revolution which no one wants, we have to put in the sweat to beat the professional politicians or nothing will change.


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