Republicans – Let’s Win Nov. 6th With Real Prayer And Your Vote

Miracles still happen and I predict they will again on November 6th with the GOP keeping the HOUSE and the SENATE.  Few if any pollsters and mouth pieces of the left predict the GOP will keep the HOUSE. 99% of the polls lead toward the DEMS picking up the HOUSE and the GOP maybe keeping the SENATE.  Here we go again with a nation looking at poll after poll and endless soundbites attempting to manipulate old news while rewriting current news.  We see the DEMOCRATS drooling over their specialty, pulling fake news out of the hat.

The few questions remaining before this historical vote are these.  Are you a victim or a victor, a leader or follower, brainwashed or a real thinker?  Are you a slave or free?  Do you believe for American and GOP success this Mid Term, enough to pray for your success against all odds?  Do you look at the wind and the waves and trust polls, science and facts as we are told, or do you trust Jesus and call on his power to help with and confirm a GOP win?

During the election of Trump and Hillary just 2 years ago we saw that millions of believers fell to their knees praying for their country and asking God to heal us and build us back again.  We pleaded with God to intercede.  As you all know, Trump won and Hillary didn’t, though her and her DEMOCRAT left still cry fowl on the votes and call it a Russian conspiracy.  She can’t possibly imagine that God himself weighed in to stop her and secure a victory for Trump quite legally and with the votes of the people in unheard of places and states.  That wasn’t just the Trump effect, it was the God effect and don’t you forget it.

Once again, the cards are stacked against us with the lying media, polls and DEMS pulling out every trick they can.  Remember, one with the real God is the majority and there are millions of ‘ones’ standing with God again who will vote right, believe and pray for victory.

Trust in God, pray and believe for a midterm miracle, praise God in advance and vote.  The Holy Bible says in 1st Corinthians 1:26-28 to ‘call things that aren’t as though they are.’  It says to do it again in Romans 4: 17.  Therefore I call it.  We will boldly win back the HOUSE and SENATE with our Lord at the helm and guiding the whole winning process.

That settles it -not Russian conspiracies, manipulated caravans, unemployed movie stars, shootings, mobs and lying polls.

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