By Lex Greene

November 15, 2021

To be certain, once these top two things are accomplished, and only then, there is a laundry list of critical things Americans will need to fix if they ever want the USA to have a chance at freedom, liberty, justice, and decency again.

But before we can afford to worry about that laundry list, Americans must first accomplish these two things, or their country is gone, and so is the future for their kids and grandkids.


If you don’t already know that these so-called “vaccines(mRNA/DNA gene manipulation experiments) have proven to be eight-times more deadly than COVID19 itself, it’s only because you have been following criminal politicians and their government fake news media machine. Had you been following the real science instead…you’d know this already.

It should have gone without saying that no one has a legal, ethical, or moral right to force inject anyone with anything, any time, for any reason, not even your own doctor. But no, we now have a few generations that think our government is a Nazi dictatorship, free to do anything it wants to the people.

The “real” science has proven beyond any doubt that these “vaccines” are eight-times as deadly as the virus, which had a 99.998% survival rate prior to any “vaccines.” It’s not enough that thousands of Americans have already died or been maimed by their mRNA experiment. Now they want to force or coerce every child into these “vaccines,” with or without the consent of their parents.

WE MUST STOP THIS MASS FATAL HUMAN EXPERIMENT, or we will not even have a country left very soon. We do NOT have a choice! Mass non-compliance is the firewall. We must put down the Vax leaders, if necessary, and save as many citizens as we can.

Thousands of international science and medical professionals have joined forces in the effort to stop this mass global genocide and the global economic reset behind it all. Citizens all over the world are in the streets trying to end this insanity. But far too many Americans are still sucking their thumbs and following Fauci’s fake science, awaiting the next unlawful order from Simon Says Biden. ENOUGH! Time for ALL Americans to stand up like real Americans and END THIS!

If we can’t save American lives, we cannot save this country!


Again, I shouldn’t have to state the obvious on this matter either, but sadly, I do have to. The entire world knows that the 2020 elections and every election since, was a complete and total fraud. Only Americans are dumbed down enough to think otherwise.

The world also knows that unless Americans overturn these elections and prosecute the fraudsters to the full extent the law will allow, the USA is finished…we no longer have legitimate elections at all.

People foolish enough to focus any time, energy, or resources on future elections, without correcting the massive fraud in the recent elections, are dooming this nation to death and destruction.

WE DO NOT HAVE HONEST ELECTIONS as of today and we never will again, unless we overturn the fraud and prosecute every criminal involved. Less than 30% of Americans polled now think our country is
headed in the right direction. No kidding! What was your first clue?


The United States of America is dead and gone. The American people have no Rights at all, not even the right to decide what will and will not be injected into their bodies or that of their children.

We will never have a legitimate election ever again. Every election will be rotten with increasing fraud because there are no consequences for election fraud. Every time fraud is allowed to stand…lawyers, judges and politicians label that fraud “precedent setting.” In other words, it’s the accepted “new norm.”

Our borders will continue to be overrun with illegal invaders, until we are a minority group in our own country, without any Rights or voice at all.

Our complacency, apathy and disengagement are dooming our kids and grandkids to global Marxism and death by political design!


Is either a fool, or part of the global reset conspiracy to destroy the USA and every American Citizen.

I’m far from the only one sounding the ALARM. But I might be the only one telling you that it is counter-productive for Americans to waste precious time and resources on anything else, until we accomplish these two things.

I don’t care who disagrees, or who it angers to stop people from supporting anything but these two top priorities. If we fail to accomplish just these two top priorities, we will never be able to accomplish anything else…we won’t have the means.

Every other pet project will have us whistling past the graveyard. We either join forces to accomplish these two priorities or admit we have surrendered our country and our kid’s future, forever!

We are running out of time…

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