By Gerard Beloin For US Senate

March 18, 2022

President Trump and I have forced the election fraudsters to show their teeth. Me in 2008, 2009 and 2010. (See my website) Because of my success at exposing voter fraud I was told to shut up or get shot. The left ALWAYS resorts to violence when they can’t win in the courts. In court, under oath, I am undefeated.

Trump in 2020, 2021, and 2022 did the same. His success in exposing voter fraud has lead to ridicule and the attempted assassination of his political career. Mike Lindell’s Absolute Truth – ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSED! is an excellent piece of work. I highly recommend it but is tedious to watch. It is more for the tech minded voters. Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 mules is amazing. It is more hard hitting and proves Trump was and is right! Both build on what we exposed in 2008, 9, and10 when the alternative media had not yet found it’s feet.

Without free and fair elections, nothing else matters. When the elite political class can install which ever compliant politician they believe will tow the line of unending corruption, all else is moot. When no one gets arrested for obvious voter fraud, nothing will change.

None of my US Senate opponents believe in exposing voter fraud in NH. They are either part of the solution or part of the problem. As of this date, they are all part of the problem.

Kelly Ayotte was and is a RINO. You will see her prominently mentioned in my book “Menace To Society.” Her talking points in her campaign that got her elected in 2010 are my talking points for my campaign in 2022. “Obey the constitution. Enforce the laws. Control the borders. Stop the spending. Cut the taxes.” After she won on those campaign promises, she voted to disregard the constitution, ignore the laws, open the boarders, jacked up the spending and the taxes went up. She voted 70% of the time with the Obama agenda. She got an F rating from Conservative Review. The abandonment of her campaign promises were so bold, brazen and blatant that she could not wave to her constituents when walking in 4th of July parades because her middle fingers would not go down. Her credibility as a conservative was soooo badly damaged by her votes and my book that she has disappeared from NH politics. Now she is on the board of directors for Fox News Corp????

With the extent of the corruption I have exposed in NH politics, we can return control of the US Senate to the Republicans yesterday. All of the movers and shakers in the NH GOP know this and their silence is deafening. If they can get Gov. Cuomo to resign for what he did, we need to bring handcuffs to the US Senate to remove both Democrat US Senators Queen Shaheen and Princess Hassan. The Shaheens sued to have these recordings destroyed. That lawsuit is an admission that the Shaheens are associated with these heinous crimes. Why else would they sue to have these recordings destroyed and acquiesce to these predators?

I’m running for the US Senate in NH and both parties want me to disappear. One admitted mobster, a lawyer and Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney, told me that I would “disappear like Jimmy Hoffa.”

The Manchester Union Leader is owned and controlled by the Scagliotti and Tomasco families. Here is an article describing the US Senate Race in NH. Do you see someone missing from the list?

Another NH mobster went into detail as to how I would disappear on the order of NH politicians.

Another witness went into detail as to how “These Guys” gassed a duly elected Goffstown, NH School Board Chairman, Dr. Craig Hieber. Dr. Hieber was an honest liberal Democrat. He was friends with this honest conservative Republican. We can all disagree on policy but honest people can all agree that whatever funds are eventually appropriated must not be grifted by organized crime?! We exposed “The Scam.” He told me that it would not happen on his watch and he was right. He dropped dead just before the money started flowing on the Goffstown High School Renovation Project. Kerry “The Killer” Steckowych took over as school board chairman. I did not name him that. That is his mob name.

FBI Special agent Warren “COOTS” Bamford?? Nothing.

US Attorney For The State of NH, Thomas “The Game Warden” Coluntuono?? Nothing.
NH Attorney General Kelly “The Mute” Ayotte??? Nothing

NH State Police Major Crimes Unit Sergeant Kathy “Know Knothing” Kimbal (abbreviation KKKK). Refused to interview me. She is now an investigator for the NH AGs Office.

NH Attorney Generals Office Chief Investigator Mike “The Ghost” Bahan is on tape praising Kerry “The Killer” Steckowych. After I subpoenaed him for one of my numerous kangaroo court trials, he disappeared. The number of dead, disappeared and threatened witnesses tied to these recordings is embarrassingly long.

The corruption goes on and on and on and on. Politicians of both parties are on tape wishing me dead and describing every which way I could possibly go. Numerous fake taxpayer watchdog groups designed to discourage and obfuscate the real and successful taxpayer watchdogs like me were run by admitted mobsters. The motive. The theft of Billions in NH education funding money grifted under the watchful eye of my US Senate primary opponent Senator Chuck Morse. That is Billions with a B. Hundreds of Billions more nationwide. My efforts in NH have effected the changing of bidding laws in states across the country. In NH, those tasked with changing the bidding laws attempted to put me in jail for life.

My story is not believable. When I realized who the criminals were, I decided to write a book to document the corruption. You can get it here from my campaign website in pdf format. Everyone who has read it says that they can’t put it down. One Dr. told me he stayed up until 3:00am reading it. Another, an escapee from communist Yugoslavia, wrote a glowing testimonial. She understands.

The bottom line is that the vote in NH is being sold to the highest bidder by LHS Associates. The Chairman and CEO of LHS Associates is John “The Cat” Silvestro. A man “known to authorities” in Massachusetts. Both parties know this and both are OK with it. This is not new. We reported on it in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Now President Trump, Mike Lindell, Dinesh D’Sousa and others are all screaming as if this were new and more power to them. It is may be new to them but not to me or the dead and disappeared witnesses associated with the voter fraud.

All of my US Senate opponents are using the NH GOP talking points. None of those talking points include prosecuting “These Guys” for the admitted political assassination of Dr. Hieber or getting rid of John “The Cat” Silvestro who has chain of custody of nearly 90% of the votes in NH.

Following is an metaphore of how your vote is being counted in NH.

If you go to your bank to cash a $1,000 check and ask the teller for 50, $20 bills. It is counted out in front of you and put in an envelope. But before handing it to you, it is handed to a 3rd party, someone in a small darkened room with blacked out windows. You question the teller and she says, “They do the final accounting of your money. Please go outside and your money will arrive in a tube.” You do as asked and find out that you are $20.00 short. You re-enter the bank to address the missing $20.00 and the teller says “Sorry. They are the final counters of your money.” How many seconds would it take before you closed your account at that bank?

That is exactly how your vote is counted in NH. The shady and secretive John “The Cat” Silvestro owns all of the vote counting machines in NH. He has chain of custody of your ballot. He transfers the ballot count to a computer chip delivered to the NH Secretary of State. The corrupt Secretary of State accepts the vote count without question from a company with ties to the Mob! Then the votes are posted for the news reporters. If the votes are questioned, the stall goes into effect to run the candidate in circles for months or years. Sound familiar? Dinesh D’Souza exposes 2000 mules stealing your vote. In NH there is only one mule. He is actually a cat, John “The Cat” Silvestro. There are reports of truckloads of ballots being delivered in the middle of the night to all of the population centers in Southern NH on election night to be counted by John “The Cat” and his vote counting machines in order to cover the spread. And……Both parties are OK with that?? No investigations?? What Dinesh D’Sousa has uncovered in the 2020 vote we uncovered in 2008! Because of that, I was threatened with getting shot.

In Florida, there is a new bill designed to prosecute voter fraud. It passed on a strictly party line vote. I was surprised! No law against wide spread voter fraud In Florida? In Florida the Democrats are the party of voter fraud.

In NH, both parties are OK with voter fraud. There are no consequences if you are caught rigging the vote. It is all out in the open and both parties are complicit. In NH…….. wide spread voter fraud is legal. Just don’t do it locally. Vote twice in NH and you get arrested and prosecuted. Produce thousands and thousands of fraudulent votes on a computer chip from a computerized vote counting machine that a 12 year old can hack and you are rewarded with a new contract to do it again in the next election cycle.

Despite undisputed proof of consistent and persistent voter fraud in NH, none of my US Senate opponents are making an issue of it. They are all talking around the big cat in the room with a suit and tie as if he did not exist.

Until these fraudsters get arrested, prosecuted and convicted for their crimes of voter fraud, nothing will change and I will not win. Isn’t that their goal??

Gerard Beloin for US Senate 2022

© 2022 Gerard Beloin – All Rights Reserved

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[BIO: Gerard Beloin is a manufacture, distributor and installer of high performance commercial roofing systems. He turned TaxPayer Watchdog for the roofing industry and uncovered a rats nest of corruption in 2005 related to voter fraud. In 2008, 09 and 10 the crap hit the fan. He wrote a book exposing organized crime in NH politics. The bodies of 11 dead subpoenaed witnesses have piled up and more are coming. Since no-one in NH politics is doing anything about it…….. he decided to run for the US Senate to help effect change in the voter laws in NH. Like the NYC District Attorneys allowing criminals to run free, the NH Attorney Generals Office has allowed John “The Cat” Silvestro to run wild in NH since 1985!!]

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