Watch as the globalist demon tries to shame him into it’s frame of “borders are racist” and he swats it down and trumps it with “Hungary for the Hungarians”. — From a twitter video

Michael Heath

Lately I’ve been hearing a big word thrown around alot — Zenophobia.  I googled it and discovered the first citation is in 1880 from the Daily News in England. If you take time to click on the twitter link above you’ll hear the “journalist” throw it at the Foreign Minister of Hungary as if it were an insult. The impressive and serious Minister swats down the blonde news babe saying, “No, I have to reject that and I take it as an insult what you have just said because we Hungarians, we do have the right, and no one … no one … can take that away from us.  We have the right to make our own decisions, whom we would like to allow into our territory in Hungary, and we do not allow to enter.”

The news babe interrupts and gets to the point.  She says, “The people you don’t want to come in are Muslims, right?”  The foreign minister doesn’t address the religious issue in the clip but he does finish his point arguing against “multiculturalism.”

Hungary recognizes in her constitution “Christianity’s nation-building role.”  Over fifty percent of Hungary is either Roman Catholic or Protestant.  According to the World Atlas the next largest identifiable religious group is “atheism or agnostism” at eighteen percent.  Borrowing from the religious syncretism of Masonry Hungary has declared “freedom of religion” a fundamental right.  America is the world’s champion of this idea — “freedom of religion.”  The world is witnessing what it means in reality.  It’s been fun to pretend that nations can develop civilization and remain civilized without choosing to answer the question in law, “Who is God?”  Humanity’s disproportional panic over a microbe should be reason enough to conclude that we got off track somewhere in the recent past.  The West went careening off the tracks toward civilization when it decoupled the Church and the government.

The partnership between Church and state that emerged in the West after Rome collapsed fifteen hundred years ago exhaled it’s death rattle and expired over a hundred years ago.  America played no small part in making that happen.  European philosophy served as the manure that nourished the shoots.  The weed is full grown today.  We call it globalism.  It is an especially rancid and odious fruit that provides no nourishment.  The fundamental dogma of globalism is “freedom of religion.”  This means that only the rich get to choose their religion.  The rest of humanity must worship at WalMart until the oligarch’s brand-spanking-new-product-distribution-system is fully formed — Amazon.

Consumerism is the world’s new religion.  Christianity be damned.  Communism killed off the ancient faith of China.  Consumerism finished off Christianity in the West.  Politicians do the bidding of their masters — the global controllers of production and distribution.  Rising to confront the emptiness in our souls caused by the ongoing murder of godliness, justice, truth and beauty are the old gods of paganism.

There is no more effective weapon in satan’s arsenal than “multiculturalism.”  It’s good that Hungary is pushing back against it.  The real issue everywhere, however, is the right of a nation to answer the question for themselves, “Who is God?”  It isn’t the government’s responsibility to assure that every religion is present in equal proportions inside their borders.  This merely assures that all religions become irrelevant.

The beneficiaries of reducing religion to the significance of superstitution are the salesmen.  No longer able to rise together toward heaven the nation descends into hell.  If you want to get a glimpse of what hell is like just go to WalMart.  Even more accurate is the world imagined for us by the planners who envision being able to deliver both our digital and real world distractions right into our homes.   We get the convenience, they get the surveillance.  We get five thousand friends, they get absolute control over every aspect of our lives.  Orwell wrote nursery rhymes.  Welcome to the New World Order.

It’s not my world order.  You may want to continue trying to be human inside of their system.  I’m out.  I’m done.

When the Church gets over her coronaphobia and decides to celebrate God’s resurrection I’m going to be confirmed Roman Catholic.  I’ve stabilized my income anticipating a collapse of donor support as a result of the panic by jumping back into the cab of the FedEx truck.  I’m loving every minute of living in the belly of the beast system satan envisions.  I have a sneaking suspicion he’s about to lose another battle big time.  I can’t predict the contours of the defeat, but I see hints of it in my three millenial sons.  Satan can’t ever defeat God’s Holy Spirit.  I don’t know if what we are experiencing is a judgment that brings the end of America, or the purging/repentance of America.  I’m praying for the latter, but perfectly willing to accept the former.  The baby killing, porn addiction and sodomy must stop at all costs.


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