By Andrew Wallace

November 16, 2022

The Establishment, consisting of the Most Wealthy Family’s controlling Corporations, Banks, Media, Judges, Elected and Appointed Officials, Law Enforcement, Medical Care and all Educational Institutions are an Unconstitutional Cabal. This Establishment and the people associated with it are guilty of Treason against the Republic and its Citizens; they are guilty of the Deaths, and unspeakable crimes suffered by Tens of Thousands of Americans. The Establishment, contrary to law is also bringing millions of Muslims and illegal’s into the country as future voters and criminals while we are paying for it.

Facts specified in our Constitution, by the Rule of Law and by God, will guide us in terminating the power and control that the Establishment and its minions in government may try to use to defeat us.

There is also no doubt that this president, and the last several have done their best, contrary to the Constitution, to enrich themselves and sell out our country to foreign interests while thousands in our Armed Forces in combat are killed by improper Rules of Engagement and shortages.

Even more of our citizens are being raped, robbed, molested, and murdered by illegal’s and Muslims for the profit of the Democrat and Republican Establishments. None of this would be possible without the full support and direction of the traitors in all three branches of government who are  guilty in the Deaths of Thousands of Americans for profit and power.

If the Establishment Media had not lied and generally covered up these Unconstitutional atrocities by government the people would have long since removed the traitors from office with extreme prejudice.

I am not here to cry about what these dirty rotten SOBs have done to our beloved Republic, nor am I advocating that we shoot them, unless they shoot at us first. The Founders gave us guns for self defense not for hunting. The FBI has a bad habit of killing citizens if they don’t do what they want them to do. Remember Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Burns Oregon et. al. You should be legally armed with a handgun and a semi auto 308 rifle which is what was  used to shoot the Oregon Rancher in the back. All of this was caused because the Ranchers were protesting the Federal Governments Unconstitutional control of the state’s land to profit from it. Read Art.1, Sec.8, Clause 17 of our Constitution. Just because the Rabid Environmentalists and their Fellow Travelers the Socialists/Progressives/Democrats/Republicans/Communists would like the land for power and profit contrary to the Constitution will not make it so.

As a retired Economist and student of History I can guarantee you a robust economy with plenty of jobs within about 18 months after we do just a few things. Eliminate the income tax and don’t replace it with any other tax. Terminate the private Federal Reserve Bank. Replace unconstitutional paper money with gold and silver. Terminate all unconstitutional federal programs prior to federal bankruptcy and transfer to states who wish to handle them. Return to people the right to petition directly to a Grand Jury. Force Judges to allow juries the right to be told their powers. Use a tariff system that will force American companies to return to this country.

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve said in a speech that they caused the great Depression. This means that if you had hard working relatives in this country around 1913 they should have left you some money if not for the Federal Reserve. Of course the great depression was a big benefit to the Establishment who took advantage of the people.

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