By Frosty Wooldridge

As this world turns, each of us faces extraordinary challenges, ordeals, emotional pain, trauma, loss of loved ones and disappointments during our lives.  It goes with the territory of living.  Even at this point with a virus raging around the planet, we need to hold on to “hope.”

At the same time, we have BLM and Antifa anarchists attempting to not only break out country into chaos, but to turn it into a Marxist-Socialist nightmare where force and power supersede law and order.

We’ve got Somalian immigrants in Minnesota declaring:  “Suud Olat, a Somali Muslim, who is running as a democrat in a special election for the Minneapolis City council to represent Ward 6 said, “We Somali Muslims are going to take over!”

They’ve already taken over Detroit, Michigan, Miami, Florida and New York City.  These people mean business and they will take whatever opportunities to engage our U.S. Constitution against us.  As their numbers grow, their power grows along with it.  As that power grows, our country fractures into tribal groups, races and cultural conflict.  All the while MOST Americans don’t possess a clue as to what’s really happening in those Muslim enclaves.  It’s a guaranteed fact that none of those Muslims work for the best interests of America or Americans.  Why? Because they are most certainly NOT Americans or ever want to be! Their religion stands as THE most malignant virus in the world because it cannot be dislodged from their brains or emotions.  Its single mandate:  “Convert or kill all non-believers.” (Quran)

The fact remains: our U.S. Congress continues importing 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants annually.  Around 2050, we’ll see 100 million more immigrants and their offspring changing the entire culture and majority race in this country to make us a nation of minorities from around the world.  If you don’t think we face a seriously conflicted future, you’re not paying attention.

I remember vividly when Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) the lead character in the “Shawshank Redemption” sat in the corner of the prison yard with his friend (Red) Morgan Freeman discussing how Andy got swindled into prison by another man’s deeds.  As they sat there, Andy gave instructions to Morgan Freeman to look him up at his hotel on a beach in Mexico as he worked on an old boat getting it ready for charter fishing for his guests.

The only problem: Andy faced life in prison for ‘killing’ his wife, which, of course, he didn’t do the deed.  And the prison warden held Andy into a stranglehold of his life.  There was no chance for escape to a free life.  But for Andy, “hope” made anything possible.  Andy uttered these iconic words, “It’s time to get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”  With that statement, he decided to get busy living.

Later, Andy dug his way out of prison, and with brilliance, walked into the banks in Portland, Maine to claim his accrued money that he surreptitiously purloined off the warden as the warden was scamming his slave prison labor.  He outsmarted the warden via the U.S. mail, crawled to freedom and skipped into Mexico. He left evidence of the warden’s evil deeds with the newspaper. The warden committed suicide as the cops came to lock him up.  Morgan Freeman reunited with his friend Andy in Mexico to show that Karma works.  Stephen King’s iconic book and movie will be seen 100 years from now by adoring audiences.  It epitomizes our struggles out of the darkness into the light.

At the same time, each of us enjoys the choices of creative thought, actions and deeds.  Since I have stood astride my bicycle for over 65 years, there’s a deep-seated joy in my soul.  From my Schwinn Wasp and my paper route in my teen years to my fancy road bikes, to my sturdy touring bikes, I’ve enjoyed great energy, tremendous joy and soulful fulfillment via touring around the world on my bicycle.

The one thing about riding a bicycle, especially a touring bicycle, it calls for your best integrity, your true grit that comes from your sterling character.

I am reminded of the great Roman philosopher Epictetus who said, “Tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes. Therefore, give yourself fully to your endeavors. Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal.  The trials you encounter will introduce you to your strengths.  Remain steadfast…and one day, you will build something that endures; something worthy of your potential.”

During this tenuous period in the United States, Canada, Europe and the world, let’s all pull together, do our part, build our bodies, strengthen our minds and practice compassion.  Let’s let our actions, our minds and spirits triumph individually and collectively.  May the God bless each and every one of us.

What’s Coming To America Ain’t Pretty

On a very discouraging and disturbing note, in the coming weeks, I am going to write a series that will rock your world, frighten you and make you very distressed about your children’s future. If you’re alive from 2040 to 2050, you’re going to be in the middle of a political, racial, economic and cultural maelstrom that toppled Rome, Spain, Persia and is now toppling Europe, Canada and ourselves.  The series title:  Can America Survive the Next 100 Million Immigrants?  This series will deal with every aspect of your life and that of your children’s lives being impacted by this modern-day invasion.  You might say our leaders are “self-terminating” our country. My goal: to create a national conversation-debate about what we face and how to change course.

At this point, we possess the power to change course. But, if we wait another 10 years, we won’t be able to save ourselves.  If you think we’re fractured and fragmented in 2020, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

If we don’t change course, I guarantee you the future for your children is screwed beyond anything you can imagine.  Are you buckled up because it’s going to be a very rough ride?  If you can’t see what’s coming, this series will spell it out for you.

As it’s been said, “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sunshine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.”

Be well for yourself and your family.

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