By Andrew C Wallace

November 7, 2022

If you read our Declaration of Independence and compare it with current conditions you will think that we were better off under King George.

All of our rights from God and our Constitution are being denied us through the barrel of a gun.

Our legislatures pass Unconstitutional laws, ignore the Constitution and legitimate laws. Those who do this are guilty of Treason.

Our people can’t petition the government or courts for relief without being told that they have “NO STANDING”. We have a two tier Justice System. There can be no equal justice until at least a  few hundred Officials and bureaucrats are in jail.

I will say again that a Majority of Federal Laws are an unconstitutional concentration of usurped powers by the federal government contrary to the “Enumerated Powers” in the Constitution.  This is for the benefit of the Parasitc Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) who control the corporations that bribe politicians in both parties.

None of this would be possible without corrupt government agencies like the FBI and DOJ. Of course the Supreme court is in the tank along with all the other traitors. There is a consensus among patriots that the FBI must be terminated and its employees should never be allowed to work for government again.

None of this treason would be possible if a majority of our Elected Officials, Bureaucrats, Judges,  Flag Officers et al. were not corrupt, cowardly or both

Average citizens can’t understand why our federal government is keeping an open border allowing invaders and drugs access to our country. Majority of the invaders are young men who don’t speak English, have no skills or education, many are criminals.  In Europe this resulted in rape and crime. Contrary to law, government funds are supporting the invaders, when it stops, we will have millions of criminals that must be incarcerated or deported. The border must be closed with deadly force if necessary

The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) has made our country a PIRANHA  AMONG NATIONS  by waging war on country after country for 75 years. The only reason was for profit and power. Wars also transfer our peoples wealth into the hands of the PSRRC. Wars for profit would not be possible if we were on a Constitutional Gold standard.

It must be stated that our Flag Officers have not won a single war in over 75 years Our military is reported to be in poor condition to defend us They are short of bullets and everything else because it was left in Afghanistan  or given to Ukraine. Military is also dependent on China for equipment.

I don’t care for Putin. But there is ample evidence that the Ukrainian government is no kind of democracy and was responsible for attacks on Eastern Ukraine that were blamed on the Russians. The only ones to profit from this war is our very own PSRRC. There is a consensus that we destroyed the Russian pipeline because otherwise the Germans had to make a deal to save their country. But know this, Ukrainian war has increased Russian’s Economy and destroyed ours and Europe’s. I don’t believe a word that the fake media  reports on Ukraine. or anything else.

Our Constitution calls for a Free Press, but our press is not free. Our last election was proof that our press was in no way free. The press is controlled by corporations and government agencies like the FBI

If you want Middle Class Manufacturing Jobs, Innovation, The American Dream, End of Inflation, Real Money, Stable  Retirement, Good Schools and Medical Care, Safe Streets et al. You must demand return of tariffs, termination of Federal Reserve Bank, return to a gold and silver backed currency and termination of federal income tax. Tariffs finance government and make manufacturing in our country competitive here. Income tax and fiat currency are only required if you want to steal from the government and wage no win wars to profit the PSRRC

Most large corporations have no loyalty to the country  or its people. Their only loyalty is to the PSRRC, the controlling stockholders. Corporations export jobs if labor is cheaper elsewhere and import the cheap labor they can’t export. The only way to control them is by using tariffs that fund the government and make Americans competitive with anyone.

Another note to the FBI. Based on your corrupt actions I don’t believe that you understand what I am writing. So I will tell you that I am only exercising my rights to freedom of speech by reporting the facts as I see them. I never advocate violence or unlawful behavior. Based upon what I hear, the Constitution means nothing to the FBI


My Message To The Traitors, I WILL NOT COMPLY   

I WILL NOT COMPLY with any Presidential Executive Orders, for they have no Constitutional authority over me.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with Common Law unless it has Constitutional compliance with my Protected Rights.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with Judicial rulings at any level that attempt to make law, as this is the role of the Legislative Branch.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with laws made by unelected bureaucrats who have no authority over me.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with a majority of Federal Laws that are unconstitutional because they are beyond the scope of the Limited and Enumerated Powers in our Constitution.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with unconstitutional edicts requiring me to submit to faux vaccine injections or other protocols.

I WILL NOT COMPLY if unconstitutionally ordered to surrender my firearms, nor will I relinquish the right to use deadly force in defense of life and property.


© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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