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I told you — and everyone knew — that this election was GOING to be contested, regardless of who was named as “President-elect.”  It’s sad that we’ve arrived a place in America now where we EXPECT all of our elections to be fraudulent.  Over the past several elections, there have been blatant improprieties.  The election — or perhaps better stated — the SELECTION of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 (and 2012) was highly suspect.  Both times, there were multiple large cities around the country in which his opponent did not receive even one single vote.  Yet nothing was ever done about it.  It was reported, but there was never any investigation and literally a day later there was no mention of it anymore at all.  The Republicans simply quit.  Many citizens were outraged, yet their voices were never heard and there was no justice.

I find it incredibly outrageous and hypocritical now, after Democrats have spent three years and 40 million taxpayer dollars trying to prove Donald Trump stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton through voter fraud and collusion with Russia — and after ALL OF THAT, there was never an ounce of evidence to be found — that they’re now saying the idea of voter fraud on the part of Democrats is simply “impossible.”  “Outrageous,” they say.  “How DARE you imply anything improper was done anywhere in this election!”  They have the nerve to assert they hold such moral “highground” that they would never stoop to such tactics.  Friends, over this past year, it has become ABSOLUTELY clear and plain for anyone with eyes to see that the Democrats are ABSOLUTELY corrupt to the core — haters of God, nothing but sheer disdain for America and our Constitution and with a seriously unbridled hatred for Donald Trump.

I’m compiling this message on November 6th — three days after election day.  As of this time, no “winner” has yet been declared, but the mainstream media outlets are showing their extreme Left-wing bias again as they are sickeningly “rooting” for Joe Biden on every TV newscast, in every mainstream newspaper and on every network radio channel. Not to mention the ongoing censorship and lies on most all social media and internet search engines.  They’re all CLEARLY “chomping at the bit” to get the “go ahead” to pronounce Biden the “winner.”  They can’t hardly wait.  The fake news and lying media in this country have been complicit in all of this, and should be held as accountable for election tampering as those who, I believe, have been working for months now, filling out fake ballots and stockpiling them in warehouses, preparing them to be “dumped” into the official record as needed.

And for those of you who think Fox News is our “fair and balanced” “savior,” you need to open your eyes.  Because this so-called “conservative” news network has been compromised for many years.  You DO realize that it is now part of the Disney Corporation, don’t you?  Yes, Disney, which has worked tirelessly for years to indoctrinate young children with subtle — and not-so-sublte — Leftist ideologies and propaganda.  They promote witchcraft, the occult, earth-worship, and worse.  Disney has also become infamous in recent years for their highly-promoted “Gay Days,” which openly celebrate sodomy, “framing” that abomination in a colorful, “kid-friendly” way so as to recruit more little children into hell.

Some may consider this trivial, but I don’t: on election night, Fox News featured photo images of the two candidates as they tallied the electoral votes.  Constantly on the screen was an image of a happy, smiling, lovable Joe Biden on top;  beneath that photo was an image of Donald Trump — probably the worst photo of him ever taken, showing him scowling, snarling and looking like the meanest, ugliest “villain” you’ve ever seen.  Those hosting the broadcast on election night were clearly disgusted every time they were FORCED to “call” a state for the president.  Their Left-wing bias was also clearly obvious when, early on in the evening, they called the state of Virginia for Biden, with only 1% of the vote counted there and the president UP by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

At 3:00 am Wednesday morning, all the battleground states suddenly stopped counting as it was getting a little scary for the Democrats.  It was looking like Donald Trump was going to win re-election.  Notably, all of these states are governed by Democrats.  Then, at 4:30 in the morning, counting began again, but suddenly — immediately — Joe Biden was ahead in all those states, by tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of votes.  So while Americans slept, SOMEBODY pulled the “old switch-a-roo.”

How did this happen?  Citizen reporters and poll watchers have released videos taken in the middle of the night showing vans pulling up to polling places in each of these states — workers unloading crates of ballots and carrying them inside.  In multiple states, it’s been reported that thousands of mail-in ballots were suddenly “found” — but not ONE of those mail-in ballots that mysteriously appeared were for Trump.

For example, they “found” 138,000 votes in Michigan and 120,000 votes in Wisconsin between 3:00 and 4:30 am — and NOT ONE vote for Trump was found in any of those.  In Wisconsin, 41,206 MORE votes were counted than there are registered voters… so far.  They’re not finished yet.

Now, let’s go back to October 24th — just ten days before election day.  Joe Biden was addressing his followers on live video as he read from a written statement.  He stated, “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it …for President Obama’s administration before this… We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

I’ve stated before that those on the side of Satan ALWAYS tell us what they’re going to do, what they are planning, BEFORE they do it.  It seems to be a “rule” for them — they have to show their hand ahead of time, but usually, their statements are cloaked in mystery.  In this case, he clearly said what he said.  There’s no doubt, and you can still find this video all over the internet.  (I’m amazed it hasn’t been banned and scrubbed from existence by now, but it’s still there).  Of course, the fake “fact checkers” immediately came out and said Biden “misspoke” and his comments were taken out of context, and what he REALLY meant to say was that they put together a system to make sure voter fraud did NOT take place.  Really?  The man is READING a written statement right in front of him!  I believe he slipped up (how many times has THAT happened?) and actually told us the truth.

On Wednesday, courts ruled that Republican poll watchers must be allowed to supervise the remaining ballot counts in the battleground states.  Yet city police, county sheriffs and election boards across the country have defied these court rulings and have NOT allowed oversight of ballot counting.  In some cases, the counting continues yet today, behind closed doors.  Windows covered over with cardboard.  Poll watchers that HAVE been allowed to be present have been told to stay 30 to 100 feet away from the workers — forced to see whatever they’re able to see — with binoculars!   One poll watcher in Philadelphia observed multiple workers dumping ballots in a large trash container in the corner of the room.  When he was told by election officials there he could not video tape these activities, he was forcibly removed from the facility.  All this is in defiance of court orders.

In Wisconsin, one person reported that they were standing in line to receive their ballot and the man in front of them was questioned by poll workers.  They said, “our records show that you requested a mail-in ballot.  Did you not receive it?”  He replied, “Yes I received it, but I never filled it out.”  They then handed him a ballot and he proceeded to vote.  In other instances, postal workers have come forward stating they’ve been ordered to hand-stamp mail-in ballots with the postmark “November 3rd” even though they arrived days later, so that those “late” ballots — that are now hitting post offices in all the battleground states by the pallet load — can still be counted.  There are also countless instances where the signatures on the election sheets do not match the signatures on the voter registration forms, yet these are never questioned.

Rumors are circulating that the OFFICIAL mail-in ballots contained a “watermark” — and if copied to produce additional “fake” ballots, that watermark would not reproduce.   Therefore, it would be easy to identify fake ballots in the system.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but maybe we’ll see in the coming days and weeks.

President Trump’s legal team has started litigation in many states, and he absolutely should.  Yet even when the courts have ruled in his favor regarding poll watchers and vote counting, the city, county, state and other election officials have thumbed their noses at those courts and defied the rulings — continuing the questionable ballot counting, ALWAYS in favor of Joe Biden.

It is sheer insanity to believe that this election was not fraudulent.  Two days before the election, Donald Trump had 57,000 people at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.  One day before the election, 27,000 attended his rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Some say that rally attendance has nothing to do with people actually following through and voting.  But I have BEEN at Trump rallies.  The people there are patriotic Americans, and enthusiasm has been through the roof.  God is always honored at Trump rallies.  Every one opens with prayer, and references — not just to God, but to JESUS CHRIST — are prevalent throughout the events.

When I went to vote, I arrived at my polling place at 6:30 in the morning.  Polls opened at 7.  The large parking lot at our municipal center was already packed, and the line of people standing in the early-morning cold stretched to the end of the parking lot.  By the time the doors opened, the line of people stretched OUT of the parking lot, down the street and out to the highway.  There was an incredible amount of enthusiasm for this election.  Were all those standing in line with me voting for Trump?  Of course not.  But compare a Trump rally, with 57,000 people in Butler, Pennsylvania (a town of 12,000 people) to a Biden rally in a major metropolitan area, with EIGHT to TWELVE people (which was typical).  In Texas, days before the election there was a Trump car-parde that stretch for 97 MILES.  You tell me which voters were most enthusiastic and likely to vote.

Understand this:  I do NOT “worship” Donald Trump.  I am often frustrated by his gruff language and I’m upset that he was not able to “drain the swamp” as he promised, bringing justice to those who continue, even to this day to commit treason and sedition against our country.  But never before in my lifetime have I witnessed a president so hated, without reason, and so persecuted at every turn, every single day by Leftist God-haters, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, New World Order Globalists and career politicians on both sides.

I wish he would have done more to defund Planned Parenthood.  I wish he would have had the courage to state that sodomy is unnatural and an abomination.  I wish he would have “locked her up!”   I wish he would have done a lot of things that he didn’t accomplish.  But look at all he DID accomplish for America — and all that IN SPITE of constant, daily attacks from every single direction.  The last four years, I believe, were a “reprieve” — a last chance for America to repent of it’s apathy and for the Church to rise up and take back the ground the devil has stolen.  But we failed.  Don’t blame Trump for the stuff that never got done.  Look in the mirror.  What did WE do to push back against the forces of darkness when we had the chance?  I’ll tell you what we did:  we kept our mouths shut, we self-quarantined, we wore our masks, like compliant fearful sheep.

This election is absolutely the most important America will ever see.  Because if Trump is not re-elected, it WILL be because of massive corruption and massive voter fraud at every level.  I haven’t even gotten into all the various other things the Democrats used to create their “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” such as the computer software known as “The Hammer.”  (Look it up — you will be stunned).  Yes, if Trump loses this, we all lose.  America will have become a third-world “banana republic.”

What’s worse, we’ll then be handed over to the New World Order Globalists and Communist China.  Mandatory masking will never go away.  Vaccines will absolutely be mandatory.  You will not be allowed to travel, buy or sell without them, or most likely, even leave your home — or the internment camp they place you in.  Churches will be closed and forced underground.  The first and second amendments will only be the first and second parts of our Constitution to be sliced and diced.  Mark my words.

This is a battle for our nation and the freedom we have enjoyed for so long, by the grace of Almighty God.  Perhaps saddest of all, 47% of professing evangelical Christians did NOT bother to vote in this election — on par with all previous elections.  That equates to about 48 MILLION votes.  Do you think that might have made a difference?

2nd Corinthians reminds us, “…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  That’s the Holy Spirit, folks.  The same Holy Spirit, the same Jesus, the same GOD that the Leftist demons spit upon daily.  The same Christ that they HATE and rage against with a seriously unreasonable hatred.  This is a spiritual battle.  It may be playing out today in “American politics” but if you don’t clearly see the marked difference between those with the Holy Spirit of God and those with the spirit of Satan, the spirit of anti-Christ, then I question your salvation.  This isn’t so much about Trump as it is about a CHOICE between good and evil, between God and Satan.  Between liberty and enslavement.  Between life and death.  If the Democrats steal this, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY LIBERTY IN AMERICA AGAIN.  This is our last chance at survival.  We need to ALL be on our knees in prayer right now, and we better all be prepared because I fear this spirital battle is about to be played out in the physical realm.  The true remnant of God will not forsake Him — or our nation.  Patriots WILL rise up to defend it, and given the viciousness of our wicked opponents, it’s not going to be pleasant.  May justice and righteousness prevail.

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