by Lee Duigon

Imagine it as a scene in a movie. General George Patton is up late at night, laboring to plan the relief of Bastogne. Can he get there in time, before the Germans overrun the town? It’s the Battle of the Bulge, and the situation is critical. How about the weather? Will his combat aircraft be able to fly support missions? Work, work, work!

He is interrupted by an aide who enters with a woman in a chic suit.

“Excuse me, General, but this message comes straight from Army Headquarters! Sir, this is Col. Suzy Woozy, from the Pentagon. She has been assigned to you as your gender adviser. She will help you to address the gender needs of people and minorities in war or conflict zones.” The aide flees as the general’s hand creeps toward his holstered pistol.

And Bastogne falls as the general has to take time out to address… gender needs.

Today our new woke military, having been run out of Afghanistan like children caught shoplifting, has a new mission, one involving some 13,000 Afghan refugees distributed among nine military bases. Does it concern food, water, or first aid? Housing, maybe?

Nope, none of those. This is a mission that requires the services of… gender advisers. Whatever they may be. Somehow I’m afraid to ask.

See, there’s this new law, passed in 2018, that “mandates the US military to address the gender needs of people and minorities in war or conflict zones.” What do they mean by “people and minorities”? Are they two different things? Maybe we’d better go upstairs to the US Indo-Pacific Command office and ask the “chief gender adviser.”

While you try to figure out what, exactly, are your gender needs, let us ask a simple question: Is this tragedy or farce? Sometimes the line is thinly drawn. What’s comical and ridiculous in a position of safety can quickly turn grim and dangerous when the bullets start to fly.

How funny is it that there are actually high-ranking jidrools in the Pentagon who think this is all a good idea? Like, how did Admiral Halsey ever get through World War II without a gender adviser on his flagship? How did Washington hold his army together at Yorktown without a clear idea of its gender needs? We want to laugh at this foolishness; but in that it takes time and effort that would be better used in trying to win a war instead of losing it, it’s not so funny.

It’s too bad Donald Trump never got around to weeding Obama-era wokies out of high positions in the military. We are lumbered with generals who think Climate Change and “white supremacists” (all twelve of them, plus their pickup truck) are a much bigger threat than hostile foreign powers will ever be. They should have all been fired. Now we’re paying the price for that omission. Really, we should have known the problem was getting serious when they had ROTC cadets marching around in high-heeled pink shoes. That was in 2015 at Temple University, in case you missed it first time around. That really should have clued us in, big-time.

So now we’re gonna teach 7th-century Afghans to be 2021 gender-hip—like they’re just dying to glom onto modern feminism. Think they’ll go for that transgender stuff? Yeah—with a lot of gender counseling, they’ll turn into characters from a 1960s Swedish movie.

Who dreams up this stuff? What loony bin did they raid, to find them? What nimrods in Congress inserted this garbage into our defense budget?

We are in a very hazardous period in our country’s history, governed by thieves, liars, lunatics, mountebanks, and fools. And if this woke general staff ever has to plan a battle, let alone a war, we’re finished.

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