Trying to unravel “progressive thought,” if you’ll excuse the oxymoron, is harder than untangling the worst backlash you ever had with your spinning reel. At least with the reel you can always just give up and put on a new spool. There’s no such easy out for anyone trying to make sense of leftism.

And no one’s farther left than our big-name nooze media.

The Washington Post and the New York Times have come out smoking against the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

Where you there in 1969, when the Eagle landed? Do you remember how the whole country, even Democrats, stood up and cheered? And most of the world cheered with us—because men were walking on the moon.

Well, we shouldn’t have been cheering, say the Post and the Times. The Post said, “The culture that put men on the moon was intense, fun, family-unfriendly, and mostly white and male.” “Family-unfriendly”: that’s rich, coming from people who want to abort babies as they’re being born. And the Times said, “The Apollo program was designed by men, for men.” Women who cheered it were just being something-ist.

Having nothing better to do than complain about 1969 (which isn’t here anymore, and cannot be changed), and to gnash their teeth because there was no room in the Lunar Entry Module for a gay, a tranny, an undocumented migrant, or a woman of color in a wheelchair, the alleged journalists go on to suggest that, for profoundly inane reasons, we ought not to celebrate the moon landing. If we can’t actually bring ourselves to be ashamed of it, we can at least pretend it never happened.

Here’s where the tangled line defeats us.

Liberals want to erase history, any history that doesn’t make them feel affirmed. To this end, they tear down Civil War monuments and paint over a mural depicting the life of George Washington. They won’t permit us to know our history.

But at the same time, they’re preaching in our public schools and colleges, the temples of their false religion, that every problem of this fallen world, and every single thing that prevents it from being a utopia, is the fault of non-gay white males. War, poverty, inequality, “hate”—defined as even the smallest deviation from the left-wing catechism—it’s all their fault and no one else’s.

Sooner or later the Times and the Post will figure out that the only solution to their problem is to rewrite history altogether. All the great achievements of the past, which we shouldn’t celebrate if they were achieved by white men, will be re-assigned to persons, real or imaginary, who represent assorted Cherished Minorities.

Whoopi Goldberg discovered electricity. A disabled Chinese woman named Hu Me wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Two lesbians from Mozambique cured smallpox. And the Lunar Entry Module was landed on the moon by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Beyonce. And white males just did all the bad stuff.

When I was a boy my heroes were Willie Mays and Sam “Toothpick” Jones. In fact, they’re still my heroes. Should I give them up, because they were black and I am white? Was it some kind of misdemeanor, some variant of cultural appropriation, for me to love them?

I refuse to be ashamed of the moon landing. I refuse to be ashamed of George Washington. If anything, this latest tantrum by the Far Left Crazy makes me all the prouder of these men’s achievements.

And I refuse to let a lot of sniveling leftists take that away from me.

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