By Lex Greene

November 20, 2021

If you thought you were vaccinated after receiving your first COVID19 bioweapon injection, think again. Even if you stayed the course and received a second injection and then your first booster, and another booster, you’re still not vaccinated, according to Fauci and the CDC.

If you had an adverse reaction to any of your bioweapon injections or died immediately following your injection within the first 14-days, you were unvaccinated during this period, according to the CDC and Fauci. Even though you were perfectly healthy prior to your injections, and immediately sick or dead after that injection, it had nothing to do with the injection, according the Fauci, the CDC and the U.S. News Media. That’s because until they say you’re “vaccinated,” you’re not, no matter how many bioweapon injections you voluntarily accept.

Now we are learning that there will be more boosters coming, and that if you are not current on their latest booster injections, you’re still not vaccinated.

So, when you hear these folks say again and again that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” realize that in their opinion, no one is actually fully vaccinated yet and no one will be until they reach the end of their planned vax and booster protocol, which is still being developed.

The totally unvaccinated folks have emerged as the smartest people on earth. They never bought into the COVID19 fake science, any of it, and although they have been targeted by all of the vaxxed sheep, it turns out they were the people who really were following the science the whole time, the real science.

When we were all told that the Wuhan Flu came from a Chinese wet market, we thought, well, that’s happened before, so it’s possible. But then we saw reports of patients zero and one in China were employees of the Wuhan Lab and we researched “gain of function” work. It took over a year for Fauci to admit what we knew in the first months of 2020, that this was a lab created (gain of function) bioweapon, funded by Fauci’s NIH in that CDC-CCP Wuhan Lab.

When intelligent people saw that nine-inch swab test…we said why? We all knew you could test for any virus with a simple saliva cheek swab, which is what they are using now. There never was any legitimate reason for a swab all the way to the blood-brain barrier, unless for some other reason. So, we said, no thanks!

When intelligent people were told to put on a mask, we looked at the mask manufacturer information and read numerous mask efficacy research studies, all of which concluded that none of the masks were at all effective in preventing the spread of any virus. So again, after checking the real science, we said, no thanks!

When we were told that Operation Warp Speed was going to deliver vaccines to save us all from a virus that already had a 99.8% survival rate, we knew that this meant that all of the normal testing to make sure that any vaccines would be safe, was being bypassed in order to get it fast, instead of safe. When we started reading thousands of VAERS Reports of deaths from the vaccines, we knew that we were right to opt out…no thanks!

Almost everyone in a hospital over COVID today has received one or more of the so-called vaccines. I consider anyone who has even taken one of these injections, to be vaccinated. But Fauci and the CDC insist that no one is really vaccinated yet, as no one has completed their ongoing protocol of endless injections and boosters.

Fauci and the CDC cannot afford to label you “vaxxed” because if they did, they would not be able to keep injecting you with more bioweapons, and they would have to admit that these so-called vaccines are killing and maiming more people than the virus itself ever could have or would have.

As of today, the ruling class elites are still lying about real COVID19 statistics. They are still reporting 48,398,455 USA cases of COVID19 (14.5% of the U.S. population) since January 2020. The REAL number is approximately 2,419,922, or 5% of the cases claimed by our government and fake news, about 0.7% of the U.S. population. (NOT a pandemic)

The ruling class elites are still claiming that 789,155 Americans have died of COVID19 since January 2020, about 0.24% of the U.S. population. But the real number is actually around 0.012% of the U.S. population.

In other words, the powers-that-be are continuing to LIE to the American people about COVID19, 100% of the time, every step of the way, by grossly overstating the real threat by at least twenty-times the real numbers. They are also continuing to lie and hide the reality that their “vaccines” have killed at least 150,000 Americans since January 2021, and maimed millions.

In a pending case, the FDA is requesting the court to approve holding the FACTS about these “vaccines” secret until the year 2076! To this day, if you ask your doctor, your nurse, your pharmacist, or your local health department to show you what is in these “vaccines,” they cannot do it. If you ask them to show you the adverse effects warnings for these “vaccines,” they cannot do it. The “vaccine inserts” are STILL BLANK! The FDA is asking a court to keep this information hidden until 2076guess why!

Still, Americans are lining up for another and another and another injection, with no clue what’s in these injections or the known reported adverse events directly associated with them. Many are even rushing to get their young children injected just because the Biden administration is using Big Bird and little kids to promote it, as if getting this deadly “vaccine” will make your kids “heroes.” It’s truly diabolical!

Governments are corrupt, that’s no secret. Some scientists like Fauci and Gates are mad psychopaths. That’s no secret either, as both are well on record discussing “mass depopulation via vaccines.” Some of the most evil people known to mankind are behind this thing, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and literally thousands of others.

In working with folks at and local law offices in Michigan last year, we were able to successfully win a State Supreme Court case outlawing Governor Whitmer’s unlawful and unconstitutional COVID mandates, retroactive to April 28, 2020 in a 7-0 decision. We were also able to get a 4-3 ruling from that court, that the 1945 Law Whitmer was hiding behind, was also unconstitutional. That law has since been removed from Michigan laws.The court ruled against Whitmer again in her effort to appeal the decisions.

However, despite Whitmer’s tyrannical mandates being declared unlawful and unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court, the people of Michigan continued to follow her mandates as if nothing had happened, and most continue to follow those tyrannical mandates even today.

At the end of the day, the real pandemic in America isn’t the Wuhan Flu. It’s the gross ignorance and mindless compliance with unlawful, unconstitutional, and maniacal mandates that no thinking person would ever comply with.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued a temporary stay, followed by a permanent stay on all Biden Vax Mandates, declaring those also unlawful and unconstitutional. That caused OSHA to stop their fake mandates.

However, Biden told everyone to ignore the court’s ruling and many anti-freedom employers and medical professionals in the USA are still forcing and coercing employees into lethal injections, despite the injunctions issued by the Fifth Circuit. Even worse, is many Americans are still walking into this oven on their own, refusing to accept the real science that would prevent any intelligent person from ever taking one of these bioweapon injections.

The ONLY way this can be referred to as a “pandemic of the unvaxxed” is if the “experts” continue to consider everyone to be unvaxxed…if people are not completely up to date on the most recent boosters. Of course, with each additional injection, the death and illness rates are climbing in the post-vaxxed. What they call “breakthrough cases” are merely “vaccine injuries.”

Sadly, by the time most Americans come to believe the obvious here, many will be gone or permanently maimed.

It’s highly unfortunate that most Americans have been dog whistle trained to ignore their basic survival instincts and “follow the fake science” and “fake news” instead. Once someone has done this, it is almost impossible to shake them loose from the beliefs that first got them to volunteer as a human lab rat in this global bioweapon experiment falsely labeled “vaccines.”

The road to hell is quite often paved with good intentions, and almost always guided by the evil intentions of others. So, it is…and so it shall be, even after Fauci has now openly admitted to numerous outright lies, and the his “vaccines do not work,” until those who prefer to cling to the lies, decide to join the rest of us in reality.

Until every Americans joins us in reality, this death march will continue, and it will accelerate. Everyone (EVERYONE) involved in advancing these many lies, is liable and responsible for the death and dismemberment of thousands and potentially millions of American Citizens!

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