By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

The anti-immigration backlash in France is continuing after a string of violent protests last month with another group of locals protesting over the imminent arrival of around 100 ‘Jungle’ refugees.

French conservative mayors have openly complained that the federal Socialist government’s controversial migrant rehousing plan following the destruction of the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, and they claim state officials – mainly French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve – have forced them to provide for hundreds of refugees against the mayors will.

“This kind of thing — the national French government shoving immigrants down the throats of citizens — is something Americans should watch closely. The American press are lying that the civil unrest in Paris stems from a new gas-tax rate. That’s only part of it. They are protesting pay enormous amounts of tax money in order to provide services for illegals and to pay for increases in the criminal population, police overtime requirements and putting strains on the local school systems,” said Colin Feasler, a former police training officer.

Jean-François Peumery, the right-wing mayor of Rocquencourt, an upmarket Parisian suburb near Versailles, told French news outlets: “The news of the mostly Muslim migrants’ arrival has thrown locals into panic, the town is in turmoil. {But] some people say they want to help the migrants settle in, although most locals are incredibly worried and vehemently oppose the rehousing plan.”

Rocquencourt locals fear the ‘marooned’ migrants will “never leave” and the temporary reception center will become a permanent “mini Jungle”.

“They think that the migrants will make the town less safe, trigger a rise in crime and disturb the peace,” said Mayor Peumery.

The mayor, who is popular among voters but disliked by the news media, even launched a petition – which he says gathered upwards of 3,000 signatures – in an effort to block the migrants from being dumped in Rocquencourt.  He claims he was “snubbed” by the government failed to respond to his request.

He had also complained the French government gave him no choice, but to organize a protest march in order to be heard.

But the closing of the migrant camp hasn’t stopped Britain-bound migrants from heading back to the border: 10 migrants were arrested near a chemical plant in Calais last Thursday.

About 100 million Americans own approximately 300 million rifles, shotguns and handguns. For the last year and a half the number of firearms purchased by Americans has increased every month.  Tens of millions of our people of all races own more guns than vote for the successful presidential candidate every four years, according to police firearms and law adviser John Snyder, before he died of natural causes last year.

“The United States is gun country.  It’s part of our national heritage of freedom and liberty.  Anti-gun politicians, media reps, clergy, academicians and others should learn this lesson and learn it well,” said Snyder who serves on the advisory board of the 13,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP).

Snyder also said, “Hillary [Clinton] supported semiautomatic gun registration, universal background checks on all firearms transfers, and subjection of firearms manufacturers and dealers to frivolous third-party lawsuits. Which is why she’s on a book tour instead of leading the United State.”

The United States appears to some Americans to be on the brink of something that in the past was the theme of many works of fiction including books and motion picture about the end times — the terrifying 1984, the overly violent Clockwork Orange, the disturbing A Handmaid’s Tale, the realistic doomsday thriller Children of Men, and other works that provide readers and moviegoers with a glimpse of what mankind will eventually face when governments topple and tribalism replaces the greatness of liberty and freedom with distrust, extreme cynicism, mob rule and routinely violent civil disobedience.

During the last three presidential administrations — George W. Bush 43, Barack Hussein Obama, and current President Donald Trump — Americans have witnessed the slow but steady decline of the great political experiment that was the United States’ Constitutionally protected Representative Republic.

Starting with the last election cycle, there were groups of radicals who fearlessly attacked the nation’s conservatives in what seems like a throwback to the 1960s campus protests and street riots in the biggest and most populace cities in the U.S.

Once the election was over, these same groups, their leaders, the news media and the entertainment industry continued their hateful verbal attacks, physical attacks on anyone opposing them, and expansion of the once independent, broadcast and print news outlets that is now recognized as being the propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. The media also shills for the radical left, the secret and mysterious Deep State (a/k/a the Shadow Government), and the already deeply entrenched radical Muslims.

Muslim refugees are allowed into the U.S. with opened arms despite their threat to the lives and property of the American people. So too are undocumented illegal aliens from Mexico and other Central American countries who possess higher violent crime rates than most of the Middle Eastern countries.

A news story (written by political correspondent Jim Kouri) quoted then Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as saying he is accusing President Barack Obama and other political leaders of waging war against religious liberty and education and saying that a “rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for a hostile takeover of the nation’s capital.”

While Gov. Jindel, a Republican, didn’t elaborate many believe he was warning citizens that the federal government (Deep State) is actually provoking a rebellion.

Those who’ve studied national politics and security believe that President Obama and his consortium of left-wing radicals, Islamists and One World Government operatives are hoping that American citizens will take to the streets in droves while armed and demanding to be heard by oppressive government elites who no longer pretend to adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

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