By Staff Writers from:
The North American Law Center

August 7, 2022

Like all political policy writers, we get a lot of reader mail, and almost all of it in recent times says the following – “I agree with everything you said and God Bless you for saying it! BUT…WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS?”

Meanwhile, every writer today has a burning question for YOU. Who is going to execute any real solutions presented? Because so far, “We the People” have seemed to be missing in action for well over a hundred years now.

If we give you just ONE solution to just ONE major problem, WILL YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Trust us when we tell you, there is a real solution to every problem on earth. However, most don’t want the problems solved, while others wait for someone else to solve them. If you are a legal American Citizen, YOU are the person who has to solve every problem in the USA. You have to know how, and then you have to have the intelligence, determination, and courage to execute the solution, together. Otherwise, there is no viable solution to anything!

Rule #1 – “What you do, speaks so loudly, that what you say, I cannot hear.”

Americans are nothing at all if not the most opinionated people on earth. We want everyone to know what we think about everything. But when the time comes to transition from mere words into real action, “We the People” go missing really fast, as if they don’t even exist. Talk is only meaningful when it results in ACTION. If we had as many doers as we do talkers, we’d be writing about how great life in the USA is today.

Rule #2 – Every complex problem requires the simplest of solutions.

As this relates to election fraud, the cheating has taken place in so many ways on so many fronts for so many years, that people cannot fathom the notion that any solution to this critically fatal problem could possibly exist. Yet, it does…

Rule #3 – You have to work with the right group of others.

Everyone asks, “what can I do?” Alone, by yourself, NOTHING. Need we explain any further? “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

Rule #4 – Eliminate everything with a low or no chance of success.

Just as there is no shortage of opinions, there’s no shortage of suggested solutions, most of them, used to build databases of future donors, and they have little or no chance of success. In fact, most of the main solutions floated today are highly dangerous, as you will see in the Election Fraud Solution below.

Rule #5 – Quitters have 100% chance of losing.

Two types of people lose 100% of the time…Those who never leave the starting gate, and those who quit before they cross the finish line. In order to even have a chance of winning, you must START and FINISH.

If you agree with these five very basic rules of winning anything, then we can talk about the real solution to election fraud now. If you disagree, don’t bother reading any further, because no matter how right the solution may be, you are not able to be a productive part of any solution.



We are well aware of how many Citizens have been trained to believe that paper balloting is the only solution to election fraud. They are 100% wrong! The opposite is true.

Election fraud has existed since long before machine voting. Those of us old enough and engaged enough to remember that history, know with certainty that paper balloting presents the easiest opportunities for fraud. Don’t believe us?

If there is no paper balloting, there can be no “mail-in elections,” no “ballot harvesting” and no flooding the machine with fake ballots dumped for hours and days after the election cutoff times, votes from dead people or “drop boxes” where numerous low-level people have already been arrested and charged with election fraud by these “paper ballot” methods.

In fact, most of the election fraud in 2020 and again in 2022, is being done via “paper ballots.” None of this form of cheating can happen if there are no paper ballots. Eliminating paper balloting altogether eliminates the many means of cheating with paper ballots. Only people alive and eligible to vote can show up to vote in person.

Still with us?


We know, you have been trained to distrust and even hate electronic machine voting, even though you use electronics every day and believe you are secure. That’s because the people who love to cheat, control the machines, and need paper ballots to do it. They also need to count the millions of “paper” votes of those who can not show up to vote in person, because they are dead, already voted in another district, or are legally ineligible to vote.

In order to secure voting via an all-electronic voting system, the following things must be put in place.

  • Make Election Day a National Holiday – so that every working Citizen can leave work to vote.
  • All voters must prove they are legally eligible to vote in the USA, under the law.
  • One way to do this is, one verified social security number, one vote, one district.
  • 100% of voting must be done within the time allowed by law, no late votes after polls close.
  • 100% in-person voting only. (see solution for true absentee voting)
  • No voting eligibility for anyone who holds “dual citizenship” in another country.
  • No internet connectivity on site at any voting location.
  • Every voting location MUST have qualified independent computer technicians on site during election day to solve any glitches immediately, bonded, just in case fraud is found inside their machines.
  • No more accepting and counting ballots minutes, hours, days, and weeks after the voting deadlines, with the exception of overseas military ballots, which must be counted whenever they arrive.
  • Every voting machine must have a receipt printer (just like a credit card receipt) for every voter so that they can check that their ballot was registered properly before leaving the polling place. This is the only “paper” needed.
  • Voters must keep their receipts in case of an election audit.
  • End of day tabulations from each machine must be certified, locked, and stored on a hard drive with backups, accessible for review by any independent source, with receipt numbers for each voter accessible.
  • Anytime a voter wants to check their vote as it was registered, they should be able to access it in a secure online portal, using their receipt number.

Now, while it is entirely impossible to control or even verify paper ballots today due to massive methods of paper ballot fraud, we must rely on newer technologies to make voting as easy and accurate as possible.

Eliminating all paper balloting eliminates all of the methods of cheating via paper ballots, all of them.

Before the doubter’s mention “disenfranchising voters” by these means, the only way to disenfranchise voters is to have more than one set of election rules and laws, designed to only suit some people. So long as election laws and rules are applied to everyone equally, available to all eligible voters evenly, no voter is disenfranchised.

In-person voting only, along with strict enforcement of voter eligibility, and stiff consequences for any effort to commit election fraud, will eliminate a lot of funny business from dead, duplicate, unverifiable or ineligible voters.


As it concerns legitimate “absentee voting,” at present, 35 states and Washington, D.C., allow any qualified voter to vote by absentee/mail ballot without offering an excuse, and in the remaining states, an excuse is required. Some states offer a permanent absentee ballot list: once a voter asks to be added to the list, s/he will automatically receive an absentee ballot for all future elections.

The number one excuse given for absentee voting is “work.” This issue is easily solved by making every National Election Day a National Holiday. Time off work to vote in any primaries for national offices must also be allowed by every employer, by law, just like jury duty, except far more important.

Other secondary issues such as voting for elderly or sick, unable to go to a polling place in person, may use absentee voting options, so long as the options are secure, void of any influence over the voter and otherwise eligible to vote. These absentee ballots must be delivered to the polling place before the voting deadline, by someone who can authenticate who they are and what their relationship is to the voter.

Now, this may sound like a lot, but if you pay close attention and think about it for a few minutes, you will realize that this is the only way to stop election fraud in the USA. Although no matter the election method, there will always be those who seek to defraud that system…this solution makes cheating much more difficult and much easier to detect and prosecute.

Last, the US Constitution assigns all power to regulate elections to each State. The federal government is assigned no authority or power over election systems or processes whatsoever. So, this solution must be enacted within your State. The US Constitution grants all Rights and Powers concerning elections, to the States.

We will end where we started – If we give you just ONE solution to just ONE major problem, WILL YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN? If not, then there is no point to providing any other solutions for any other problem and we will sink into this abyss together…One Nation, without God, and no longer FREE! The future is ours to secure…will we?

NOTE: This is the first in a series of published solutions intended to teach Americans the truth and how they can play a critical role in ending the intentional destruction of our beloved country. Additional issue solution pieces will be released in order of importance, so long as we can confirm that people are paying attention and starting to properly engage. RESPOND HERE

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