By Frosty Wooldridge

June 6, 2022

Part 3: The wall, crime, racial absurdities, term limits, insider trading on defense contracts

This is the third and final submission of this series on “absurdities” occurring within America by our elected leaders.

As to the racial equity push, United Airlines reported that it will have 50 percent “people of color” in the cockpit within two decades. They stated that too many airlines pilots are white.  It begs the question: when did skin color qualify anyone to pilot a 747 jetliner?  How can you get 50 percent minorities into the cockpit when they only stand at 13 percent of the American population?  What happens if they are totally unqualified to fly the big jets or simply don’t aspire to flying in the numbers needed to reach 50 percent? Would you like to be a passenger of a plane flown by an ”affirmative action” graduate?  Absurd?  You betcha’!

How is it that America stands as a first world country where women’s rights are sacrosanct, but Congress continues importing one religion where women have no rights, i.e., Islam.  And, because they’ve imported over 4,000,000 from that neck of the world, we now have 23 to 28 honor killings of women annually within the USA. It’s over 20,000 honor killings annually in Islamic countries where it’s legal to kill your wife or daughter for “dishonoring” the male husband of the household. (Source: United Nations “Honor Killings”)  As reported by Ed O’Callaghan, Assistant District Attorney of the Department of Homeland Security in a White House Press Conference,  “We now have over 500,000 cases of female genital mutilation in America as well as endless honor killings.”

Except, FGM is assault and battery on a small female child! Where are the women’s rights groups? Why aren’t they screaming at the tops of their lungs to stop such barbaric activities within America?  Why did Congress import them to continue their horrific 6th century crimes against women?  Would you not mutter under your breath the absurdity of this situation?

One of my readers, Carolyn gave a few of her own absurdities.

It’s absurd that we can send $40 billion dollars plus another $13 billion to Ukraine to protect their border halfway around the world, but we can’t spend as little as $5 billion to finish our wall and secure our own border!  Let alone enforce our immigration laws!

It’s absurd that we can lockdown our hospitals and nursing homes for Covid, not even allowing people to visit their sick or dying loved ones, but cannot protect our innocent children from being killed by insane monsters who walk into any school in America and shoot to kill! Whether it’s Uvalde, Texas or Chicago this past weekend, for heaven sakes, isn’t it all a bit absurd?

It is absurd that we will lock up patriotic protesters on January 6 for over 18 months and they are political prisoners, with no civil rights, no charges brought, no fast and fair chance at a trial…but we let BLM and Antifa murderers, gangsters, rapists and thieves go free with no bail and no prosecution.

It is absurd that small businesses had to shut completely down, many losing their businesses for good, but Walmart, Target, and big-name stores were allowed to stay open and make huge profits.

It is absurd that churches were forced to close (even for outdoor services) but elected officials could dine at fancy restaurants, go to parties, and thugs could protest in our streets with no restrictions at all.

It is absurd that big cities defunded their police, but homeowners were sent to jail for trying to protect their own property because of thugs who surrounded their homes and police did not respond.

What about “smash and grab” being okay in cities like LA, Chicago and San Francisco? Have you noticed that NONE of the S & G boys, virtually all minorities, have been caught or brought to court?  If they are caught, they are back on the streets within hours with “no bail” laws.

It is absurd that BLM and antifa can tear down our statues, burn cars and businesses, while looting stores to the tune of $2 billion in 2020, but parents standing up to school boards for promoting CRT are declared and investigated as “domestic terrorists!  Attorney General Garland must be pronounced the most absurd AG in American history.

It is absurd that Biden demanded that we all wear masks that don’t work, while he makes speeches without a mask, coughing into his hands, wiping slobbers from his chin, and then mingles with the crowd immediately after, shaking people’s hands!   We saw that happen multiple times!

It is absurd that all the rich and powerful can freely jet all over the world to have multiple meetings, that intend to take away all our freedoms, while shaming us for our carbon footprints.

It is absurd that we might turn over our sovereignty to the World Health Organization and allow them to rule over us and make decisions as to when we should quarantine, shut down, sequester and wear masks… when NONE of them were elected by any of us to do that! You might attribute that absurdity to the ever-growing dementia of Joe Biden.

Why is it that an 18-year-old Latino kid can walk into gun store and buy a machine gun, walk out, and promptly walk into a school to massacre 21 students and teachers as in Uvalde, Texas in the past two weeks?  Instead of doing something in Congress or in State Legislatures, nothing gets done, and the next massacre awaits as surely as the coming of the dawn.  Tell me that’s not absurd!

This last absurdity of this report wrecks my sense of understanding.  We know men and women who have been returned to DC for over three to four decades are corrupt, lying, criminal lawmakers.  We know many of them are intellectually incompetent such as AOC, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Shelia Jackson and dozens of others.  We know that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are involved in defense contract insider-trading that has made them millionaires. And yet, the stupid people that elected them…keep electing them.  Why haven’t Americans demanded “term limits” of a maximum of 6 to 8 years to wash-out old, decrepit, mentally incompetent, and horribly useless U.S. Senators and House members?   Absurd, right?!  Yes, totally absurd.

And perhaps most of all, it is absurd that our own president makes a speech that blames citizens, and everyone else but himself for all these absurdities!

Finally, this absurdity takes the cake:  The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world’s countries.  We’re also the third most populated country.

If you remove Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC, and New Orleans from the murder equation…all dominated by minorities, strict “no gun” laws and democrats—the USA becomes 189th out of 196 countries in murder rates.

Is that absurd beyond comprehension or what?

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