Justin Hoke, pastor, is now the ex-pastor of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church in the aptly-named town of Weed, California, after the whole congregation threatened to quit the church… because of the pastor’s adherence to the teaching of the Bible. We do not know why the word “Bible” is included in the church’s title. It certainly doesn’t fit. Unless it’s some other “Bible” that they have in mind.

The pastor was sacked for putting up a sign in front of the church. The sign read:

“Bruce Jenner is still a man.” Indisputably true: just check any one of Jenner’s millions of chromosomes. Check ‘em all: all male. “Homosexuality is still a sin.” Again, true. “The culture may change. The Bible does not.”

This is controversial? They fired their pastor for this? Well, they fired him after some “LBGT activists,” a euphemism for “anti-Christian bullies,” vandalized the sign. The elders of the church then told the pastor that either he had to go or the congregation would quit the church.

And yet they call themselves a “Bible church.” The hypocrisy takes one’s breath away. We can only say the pastor was blessed by being fired: now he doesn’t have to deal with a heathen congregation.

It’s not easy to top this much hypocrisy, but it didn’t take long for someone else to do it. A day or two later, an “abortion activist”—that word “activist” has taken on a sinister tone—told a bunch of little children that abortion is… drum roll, please… “all part of God’s plan”.

Whew! The Third Commandment: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” (Exodus 20:7). That’s a big one, and she broke it.

But she was only getting warmed up. She rose to an even higher plane of hypocrisy by calling herself “pro-life.” You do wonder how she could have said that with a straight face. Really. She co-founds an organization called #ShoutYourAbortion—it’s got a hashtag, so we know it’s cool or smart or something—anoints herself to tell “positive abortion stories,” and calls the baby she aborted “a mistake.” And that adds up to “pro-life”? Some very funny things happen to words, when left-wing loonies use them.

This morally toxic pap was served up to young children. Let’s celebrate abortion! It’s part of God’s plan! God has a plan to exterminate the human race?

Uh, no. That’s more a humanist plan. It’s only faith in God’s righteous sovereignty that assures us that the human race will survive humanism.

When the members of a “Bible church” insist that Bruce Jenner really is a woman now, and that same-sex fornication is no sin, and when an “abortion activist” calls the massacre of unborn babies “part of God’s plan,” we are dealing with persons bearing false witness against God and against His word, the Bible. Worse: they try to make God bear false witness against His own word, against Himself.

Do they expect to be believed? “Hey, ya know what? Fornication and abortion, why, they aren’t sins at all! They’re part of God’s plan! It says so in the Bible!” Do they expect us to find this in the Bible? Or just to take their word for it and not bother to look? Or maybe they just think nobody ever reads the Bible and our ignorance will let them get away with it.

These are Third Commandment violations, serious sins; and those who commit them need to repent and not commit them anymore.

And the rest of us, like Pastor Hoke, must continue to tell the truth. Even if it costs us.

Be sure the liars mean for it to cost us plenty.

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