By Andrew Wallace

October 29, 2022

We know that Patriots will fight for freedom and the right to work,  Would Be Communists will fight to sit on their asses waiting to be fed by the labor of others.

Unfortunately for the stupid indolent would be Communists it does not work that way and never has. The reasons are obvious and tautological ( true by logic of use ) as follows:

1. Patriots are not slaves and will fight before they allow their labor to feed the wealthy and would be Communists who don’t want to work..

2. Not to worry, either the fiat money runs out or inflation makes the fiat money handouts worthless. Only a return to gold standard can stop this crime against the people and the wealthy will fight this tooth and nail.

3. We could return to the Constitutional Gold Standard which would put an end to inflation and prolific government spending on wars and handouts in excess of revenue.

4. We could finance the government with Tariffs as we did in the past, and following the Constitution terminate the Income Tax and Federal Reserve Bank. Tariffs would also return manufacturing to the United States.

5. Supreme Court  could force Federal Establishment to return a majority of their usurped functions to the states which would end federal no work welfare in all its forms.

6. The old people referred to as “Useless Eaters” by the Communists will refuse to participate in euthanasia to make funds available to feed the indolent who could work, but refuse.

7. We could terminate the income tax which is only needed to fund no win wars for profits of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) .Tax also transfers wealth of the people to the rich and funds the idle looters and arsonists in Inner City Plantations

8. Those with 401Ks should be prepared for major losses when stock market collapses ( hedge with gold IRAs) . Those on Social Security, fixed income, or government benefits will suffer a major loss in purchasing power due to hyper inflation.( return to gold standard would stop this) Notice , I did not say if, I said when, which will be soon. I know of no noted Economist that would disagree with me.

9. It is imperative you know that most major corporations are controlled by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), the wealthy families. These corporations bribe government officials and have no loyalty to the country or the people whatsoever. If they did we would not have lost our manufacturing jobs to China. In simple terms our corporations destroyed the American Dream.

10. The Communists are destroying our country with Open Borders, Green Energy, and the Climate Scam. I guarantee that these programs will impoverish the people and enrich the PSRRC.

You will note that I referred to “Would Be Communists”, for only the PSRRC, (wealthy Families) , the corporations they control and the minions they bribe in government are card carrying Communists. Their followers in the Inner City Plantations are only expendable dupes without a clue (Linen’s Useful Idiots) .They will be done away with when no longer needed or tolerated. The only question is who will kill them first, the Patriots in a civil war, the Communists to consolidate power or starvation.

Some of my associates maintain that our people are too soft and no longer have the courage to defend the Republic as they did in the past. After studying history I maintain that there is little difference. It is reported that only 3% of our people fought during the Revolutionary War while two thirds were on the fence or supported the English. I maintain that 3% of the people would constitute approximately 750,000 , an unbeatable Guerilla Force. I know that no determined Guerilla Force has ever been defeated in the field.

The Communist numerical strength is in the inner city plantations with  countless Useful Idiots that are no better than paid mercenaries with little knowledge of what is at stake. They are good at arson, destruction, looting and murder, but little else. They murder more babies than are born. in a Civil War it will be impossible to feed them and fiat money will be worthless.

We should all pray that we elect Patriots in the next election who can reverse the destruction by the current administration.  If we fail, I see nothing but bloodshed and chaos.

The Patriot side will consist of 15 million or more veterans, and most everybody not living in the Communist cities. Communist supporters will include professors, college educated women, entertainers, government bureaucrats, media, corporate officials and cannon fodder from the inner city plantations. et al.

There is ABSOLLUTELY no possibility of converting those on the Communist side, they refuse to interact with the exception of name calling and projection. They will die as Communists. Since most of the Communists got the faux killer vaccine many are going to be dead or disabled.

Most everybody on the patriot side will be able to tell you why they support the Republic. They are also armed to the teeth. Those on the Communist side can only practice projection and slander. Most of those on the Communist side refuse to touch a gun except for those in the inner city plantations of course who have made a habit of killing each other.

Based upon a modicum of experience teaching Economics I have learned that repetition in different ways is more effective than a single approach. That is why my articles approach the problem from different angles. In this paper “I did not amplify details” because I want the reader to explore the multiple ramifications. Like Economics this is a complex and dismal subject.

Experience is by far the best teacher but the tuition in bloodshed and destruction from confrontation is too exorbitant to contemplate, so lets not go to war and settle this in a fair and Constitutional Election. If it is not fair it will be our last election.


© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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