The effete, boy-worshipping shadow power elite sure do! And they are willing to do WHATEVER it takes.

“UNITY” to these folks means getting their own way. It is no more complicated than that. If you will just move over, stand down, shut up and go away then the Republican party and its bigwigs will be just fine. It is their party and it is their place to make their rules for their party.

They haven’t adequately explained why we have taxpayer-funded primary votes and caucuses when such do not count with “Their Party” but I’m sure they’ll have an answer soon. These elitists have, after all, answers for everything – even if the answer is wrong.

Paul Ryan, pictured above in late autumn 2015, is a veritable RINO poster boy – Republican In Name Only. He was born in 1970, then on October 29th, 2015 Paul Ryan was elected Speaker of the House. He replaces John Boehner. This new Speaker of the House comes with a ton of “previous-vote” baggage. And everybody who voted to elect him knows it.

His first major accomplishment (?) as Speaker was a HUGE omnibus spending bill – $1,150,000,000,000 – or $1.15 Trillion Dollars, more even than the Democrats had requested.

He whined that there was nothing he could do: “The cake was already baked!” Rot and Poppycock!! What was “baked” was Boehner’s butt and new blood was supposed to make things better, NOT MAKE HALF-BAKED EXCUSES!

What did we get? We funded Planned Parenthood (Paul Ryan is a Catholic?) We funded Obama’s amnesty. We funded sanctuary cities. We quadrupled H2-B visas. We got a more-government friendly dastardly CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act). We authorized work permits for illegals. And didn’t we authorize some 200,000 unvetted, unquarantined Mid-East refugees over ten months?

We doled out more money for foreign aid, for international food supplies, for NATO. We’re helping rural families with $35 billion in loans. We have three future disaster give-aways: The Emergency Watershed Protection Program; the Emergency Conservation Program; and the Emergency Forestry Restoration Program.

Want more? Terrorism is in there along with monies to “prevent radicalization in our communities”. (Really? When you can’t even say “radical Islamist terrorists”?) $80 million is a start for a new scientific ship to measure climate change and the oceans. $370 million is to begin building new polar weather satellites. Plus increased funding for the IRS, and The Election Assistance Commission… It goes downhill from there.

The Senate Appropriations Committee released this omnibus bill summary. It gives a good recount of where these billions and billions and billions of dollars are headed.


Look at some of the his earlier votes: Yes on more foreign aid; Yes on more federal educational grants; Yes on the WMD Iraq war; Yes on the Patriot Act; Yes on the National Defense Authorization Act; Yes on mandatory background checks at gun shows.

And then there was the Bush Medicare Part D, activated January 1st, 2006, which added prescription drug benefits to an already bankrupt program. And then TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program October, 2008) included benefits for banks, the auto industry, and AIG (American Investment Group) among others, more hundreds of billions down a rat-infested sewer hole. Yes! Yes! Yes!

1. The Speaker is second in line for the presidency after the vice-president.
2. All of the House members who voted Ryan in, knew all of this going in.


Why does Newt Gingrich just leap to mind? He is coming from another direction entirely, posing as Mr. Angel, Mr. See-My-Hands-Are-Clean, Mr. I’m-Going-To-Still-The-Troubled-Waters, Mr. Unity, Mr. Ultra-Conservative – Mr. I-Want-To-Be-Vice-President… (over Trump’s dead body.)

Newt Gingrich: Have you noticed lately how ameliorating he’s been, how pacifying? Have you heard him softly scolding Republicans for not falling in line behind Trump? Have you noticed him schmoozing Sean Hannity who owes Newt an unpayable debt of gratitude for his (Sean’s) success? Have you seen and heard his heartfelt outreach to Team Trump and the Trump campaign?

It’s all rubbish. Newt is an old time, old member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and a first class internationalist One Worlder. Newt didn’t write the Contract with America; he purloined it from the back of Ross Perot’s book “United We Stand”. And he did it specifically to attract the Perot voters to the Republican ticket. It worked very well in 1994. However, the “Contract” under Newt left no discernible results.

Kelleigh Nelson recently published a fine article on the One World Globalist Newt. See it here.

In the late 70s he not only voted to create the DOE (the unconstitutional Department of Education) but also voted to turn 68 million acres of Alaska into wilderness. As his congressional terms progressed, he voted for Most Favored Nation status for China, for funding soviet trade, for turning 2.2 million acres of Idaho into wilderness, for funding the National Endowment of the Arts, for the presidential line veto, for foreign aid increases.

He said himself that he was a “big fan” of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D Roosevelt, that Kissinger (CFR) was one of his mentors. And he actively opposed Ron Paul’s return to the House in the mid-90s. To Newt, loyalty should not be to the Constitution but rather to The Party.

And remember that Newt championed and voted for NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) that sucked our jobs and factories south, and way west. Then a couple years later he voted for GATT and The World Trade Organization, arranging for that vote to be held in a lame duck session rather than with the new Congress seating in 1995.

In 2011 CFR transnationalist Newt said that he voted for NAFTA because it created jobs near the United States. (Does that sound like the North American Union?) Here’s the link.

Furthermore, once elected Speaker (1995) Newt recommended books to his fellow congressmen. One of them was Alvin Toffler’s (b. 1928 – ) “The Third Wave”, published 1980 and 1994. The book includes the concept that we are entering a new phase of development (the Third Wave), that we need a “new” government, that our current government is becoming “obsolete” and that the government of Thomas Jefferson “must die and be replaced”. Newt supports this and is friends with Toffler.

Newt calls himself Conservative. Really Newt?

Of timely interest, “The New American” has just published a positively excellent telling article highlighting Newt Gingrich’s close ties with China and the communist state. It cites Newt’s senior advisory position in Dentons-Dacheng, the largest law firm in the world and a firm that is a major merger and lobbying force for the People’s Republic of China.

This May, Gingrich gave an interview about his potential VP selection. He held it in Dentons [-Dacheng] Chicago office in Willis Towers. Moreover, he was accompanied by ultra-left progressive Democrat Howard Dean who is also a senior adviser to Dentons.

Is Newt the guy the one you want one heart beat away from your presidency? And just two heartbeats away is your RINO Speaker above, Paul Ryan? Talk about the elite stacking the deck against Making America Great Again!

(Gingrich information from the DVD “The Real Newt Gingrich” (33 min.) is available at


#NEVERTRUMP is/was a cutesy fad that is currently losing steam. Trump needed 1,237 delegates and currently has (though delegate counts are liquid at best) 1,536 delegates, 24% over the top.

This link is a list of many of the #NEVERTRUMP people. When reading the list remember one thing: Most of these people have been around for years. If they were part of the solution, we wouldn’t have the problem.

And, I do not mind in the least that they vote for whomever they want. It’s not their vote. It’s their message and its format, their divisiveness, and their hatred, their transnational deafness to the American voters and all things American.

Among others, Jeb Bush, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Bill Kristol, Sen Lindsey Graham, Ben Shapiro, George Will – all have been taking their chance to yelp “Never Trump!”

These guys are doing a lot of trash talking but mostly to each other. #NEVERTRUMP is losing momentum but don’t think for one second that the Big Guns like George Soros, major Democrat funder, and the transnationalists in the CFR aren’t still out to get Donald Trump.

BOMBSHELL: The details aren’t clear yet but it appears that some of the big GOP money is going to some of the #NEVERTRUMP folks to deify Cruz, defend Ryan, and defame Trump. Roger Stone said Levin, Beck, and Erickson – and possibly Shapiro – are getting greenbacks for their services. See The Conservative Treehouse article which alleges point-by-point exchanges of money and influence.

Leads one to ask just what is an honest conservative opinion worth these day$…..?


The RNC convention is in Cleveland July 18 – 21, 2016 (scheduled right over the July full moon). The Rules Committee of the Republican National Committee will change their rules – which they are allowed to do because the RNC is a private enterprise which is free to make its own rules – to attempt to thwart the overwhelmingly popular Trump nomination. Cleveland politicos are already hostile to Trump. Arrangements in Cleveland are almost guaranteed to bring on conflicts.

Cleveland officials have created a funneling effect which is going to bring the various factions all together in small spaces, crammed against each other in reserved time slots. Don’t tell me that their police chief doesn’t see what’s coming! But I’m guessing (I said guessing!) that his opinion wasn’t the deciding factor in this pre-planned choreographed chaos potential. And where is Ohio Gov John Kasich’s voice in this recipe for disaster?

And these same mucky-mucks have lists of what is okay and not okay to carry. Leave your tennis balls at home. (I could not make this up.) And no “lumber” (sticks) over two inches by ¼ inch. (Can you buy a corn dog?) Maps and lists here.

(L to R) Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, Mayor Frank Jackson, Counsel Rick Horvath. May, 2016.

NOW: The Rules Committee may disallow Trump delegates, may force procedural votes, or simply say that Donald’s hair wasn’t the right style in eight of the debates and he is therefore disqualified……. These folks are devoted megalomaniacal One World extremists, and they mean to have Paul Ryan. Absent Paul Ryan, another RINO might do: Romney, McCain, Graham, McConnell. You get it? #NEVERTRUMP – Even though your tax dollars funded the primary voting venues!

Donald Trump and his team need to have at a minimum four different option plans. The best and the most desirable is to convince Speaker Paul Ryan (who currently holds the gavel for this event) to play honorably and hold a first ballot count without a lot of procedural prattle. That would end the drama. And with Trump’s Paul Manafort at the controls it may very well come down this way.

But if the Enlightened Cabal and their sewer rats go for hardball then Team Trump needs its options in place, ready to engage at a split second’s notice. Americans of all stripes are not the wusses and wimps they think we are.

A Push-Back Moment of Truth by American-Americans may be at hand.

God bless the Trumps, God bless their Team, God bless our Team, God bless America and God bless NewsWithViews.

© 2016 Ronnie Herne – All Rights Reserved

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