What do we see when peering into the ‘wanna be god looking glass? Here we have Bill Clinton, the sleep around, moral garbage can former President. He still gives his overpriced speeches and loves the attention he gets while ‘humping’ (my bad) I meant stumping for Hillary. You know, – ‘Boys will be boys.’

As I glance onward into the ‘god glass’ there is the famous Hillary Clinton – ”It doesn’t really matter anyway” Former Secretary of State. She has wanted to be the first female President, thus hopefully rendering her behavior and actions untouchable. If you dare point out her chronic lies, disservice and UN American views, you will find yourself torched by the classic and fossil like persecution mantras that Obama and Hillary love to use. If you go after Hillary, you are a sexist and hate women and their need for equal rights. If you go after Obama, you hate all blacks and are a racist. ‘Shut up while we rape and pillage America, we have ‘special’ status and you don’t.

What does it matter anyway

How can we ever forget the famous treasonous and insensitive words of Hillary regarding the investigation of Benghazi – ‘ and the avoidable murders of Ambassador Stevens and his brave crew ‘ It doesn’t really matter anyway.’ For years now, from what we do know, desperate military calls for help were denied during the quickly escalating Islamic terror attack at the Ambassadors compound. They were told again and again to stand down on Hillary and Obama’s watch. As the investigation continues seemingly forever, we now know of all the cover up treachery about arms shipments flying through there that we were supplying to all the wrong Islamic people.

Cover up; Cover up, murders and more cover-ups. Hillary, Obama and their lying mouth pieces all blamed this exploding Benghazi nightmare on a small video on Islam that caused it all. Now, the whole world knows that was a bogus, planned out and a treacherous lie. Hillary’s usual playbook is to say ‘I don’t recall’ or make sure she was traveling somewhere else in the world looking very busy to avoid Congress and their probes on this. ‘ It doesn’t really matter anyway.’

Now, we see and hear the building criminal investigation over Hillary lying yet again, then hiding and forgetting everything she can…the famous unsecured email server and emails flying everywhere, being hacked and exposing America most likely to danger and threat due to her gross negligence. Once again, her playbook screams out the ‘minimization card’ Condoleezza and Other Secretary’s of State did the same thing as I did. Rules changed over time and if I had to do it again I would do it differently but it was no different than my predecessors…on and on.

With this latest email scandal, she loves to play the persecuted female card again and again. Everyone is making a big deal out of nothing so they must just hate women, especially Trump and the GOP.

…But it does matter this time to Americans Hillary.

Let us follow the bouncing ball legacy so far

• Lies, cover-ups, criminal and dangerous fund raising and donations to her ‘mystery’ foundation
• Dangerous and exposed emails, lack of leadership that lead to murders in Benghazi
• Terror, threats, intimidation and set ups against all the women Bill raped or had affairs with
• Drug money and clover ups going clear back to White Water, disappearing bodies and many ending up dead or missing.
The real legacy emerging all over Hillary is to grab up power and keep it at all costs.

Hillary as the first ‘wanna be female president’ represents me about as much as ice cube factories are in hell.

I am a woman and I love my rights. Hillary simply represents none of them.

“Hillary, your eminent exposure and demise as a politician is unfolding in front of us all. It really doesn’t matter anyway.”

© 2016 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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