by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

October 11, 2022

(Note: If you search for “Elvis Presley,” you will get about 22 million search results. For “Bill Clinton,” you will get about 166 million results. And for “Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D” you will get about 4.3 BILLION RESULTS. Since I also write on medical issues (e.g., TODAY’S HOSPITALIST, July 2018, Page 10, “UTIs and Hallucinations,” below you will see my article giving the solutions to Alzheimer’s. Dementia and Covid-19.)

In June 2022, a new dominant Omicron subvariant, BA.5 (followed by BA.2.75) arose because of its ability to evade immunity, and hospitalizations were slowly trending higher. That is why it is more important than ever to look treatments for Covid-19, and recently new treatments have been developed for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Covid-19. Importantly, they are not rocket science. During the last half of the 20th century, there was an increasing problem with Alzheimer’s at the same time many people were dying with lung cancer from smoking. Cigarette smoke slowly kills the tiny blood vessels in the lungs that carry oxygen throughout the body, providing healing. Scientists have known for a long time that oxygen assists in healing, and for decades, athletes and others with serious wounds have been placed in hyperbaric chambers with forced oxygen helping heal their wounds.

So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that forced oxygen might also heal patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, it took until 2021 for “a team of university scientists to reduce brain trauma by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, preventing the core biological processes for the development of Alzheimer’s disease” (from “Israel Study: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reverses Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” September 9, 2021). This treatment can be expensive, but if Congress can fund “bridges to nowhere” as they have in the past, I am sure the American people will demand that Congressional help in funding this cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. At the very least, I am calling for clinical trials to see if the Israelis’ success can be duplicated here.

Similarly with Covid-19, from the beginning of the pandemic, it has not taken a rocket scientist to know that the virus SARS-CoV2 caused inflammation of the lungs (Inflammo Thrombotic Response) which, if left untreated, became the disease Covid-19, which the body’s immune system fought so fiercely that small holes were poked through the lungs through which Covid-19 was then blown by forced air vents blowing oxygen into the lungs to improve breathing. The Covid-19 thus spread throughout the body resulting in multiple organ failure and death. As a non-rocket scientist, it seemed clear to me that the solution to Covid-19 was simply a matter of conducting clinical trials of medicines that were both antiviral and anti-inflammatory, such as Sabizabulin. In fact, the recent clinical trials of this breast cancer drug were so successful that they have been stopped and a request for emergency authorization has been sent forward for its use in treating Covid-19.

Months after I wrote this article, CBS News reported on July 6 that “Newly published study shows cancer drug (Sabizabulin) cuts risk of death for hospitalized high-risk COVID-19 patients.” Even earlier in February 2021, Israel had developed 2 inexpensively produced drugs, EXO-CD24 and Allocetra, which in clinical trials including seriously and critically ill hospital patients had improved at least 90% of them within 2-3days, and most were discharged within 3-5 days!. Some began feeling better within just 2 hours! Because these drugs focus on reducing inflammation, their success does not depend upon mutational variants like the newest one that combines properties of both omicron and delta.

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