By Frosty Wooldridge

Never have SO many E-mails dropped into my mailbox from readers not only in the USA, but all over the world.  It shows the reach of NWV around the globe.  You might want to understand that the same immigration invasion dilemma occurs in Canada, Australia and Europe.  It’s unending and growing.

From a reader in Los Angeles:

I am a socially liberal moderate Dem and I have read your series with interest. Usually I am repelled by anti-immigrant rhetoric because so much of it is mean-spirited (“We don’t want those filthy animals”) or wrong (“They will never assimilate.”)  I thought you generally did a good job of avoiding that.  If you want liberals to take your ideas seriously (and I think you need liberals to start worrying about overpopulation), it’s good to avoid racist talk and go straight for the numbers in relation to the infrastructure.

I have lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years, and while I think our various ethnic groups get along pretty well together, we have far too many people here.  Furthermore, the cost of living at the most basic middle class level has been estimated by economists at around $75K a year.  Nobody working service jobs or for the gig economy is making that kind of money.  It isn’t surprising that people end up on the street. Because immigrants (legal and illegal) end up in the cities, this can only get worse.  It is indeed true that we are developing a system of upper-class whites and minimum wage Hispanic immigrants.  I have noticed with dismay that my own daughter and her friends take for granted that any work involving manual labor is to be done by Hispanics.  White girls work at upscale boutiques, brown girls work at McDonalds.  This isn’t good for anyone.  Thank you for an interesting read.

Another from Australia gave his pointed views:

I am an Australian from Melbourne, and I have listened and read everything you’ve said for many years. I am always impressed with your unique insights as to what has gone wrong with the United States, and the western world in general over the last fifty years. Many thanks for the work you do.

The responsibility for  America’s decline lies with its ruling liberal elite, who have done everything in their power since the 1960’s to destroy the American heritage and culture that built the most prosperous and powerful nation on Earth.

Whether through mass third world immigration, the welfare state, affirmative action , endless wars ,the growing police state , cultural destruction, degeneracy,  etc., the European culture that built the United States is being thrown in the garbage bin.

I don’t see any way back from this disaster. The election of Donald Trump was a con game to make white Americans think that democracy actually works and things will turn around. However, the decline of the United States actually accelerated , and will continue until the country balkanizes and implodes.

It is difficult to say what the real solution is. I believe that American  white people must separate from the rest of the peoples of America and form and defend their own enclaves to survive what is coming. They must stop believing in the liberal democratic system in Washington DC that has ruined the country.

From an Australian perspective the same process of replacement and displacement is happening in my own country. We have a political elite in our capital Canberra who are addicted to mass third world immigration and multiculturalism , as this divides people and lowers our living standards, which suits their corporate paymasters.

The greatest source of third world immigrants comes from our universities who are reliant on an annual intake of some 900,000 foreign students per year to make money.  This is backdoor third world immigration. It is disastrous and so many obscenely paid academics are destroying our country just so they can get rich.

The biggest problem Frosty is that European people don’t work together to protect their culture and heritage.

From Canada:

Canada’s Prime Minister has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a quisling of breath-taking magnitude. For the sake of foolishness such as “Diversity”, he raised Canada’s announced immigration intake to well over 300,000 per year. As a result of underhanded measures, he raised that intake even higher. The Covid Virus Pandemic has been an unplanned disaster. The Trudeau Immigration Virus Pandemic has been a planned disaster. Trudeau’s aim has been to destroy traditional Canada. Trudeau appointed his previous immigration minister (Somali Refugee Ahmed Hussan) to throw acid into the faces of traditional Canada. For example, encouraged by Trudeau, Hussan taunted traditional Canada by boasting that the ridiculous immigration intakes he announced were the “NEW NORMAL”. Encouraged by Trudeau, Canada’s new immigration Minister (Marco Mendicino) has announced equally disastrous immigration targets. It would be poetic justice if Canada’s military dropped Trudeau, Hussan and Mendocino over the biggest black hole in Somalia, The Punjab or China. We’ll be generous : They can have their pick. More drop-offs of other quislings will follow.

That writer spoke about culture and heritage.  While I wrote about it in Part 2 of the series, we face an even greater destructive factor with the sheer unsustainability of another 100 million people.  When you combine the ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ factors, it’s a perfect recipe for national suicide.

Question: did you take my template letter in Part 10 and write a letter to all the top media people?  If you didn’t, you’re pretty much like the Australian said, “You don’t work together to protect your culture or heritage.”

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