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If the prayers of the wicked are an abomination, what are the prayers of wicked liberals—burlesque? Prayers with baggy pants and a pie in the face?

Recently Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she and her Democrat playmates are “prayerfully and patriotically” going about their business of annulling the 2016 election by impeaching President Donald Trump.

Who can they possibly be praying to?

Liberals shouldn’t even try to invoke religion. They don’t understand it. They have no feeling for it. They cannot grasp the idea that there is any higher authority than “science” or the state, both of which are man-made—and therefor only idols. Old-fashioned idols were made of wood or stone. Today’s idols are made of words on paper. But they’re still “made.”

That’s how Democrats like their gods: made by human hands. Their hands.

As an example of how completely at sea liberals are when it comes to religion, we now have a book of Bible stories “without an angry God” (I have provided no link to this: I wouldn’t have it said that I helped sell a copy of this trash). These are “re-imagined” Bible stories. For “re-imagined” read “hopelessly warped, mangled, and corrupted by some damned fool.” So we wind up with boiling mush about “young gay lovers fleeing to the sanctuary cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.” Ugh. That’s one of those things you wish you’d never heard of.

We are told by a perky publicist that the perpetrator of these grotesqueries is “a pastor.” Really? But I’ll bet he goes about his business prayerfully. Keep it up, Sluggo: you might get called to be the next chaplain of the House, leading the Dems in their devotions. Devotions to whom or what is better left unexamined.

In another example of man-made pseudo-reality, Mattel, the makers of the Barbie dolls, has come out with “Creatable World”—“gender neutral” dolls that can go back and forth from being male or female, depending on what some undefended little kid does with their clothes and hair. Male and female, and 40 or 50 other genders, created we them. Well, as long as they do it prayerfully, they can create their own reality. It won’t be real, but it’ll be theirs.

This is an ideal lesson in identity politics. Teach a child that there is no such thing as “you” because “you” are nothing more than the sum of your external characteristics, subject to constant re-imagining. In fact, there is no “you” at all: only the stuff on the outside—clothes, hair, skin color—is real. There is no inside. Take away your membership in a recognized identity group, a voting bloc, and you cease to exist. At least as far as Democrats are concerned.

What kind of prayers can be offered up by people who do these things? How do you pray to a god who has nothing to do with any created order—because *you* create the order? What’s left for any god to do?

How do you pray to any god who has neither the power nor the authority to determine good or evil, right or wrong—those standards being revised day to day by Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of moral imbeciles?

Mark Twain once said, “You can’t pray a lie.”

The Democrats are out to prove him wrong.

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