Since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal occurred this past autumn, the “house of cards” fell upon presidents both past and present. Not only presidents, but U.S. Congressmen face a barrage of sexual assault charges heretofore quieted by unknown pressures to keep women silent.

In a heartbeat, House Member John Conyers (MI), stepped down after 50 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.  No one knows how many women he sexually assaulted, but his lawyers got him off by paying huge money to victims.  All kept quiet, of course!  It’s amazing how money may be used to save sexual predators like the singer Michael Jackson who paid $12 million to save himself from prison.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken faced a barrage of assault charges, so devastating, and with pictures, that he resigned last week from the U.S. Senate.

Alabama Judge Roy Moore, accused of molesting teen girls while in his 30s, lost a U.S. Senate special election this past week.

However, the damning evidence sickens all Americans when they discovered that members of Congress enjoyed utilizing a $17 million slush fund, paid for by taxpayers, for paying off victims of sexual molestation charges for decades.

What does that tell you?  That’s a body of mostly 535 men who used taxpayer dollars to defend themselves against sexual charges and bad conduct.  If the media reports their names, perhaps a quarter or third of Congress must resign within a month.

Do we see the single greatest scandal developing in front of our eyes or what?  I remember the “Tidal Basin Bombshell” sex scandal with Wilbur Mills back in 1974.  It uncovered all sorts of sexual activity being paid for by Congressional critters.  Mills got caught!

But before him, President John F. Kennedy sexually molested, reportedly in the Lincoln Bedroom, a 19-year-old college coed.

Four days after arriving at the White House as a college intern in the summer of 1962, 19-year-old Rumson native Mimi Beardsley lost her virginity to the President of the United States. She told the tale in an explosive and salacious memoir, “Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy.” 

She described in her book some really “filthy” sexual escapades with John F. Kennedy.  So filthy that I would call the man a sexual pig.  A brute, a liar and a cheat against his wife, his kids and the citizens of the United States. Not only that, JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy reportedly enjoyed affairs with Marilyn Monroe and other women.

Brother Teddy Kennedy womanized his way into more of Washington DC’s women than a Playboy Mansion party.

And, the greatest sexual predator of them all, with the help of his wife Hillary for the past 45 years, President Bill Clinton faces 42 female accusers as to sexual molestation and rape.  Bill Clinton walked around with his zipper open and an instant release belt buckle!  His behavior with a 21-year-old girls named Monica Lewinski must be up there with the dumbest choices in American history. Brash! Arrogant! Stupid!  It changed the course of history because it defeated Al Gore.  Had Al Gore won the presidency, he would not have waged war on Iraq.  Thus, trillions of dollars saved and over 4,100 men would be alive today. Instead, Bush reached the White House and history tells the tale.

Oh, and what about George W. Bush?  First of all, a walking alcoholic from his college days right up to age 40 when his wife reportedly demanded he stop drinking or she would leave him.  Additionally, he used ample cocaine and other drugs during his playboy years.  It’ll be interesting to see which female accusers come out of the woodwork on Bush II.

And right now, President Donald Trump faces a firing squad of women trying to get him impeached for sexual molestation and rude conduct.  And my bet: he’s probably guilty as sin.

But what really bothers American taxpayers: that $17 million slush fund that paid for defense by an unknown quantity of Congressional sexual predators.

If that list of financial users of that slush fund comes out in the media, we may lose a great many senators and House members for lewd, crude, salacious, insalubrious and disgusting sexual conduct.

Ironically, Islamic men raped and pillaged women as property over the centuries, and even kill 20,000 of them annually as to Sharia Law, but never face any consequences.  It’s a hush hush subject even in America where “honor killings” occur in Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami and Los Angeles—or wherever Moslems grow large numbers so they can hide their honor killings.

What will happen with all this scandal?  A sitting president could be impeached.  Our Congress faces cement gridlock.  Many more leaders might find the door.  We need a whole new discussion on the treatment of women in America.  We need a new educational system that demands respect for women from school on day one.

Today, with cell phone cameras, video and recording devices everywhere, bad men better start acting good, or they will face consequences. And women need to step up to report rapes, beatings and other abuse at the moment it happens.

Finally, dear Lord, please help our country through this desperate time here in the United States of America.

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