By Marilyn M. Barnewall

If the indicators are accurate, what is coming is not going to be pleasant.

What you do about it and whether you will come through it will be largely dependent on two things:  your attitude and knowledge of what is happening, why it is happening and what to do about it.

There is a reality the middle class needs to deal with:  You are the target of all of the attacks that have occurred since the Kennedy assassination.  The reason you are the target is that an oligarchy like communism, socialism or a monarchy requires a social order made up of two classes:  The elite and the workers.  These forms of government cannot function with a middle class that has upward mobility.  Thus, as long as there is a middle class, there can be no world government.

You can blame anyone you want for what has, is, and will be happening to American citizens in the near future… what is yet to come will be a first for all of us.  The truth is, the problems we now face have been brewing for over 100 years.  It is like a pimple that, when filled with puss, finally bursts.  The question is, who do you want as President of the United States to clean up the poison?

In many ways, we the people allowed what’s going to happen, but when we elected Donald Trump to clean the swamp we had no idea that corruption could be so deep and infectious.  We didn’t know it would permeate the entire government (including the Department of Justice and our intelligence agencies).  We didn’t know that a political party would literally risk the safety and welfare of the entire nation to fulfill its power needs.

Power needs?  Indeed!  They need enough power to prevent the swamp from being cleaned.  They are part of the manure to be removed.  There are elected officials from both political parties who are part of that muck

If you’re still voting for those who have been in Washington, D.C. for many years you are totally out of touch with reality.  If it’s because you’re on drugs or have a mental disorder, you have my sympathy and prayers.  Anyone who has been in Washington D.C. more than 12 years needs to go home.  These are the people who have caused the problems.  Anyone who thinks re-electing politicians who created the problems so they can become millionaires will solve those problems is out of touch with reality.

Did you think cleaning the swamp would be easy – or popular?  Did you really believe that when you took time for football games, bowling, television, and a hundred other privileges that it would have a positive effect on a government that kept growing and getting deeper and deeper in debt?

Have you been involved in government?  Or did you sit back and let others take care of things?  Most people have done the latter and it’s gotten us knee-deep in bad stuff.

Anyone with a conscience knows we bear responsibility for today’s problems.  We re-elected to office the same fools who wanted more and more debt and who used debt to create a welfare class dependent on government for survival. Re-electing fools to office is largely what caused people to withdraw from the entire process.  We ignored it.  We enjoyed all of the free time we got by ignoring our over-spending government.

Besides, what can one person do?  Your primary job as a citizen of this country is to find and help good people get elected to public office.  How much of that have you been doing?

We are now about to pay the price for that and you will likely blame everyone but yourself.

While I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump has done, while I dislike some of his self-aggrandizing mannerisms, we could not have a better President to lead us at this particular moment in time.

Donald Trump is tougher than Ronald Reagan and has better insight into how to run government like a business.  He had a sharp learning curve at first on the differences between running a business and running a government, but he learned.  It would have been helpful had he been able to trust White House staff… but the FBI made sure General Flynn was removed from White House access early in the game.

Though Trump seems self-aggrandizing, he has personally and secretly helped too many people about whom we have never heard for that to be true.  It is far easier to hear and see Donald Trump as an arrogant jerk and let the mainstream media win its stupid little game.  They tell you nothing called “news” or “truth.”  They lie.  It is their mission to discredit Donald Trump.

Anyone who watched the differences between the Biden “Town Hall” and the attacks against Trump by what was supposed to be a mediator at his “Town Hall” knows that.

Trump has access to the media so he talks about achievements – and it sounds self-aggrandizing.  It isn’t.  It’s a Trump newscast.  He only gets about one in five things he’s achieved made public, but it’s better than none.  You’d hear nothing about it if the media had its way.  He tells you what his administration is doing.  By acting like a braggart, he ensures the media will cover it.  It’s an opportunity for them to portray the President in a negative way… as a braggart.  He knows they won’t resist that!

We’ve had tough times in 2020 and I believe they are going to get worse.

People who have lived in poverty will deal with what’s coming better than those who think not having a meal because there isn’t enough food can’t happen in America.  There is no faster way to learn humility than hunger.  Well, perhaps when your life is truly threatened and you realize you are human you become humble pretty quickly.

So how do you prep to survive?

First, there is no way to prepare for everything.  Too many men I know think because they have numerous weapons and a garage full of ammo they will be able to defend their homes and families.  In many cases they will.  If a group of 15 or 20 attack, however, you might want to re-think that.  Or, if Antifa plays its usual game, they will throw bottles with kerosene and a lit cloth wick in them through your windows.  They’ve done it to others.

Let’s say you’re lucky and don’t get physically attacked.  Let’s say the seditionists who have been attacking our cities for so long decide to knock off an electric grid.  How prepared to live without electricity are you?

Electricity provides more than light… it is access to water (if the water department doesn’t have electricity, how can they purify water and get it to you?).  How do you cook without water?  How do you flush your toilets without water?  How do you stay hydrated without water?  How much extra water do you have at your house?

When I speak here about the need for a good water filter, I’m not talking about a filtration system for your house – no electricity means no water in house pipes.  I am talking about survival filtration so you can go to a local lake or stream and get a bucket or two.

What about light?  How well prepared are you to deal with darkness?  I personally got three very bright lights and each runs on AA batteries for more hours than I will need them.

Why AA?  I bought rechargeable AA batteries.  With no electricity how can I charge them?  Each battery has a USB connector.  I can remove one end of each battery and plug the USB connector into a charger or a computer — or a special appliance that comes with the batteries to charge them.  Anything with a USB port will serve as a charger.  Best of all, I got a solar-powered charger that charges not just my AA batteries, but my cell phone and computer as well.  Yes, I said solar-powered charger… it doesn’t need electricity.  It just needs the sun.  So my lights, my cell phone and my laptop can be kept charged in an emergency.  The batteries can be charged 500 times.

The truth is, with the uncertainties of today’s world, we should all be more prepared for an emergency than any of us are.  To get the very basics is not that costly — at least not if you shop at the right places.  The links above are all to a place called 4 Patriots in Nashville, TN.  That’s where I bought my things.  I am not making a recommendation, I’m just telling you what I found after doing a great deal of research.  I like their products and once when I got something that didn’t work for me I returned it.  They immediately provided a refund to my credit card.  No questions asked.  So I like them.

The point is, you need to find a good supply base — or use mine if you choose.

This could be a book – and if you’ve done no prepping you may need a book.  The point I’m making is that by asking yourself a few easy questions you can quickly and inexpensively be prepared and stop worrying about what may or may not happen.  Ask yourself the same questions I asked you above.  Do an inventory:  Do you have paper plates?  Paper towels?  Sanitizer?  Clorox?  If store shelves are any indication, most people have enough toilet paper.  Make a list of necessities and stock up.

What happens if you don’t have electricity? (Without electricity your credit/debit cards won’t work so have cash on hand.)

How will you get water?

How will you stay warm?

How will you cook food?

How much Spam or other canned meat do you have?

What will happen to your freezer full of food if there is no electricity?

What is your security plan during daytime and at night?

If you have trouble, how can you let your neighbors know so they can prepare and possibly help?

The fact is, if you live in hurricane or earthquake country, these are questions you already should have asked and answered for yourself.  Many people, however, expect someone will always be around to make sure they are safe and fed.  In the good old days that may have been true.  It no longer is.

The whole point of this article is to point out that we are living in the NEW NOW of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other hate or terrorist groups and politicians too weak or committed to a narrative to deal with them.

Use your common sense.  None but the richest of us can afford all we want, but we can put sub-categories under the questions I posed above and have access to the things we need.  Electricity, for example, is very important to me because I’m on oxygen at night.  I need to buy a battery-powered generator — or learn to sleep sitting up.

Be ready… as ready as you can be.  Then understand that God has His own plans.  If you are a believer the Lord no matter the outcome will care for you.

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