Andrew C Wallace

I know not, who will fire the first shot after the election, much will depend on the result. People with a minimum knowledge and love of our Constitution are enraged by the ruthless destruction of life and property by Communist Democrat hit squads. This Death, Looting, Arson, and Destruction was visited on innocent Americans by Marxist Thugs, directed by, and paid by the Democrat Party, and  large corporations. Most of this carnage occurred in 20 cities controlled by Democrats for decades. For the most part, Democrat authorities allowed the carnage to continue, and in many cases supported it.

This is nothing short of Treason by the Communist Democratic Party, mainstream media, and major corporations. I doubt that any level of Government has the will to stop the Marxists from creating anarchy as a pretext for forcing us into a Communist government.


If the government fails to give people the legal right to protect themselves and their property, using deadly force as required, then the French solution will be automatic, and millions will die. At the present time, any citizen or police officer, who harms or threatens a thug performing a criminal act, will be framed, prosecuted, jailed, and ruined by corrupt prosecutors and judges. Citizens have very good reasons to believe that most officials are corrupt Communists. Fight, or Flight. Fair Weather Patriots, who desire to protect their families from Communist death and destruction, must arm themselves adequately before supplies are sold out, and quickly move out of Democratic jurisdictions.

Over !00,000 American Service members lost their lives fighting the damn Communists during my lifetime. Millions of veterans have a justified hatred of Communists. Then of course there was the Chinese virus attack, a deliberate Act of War by the Communists, that killed many thousands more, and devastated our economy.

If the Corrupt Governments at all levels will not stop this treason, many of us understand, because we know that the Super Rich International Families control the Deep State, which controls everything, major corporations, banks, foundations, governments, judges, prosecutors, education, elected officials, think tanks, et al. These people do everything possible to profit from trade with China and to import cheap foreign workers. All of this to the detriment of Americans.

The Deep State is preparing for another Great Depression when they will suck up what little wealth remains in the hands of the people. The Federal Reserve Bank admitted that they caused the last Great Depression. If the people have to resolve this, many of us will die, but few of them will survive.

I think the Communists have gone too far to turn back now, and will proceed to further attack patriotic Americans, burning, looting, and killing. That will be their downfall. What are they going to do? Attack us with the cowardly thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who only function in mobs. Or maybe they will have the Communist teachers attack us. In Florida the gutless teachers refused fire arms training to protect themselves and their students. Patriots are the most heavily armed people in the world.

The real shame of all this corruption, treason, death, and destruction, is that it should never have happened, if the FBI, DOJ, and certain Judges were not corrupt. These agencies have had years, and public knowledge, to prosecute the high ranking Democrat Criminals, instead they protect them. The FBI is an agency that we can’t afford. It is not just the cost in money, it is their total failure to enforce the laws of the Republic. Rather than framing innocent political opponents they should have been prosecuting elected officials, corporations and judges for wrong doing. By so doing we could have had a more honest government, rather than one peopled by wealthy criminals and cowards. President Trump has the authority  to terminate the FBI, and he should do it as soon as possible. The FBI adds nothing positive to our government, it  survives by intimidation and fear.

Honest government is impossible because there is no way to prosecute the evil doers when they control all elements of the justice system. This is the result of a corrupt DOJ, FBI and Judges.

If the Communists are allowed to prevail, or if Biden wins, all of us will lose everything, Social Security, Medicare, 401Ks, Pensions, Bank Accounts, et al. But, more importantly, you lose all Constitutional Freedoms, you will be told where to live and work, lose your cars, homes, and all property, you will live in terror. Everyone should pray that President Trump can fix it, because he is the only man who can save us.

This is a very dark polemic, but very true to the facts that I have observed and studied over many years. I am not advocating any course of action, except to reelect President Trump as our only hope to survive as a Free People.

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